30 Legendary Jackie Chan Quotes

All it took for the world to turn around.

While it’s unknown if he’ll continue acting at all going forward, he’s been a star and the main focus of numerous action movies during the past few years. He’s even one of the few people who continues to get work as an action star, even though it’s starting to feel like no one wants to watch him anymore.

If you find yourself at the starting line for the New Year you should always try to be the fastest and win the race.
Enjoy the journey and make the most of it.
You are not as important as you think, you are only as important as you think you are.
The best kind of friendship is the kind that lets you be yourself.
Keep your dreams alive.
I am here to do the craziest shit possible. Make the impossible, possible.

1. “As a child I always liked to make people laugh,” said Jann Wenner.

30 Legendary Jackie Chan Quotes

There are many different types of movie theaters in the world. Some are old and they are very traditional. Others are new and they are very modern. These new theaters are very different from the traditional theaters because some of them are very big and there is no place to sit. Sometimes, these new theaters are very expensive. There also are movie theaters that are very old but they are still very cool and interesting.

Be your own captain and never let the wind control you, not even if you fail.

If you accept who you are, you will be able to improve on your weaknesses. You will then be able to move beyond the limits. Jackie Chan used this example of his life – he acknowledged that he was not the best actor, the best wrestler, the best dancer, but he was the best at what he had. He would be open to new things and improve.

It is a language in itself that has been around for thousands of years.

When he first came to Hollywood, he felt very humiliated and had no English. People even asked “Jackie who?”.

The following year, 1997, Jackie Chan’s film “Tekken 3” opened in North America, and the English dubbing for his character Ling was much better than the previous year’s version.

Jackie Chan said that there is only one Jackie. That’s why he shouldn’t try to be like him. Computers are much more interesting.

It seems like Chan is saying that he has two different fans now. The one that will enjoy his action films and the other that will enjoy his comedy.

It is going to take a few more years for Jackie Chan to get into the action movies that he wants to do.

Jackie Chan, who is a martial arts master of his own style and that of other traditions, talks about the importance of working toward healing and being there for people who are hurting.

10th of 30 Jackie Chan Quotes

One of our first interviews, Jackie Chan was asked about his fear for being behind the wheel. It’s safe to say he knows his stuff.

Jackie Chan said he knew he could not be a top notch action star his whole life.

We should make sure we have enough money to cover the stunt.
Then, we can make the movie.

A film actor who starred in a long list of action film directed by his father, he is considered as a legend and he is the greatest Chinese film actor.

I think in my life I have gone to so many places I could say I have been to almost each continent on this planet. I feel like I have lived all over the world since I get to go everywhere to film.

Jackie Chan’s affection towards Taiwan is easily seen in his films and in how he interacts with people of Taiwan. His wife is Taiwanese and he is a son-in-law of Taiwan. He is half Taiwanese.

The Hong Kong stunt men are very dangerous. All the things which they are doing there are very dangerous and they might not calculate everything accurately. So they need to be more cautious. You need to be more cautious. That’s why I say there’s a difference in the danger of the stuntmen in Hong Kong and the stuntmen in the United States. So you need to be more cautious.

Jackie Chan says that there is a regular schedule he follows which includes waking up, running, going to the gym and then taking his shoes off. The schedule follows the same pattern through the rest of his day.

Anybody can be a Superman: but no one can be Jackie Chan.

Making movies, as an occupation and passion, has been his sole source of income for his entire adult life, and will likely be when he retires.

20th of 30 Jackie Chan Quotes

At one point in his life, Jackie Chan was so terrified that he would not be able to perform on camera in a movie that he would actually have to train himself to perform that way.

People who don’t know anything, how do they know what they like?
You’re just trying to avoid embarrassment.

One of Jackie Chan’s best characteristics is his versatility. He does not only play a character in action films, he often plays complex characters in dramas. He is excellent at playing any roles.

The Jackie Chan brand is about 15 years old. There really aren’t that many new things to promote and even fewer new fans to capture.

The Asian superstar may get flustered when he tries to say English words, but he can speak each word “perfectly” (I can’t say for sure what he might mean by this) because he learned the language as a child.

I like to have freedom, but sometimes I wonder if it’s good to have freedom. I’m really confused now.

While competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Chan stated that he ate ice cream each day as part of his training routine. He then went on to win the Gold Medal in the Men’s Keirin while drinking a bowl of ice cream.

Jackie Chan is too lucky. He should be getting paid more for his awesome talent. He is not even a big movie star, let alone being a star like Jackie Chan or even a “big shot” like John Travolta.

I used to get depressed after watching the Bruce Lee movies. I was able to learn a lot about the martial arts from Bruce Lee.

Jackie Chan said that he didn’t want to be an action star and that action star life was so short. He said that he wanted his career to get longer and that he wanted to live longer.

Jackie Chan said he always wanted to be an actor because of his parents. He said he was always a good kid and not as rebellious as Hollywood stories say he was, he said he was very much like his mother who was a homemaker.


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