50 Greatest John Malkovich Quotes To Remember

I love John Malkovich. He is the epitome of an actor who embodies the words he puts into a character. His eyes match the expression on his face. It seems like he is always saying something with his eyes only, and he makes me laugh every time he does it.

John Malkovich is a very funny man, who loves to act and make money.

He has no plans for retirement as he loves getting out of bed and he is not afraid to make an utter fool of himself…he does what he wants to do. There is no place that he would rather be than on the set of a movie. But he feels that all of his interests and skills are better applied to the medium of the theater.

He has starred in over 80 films and produced over 20 films including several of his best-known such as Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. He also directed the film, Being John Malkovich.

‘Avengers’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, ‘Deadpool 2’, and ‘Fantastic Beasts 2’, which was directed by Steven Spielberg, are some of the successful movies he has appeared in. As for his movies he has produced, they include ”Juno” and ”The Perks of Being A Wallflower.”
[Exercise] Read the dialogue, then answer the questions.

These are the greatest quotes said by John Malkovich.

50 Greatest John Malkovich Quotes to Remember

John Malkovich has done plenty of big American films.

I’m glad I don’t have to put up with movies that I can’t stand.

I’m going to say this is an interesting and somewhat sad comment. We’ve all seen a lot of things that are trivial, but then we see movies that are sad. And we can’t help but get sad.

I think so because when I want to act I always have to think about how I am going to look. I like to prepare my character as long as possible before I do the performance.

There is no right way to go about history. There are facts, but they change with time. And they change even if people are consciously aware of the change as the facts change over time.

Malkovich is a very contradictory man. He makes it hard to know for certain whether he was there, whether he wasn’t, whether he really knows who he is, or whether he’s just a product of the mind of the very confused actor.

John Malkovich – who is in The History Boys – states that the best people of our time, those that will succeed in the future will have this basic query to answer.

We should talk about temper in the context of John Malkovich because he has a temper. He is an incredibly angry person and I find it fascinating to watch that aspect of his personality. In fact that is one of the things I like best about John Malkovich.

10th of 50 John Malkovich Quotes

The secret to improvising is always playing out of character. You must first remember who you are, not what you’re supposed to be. If you’re not playing out of character, then you’re not playing – it’s as simple as that.

Oh boy, so I’m not the only one who finds John Malkovich a little off.

I love the actors, and I’m sure many of them are great guys, but if you’re in this for the money, you’re not going to be acting very often, because you’re too busy making tons of money.

John Malkovich said that if you only play a part, you are not playing out your own dream, you are just participating in someone else’s dream.

I don’t do drugs because I’m a recovering addict. So, you can’t talk to me about the dangers of it.

John Malkovich has said that he never really did a western western.

His daughter is 4 years old, and if she doesn’t dress well, she will get yelled at.

John Malkovich has been making movies since he was a child, but he didn’t start directing until he had already become a successful actor. It’s likely that many directors struggle to get started in cinema – but not John Malkovich. In this video, John talks about everything from his childhood to what it was like to direct a movie.

I’m not sure how, it just sort of happens. I try to have one every day, and it’s really difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to get started, but once I start it is really easy to keep going because it’s become such a part of my life.

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by people like John Malkovich – so I wanted to be like that, I wanted to dress like that, I wanted to act like that. It was like a dream come true when I got to do that.

20th of 50 John Malkovich Quotes

He’s not really a thrower or a yeller. He’s a bit of a philosopher.

A year and a half later, John Malkovich is still talking about it.

In the world we live in, it’s really hard to find an idea out there that isn’t profitable to somebody somewhere.

John Malkovich, the actor, loves to travel, and he goes to lots of places where he meets lots of different people that he loves.

John Malkovich shared this quote with the people at the LA Times during interviews for his film “Incendies”. The film is about a group of people stranded in an isolated cabin during a snow storm.

John Malkovich thinks that he is sometimes an invisible man who has an invisible spirit. He thinks that his spirit is always chasing him and he never catches his spirit.

He doesn’t feel the need to join the political life and be involved in the politics of the world.

John Malkovich says it’s very interesting to do movies. He’s been doing films for over four decades.

John Malkovich says that it’s difficult for him to compete in Europe and North America when the living wage in Indonesia is much higher than the living wage in the United States.

A world where violence is the rule. A way of life which is controlled by the threat of violence.

30th of 50 John Malkovich Quotes

I don’t care if a movie is good or bad, they are not my business. I am not interested in a reviewer telling me what to see.

Analysis and Psychiatry are both hard, and so naturally, people will try to use soft, fluffy, and emotional words to describe them.

There are no such thing as bad or good performances, only good and bad interpretations. It is a question of getting to the heart of the matter in a way that resonates with a given audience.

I don’t want it to run my life and be in control of it.

It doesn’t matter if you see any films, most of them are a waste of time.

John Malkovich, of course, is an actor known for his portrayal as the dour psychologist Dr. Henry Morgan in Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye. The film is a cult classic, and Malkovich’s portrayal of Dr. Morgan was so convincing that he went on to create the character for an entire comic series.

I think the way I live my life is based on how I treat others.

Now let’s look at the words.

John Malkovich said that if you’re too smart, that can limit you because you spend so much time thinking that you don’t do anything.

John Malkovich has been making movies since before the internet was a thing. So you can imagine what a good businessman he is. He’s even a good actor too.

John Malkovich said he was more boring and conservative than the other actors in the film.

40th of 50 John Malkovich Quotes

 Film crews work all day and all of the night, so there’s no time to rehearse what you’re going to do onscreen. So even if you do have a lot of time to think about your performance, you’re onscreen in a matter of minutes, so the preparation is really a matter of coming to a state of mind that the camera can capture.

I have a bit of experience being an actor, in different roles.

There was so much doubt in my life because my father abandoned us and my mother didn`t tell us about it until later.
By the time I was growing up, I didn`t know what love was. I knew that love was a feeling, but I didn`t know what it was.
I didn`t think I had anyone that was interested in me.
I thought I was like the others that came home from college and just took up with somebody, and that`s how I felt.

John Malkovich says he is the “pioneer of a whole generation.” He thinks he was born at a time when men were given so many opportunities.

Malkovich said that some directors demand a lot from the actors and only leave them when they are happy, some directors leave during the shooting and return when the movie ends.

John Malkovich has been extremely well-behaved and polite. When I asked him about his father, he said, “My father was an extraordinarily strong influence on me.” He added that it was his father’s strength that caused him to be a part of the first generation who were born into an affluent lifestyle and had the freedom to question the status quo. He also said he was grateful for his upbringing and that he was a very polite person who was also very generous.

I don’t know what possessed me to take this photo, but I just love how John Malkovich is completely and utterly insane. Or maybe I just like it because I’d like to imagine that I could be as crazy as him.

John Malkovich does not like to plan things. He likes to just do it and see how it comes out.

He doesn’t like being boxed in and likes to push people’s buttons, so he likes to design.

John Malkovich doesn’t remember his life before he had children.


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