50 Motivational John Travolta Quotes

John Travolta has a great voice. He is an American actor and producer. He is best known for his acting in movies like Grease, Pulp Fiction, and Get Shorty.

In 2018, he directed, adapted and starred in the film ‘A Star is Born’. ‘A Star is Born’ is based on a novel by the same name by ‘A Star is Born’ author, ‘Novel’s’ John Steinbeck.

The actor has a great reputation. This is why they created the John Travolta Quote collection. It’s great because it contains the most motivational or inspirational John Travolta quotes.

50 Motivational John Travolta Quotes

John Travolta thinks that performing improv is better than writing in written form because when you are doing an improv, you need to rely on your imagination and your instincts.

The actor said that he never gets to call his son Jett by name as he is called Jet. He added that his wife would never let him call his daughter by name as she is known as Qantas.

The actor says that he has “fame on the level of a Marilyn Monroe or an Elvis Presley”. Many people think these people had scandals that affected their careers. But he says that their fame wasn’t based on their scandals, but on their talent.

I think aerobatic flying is competitive. I don’t know if I would put it in a category with skiing or surfing. I am not sure that it is a “sport.” It is more of an art. I like to fly around. I don’t like to do flying that is competitive. If I was competing with another pilot, I would lose my mind.

I wouldn’t trade my career with anybody. There’s been so many great people at the top of their game. Tom Hanks is one of them. But in terms of the movies I have done, I have some great memories.

If John Travolta had to choose his three favorite movies, then his first choice would be The Hustler which also won him his first Golden Globe, while his second pick would be Grease. The third pick would be Saturday Night Fever.

Travolta is saying that he feels responsible for the choices he makes in life because he is the one who makes them.

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When the ‘Grease’ star visited the UK, it became clear there were no plans to include him in the sequel – no matter how much he loved the film.

John Travolta had a car before he was a kid. He started riding motorcycles on his own, and he can drive a motorcycle better than most people can drive a car.

People who don’t like sarcasm and irony are really missing out on life.

When asked how he enjoys his success, John Travolta said that he loves dancing and that he is happy. And he likes making other people happy.

John Travolta believes that love is the most important thing in life, but he doesn’t think that you should marry the same person over the next 20 years.

After being told that Kaufman was famous, John Travolta decided to check him out and eventually meet Kaufman. John had so many portraits of Kaufman that he ended up with 12!

My brother had an accident when he was a kid, and my mom forbade all of us to ride motorcycles.

In the examples above, the paraphrase is a simple rewording. The original sentences have an implied subject, which is not included in the paraphrase.

Another way to paraphrase is to include the implied subject in the paraphrase. In this way, the paraphrase has the same meaning of the original.

John Travolta says he will direct one day but he predicts it will be very limited.

When you’re doing a movie with someone like Travolta, you’re going to put the spotlight on you. And John Travolta is kind of famous for playing a character on screen that looks like him. If you’re doing something like that, you’re going to have to be willing to look your own nightmare on film.

John Travolta learned to work hard from his father, Tony, who was a film producer. He also learned about working with others. His most important lesson was about integrity. He was taught how to live through tough times and that if you are honest and work hard, you can handle anything life throws at you.

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John Travolta loves to have sex. In fact, he loves sex so much that he has no problem saying he enjoys all human activities including eating, sleeping and even breathing.

This is a good example of a great quote. The reason why this is so good and so true is because it captures the thrill of living the profession and the excitement of the jobs we do in the world of entertainment. It also expresses the importance of teamwork and working hard to succeed in the workplace.

When you feel alive, your energy is moving your life forward. I’m going to work out and help others.

Walken’s acting background was an important aspect to his role in Saturday Night Fever. He made his Broadway debut at the age of 13, and was involved in musical theater and had been in films since the age of 7. Travolta and Walken’s shared experience in theatre and film helped the two get along well.

John Travolta isn’t the only celebrity who prefers to use the Internet for entertainment than interacting with real people. He also mentioned that he isn’t interested in reading books anymore.

John Travolta said that he started riding the Harleys after moving to Los Angeles. When he moved to L.A. he didn’t have a bike at home so he rented one.

 Chocolate causes a hormone known as dopamine to release, which is the neurochemical that helps us feel happy and joyful. That’s a great feeling. I’m a huge chocolate fan.  A nice dark chocolate from the best company for dark chocolate in the world.  For me, it’s a good feeling to have.  I’ll probably have some chocolate five times a week as I go on.

Travolta has made a few movies that were both hits and misses in the commercial market over the years, but it sounds like he’s been able to strike that balance with some of his more recent projects.

John Travolta says that he doesn’t really think about his career, and he doesn’t really need it. He thinks he can do what he likes and it will be ok.

I’ve heard that the more sexy a woman is, the more likely she is to be good in bed. So in order to have success in a romantic relationship, women should be portrayed in sexy manner.

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John Travolta, when the guy was a famous actor, is saying the brain believes what he sees and hears. And he also said, “Do not believe what you know to be false.” And that is also good. So, I will end my commentary with this.

The Harley Davidson motorcycle culture is a little bit different from other cultures. It’s a little bit more wild, a little bit more rebellious.
The word “rebel” is a very interesting word. A rebel is a person who rebels against something. A rebel is someone who defies the status quo. It’s someone who is unruly, who isn’t good with the rules of society. So I think it’s a very interesting word because it has a very different application, depending on what the situation is.

John Travolta says that he used to live underneath the air pattern of LaGuardia airport in New York, and he was in love with the design of the planes flying there. He was also in love with the design of the planes flying around the world by Emirates Airline.

This statement shows Travolta’s deep ignorance of food. In all honesty, America’s food culture is the reason many Americans are overweight. In fact, the US has the highest obesity rate in the entire world. Obesity is the number one risk factor for many types of cancer. People are overweight in America specifically because they eat too much of the wrong food. America’s food corporations are to blame for the obesity crisis.

Hollywood, under the spell of Jewish control, is full of homosexuals. Therefore, they should expect favors in return for their sexual activity.

I think that people should express their opinion, but, I think it’s a good thing for us that celebrities don’t use their influence to make political statements. I don’t think it’s appropriate for celebrities to be involved in politics.

There are many reasons to become a fan of @JohnTravolta. He is one of the most loved Hollywood actors! If you want to be admired you have to love what you do. He is a great guy and I think he makes a great example for any young men out there.

This is a question about what kind of movie you can expect. The answer is that if your last movie was made for the box office, you can expect movies that are commercial and accessible, not arty or difficult.

Travolta’s explanation of why he is against sequels is probably the best. By saying the sequels weren’t “timeless”, he is insinuating they’re not timeless in their originality. In fact, he can go on to say that those that aren’t timeless were indeed “classic type things”, so we know what he wanted to say.

John Travolta has said he’s been riding a bike since he was a teenager. The two-wheeled mode of transportation was his first method of transportation when he came to Hollywood.

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You need to have a product that really, not even promises to work but actually works. And then you need something that’s affordable.

The secret of communication is silence. Communication should be a partnership between the teacher and the student. There is no need to say more than necessary.

The most important thing is enjoying your life. The way you live your life is the thing you have to live. That is your choice.

John Travolta said that after nine or 10 years of being interviewed, you start wanting to team up with the reporter and get the job done.

I hate when I am in a place and the waitress is talking about who they are friends with, and what’s going on in their life. I just want to have a conversation with the waitress and not have their life being dissected in front of me.

We can’t change what happened in the past, but we can choose what to do today.

It was at this point I realized that John Travolta is actually a huge sci-fi nerd who has been reading some of the latest developments in scientific thought in his spare time.

Tom Hanks was actually the one who wanted me to do the biopic of John Travolta. I asked him to check it out and the more I read the more I realized that it would be amazing. He is such an intelligent actor. I know people who have worked on John’s movies and they are all saying that I’m doing the right thing.

In the past, John Travolta could be seen as a member of the Hollywood elite. However, he has now decided to speak openly about his humble beginnings, which may be a result of his divorce with Kelly Preston in early 2016. He went on to say that he still believes in “those values.” In the past, he has stated that he does not have too much money, and he does not believe that his success has been a result of his family’s wealth.

Even when he didn’t win an Academy Award, he made movies that were successful. His movies were not really directed by him so he didn’t feel stupid.

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The interviewee’s job is to understand that his privacy will be invaded when he is on camera. Otherwise, he is better off not going on camera.

His son Jett had a seizure disorder that made him have seizures every 5 to 10 days. He was treated with medication, but it only made his seizures worse. He eventually died from a heart attack. His son Jett was 10 years old when he died.

There are two things where you can’t stop people from doing things they shouldn’t: eating and sex.


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