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Daphne Guinness is a famous and rich Irish actress. She is a popular and versatile actress and she has been in several movies. She is a producer and director as well. Her current net worth is estimated to be $75 million. This American actress was born on the November 1st, 1958. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.


Guinness is a member of the aristocratic British Guinness family.

According to the official Forbes Magazine published in 2018, Daphne Guinness net worth is in the range of $100 Million to $150,000,000.

Daphne is an English designer of fashion. She is one of the most famous designers in Britain. She is a direct descendant of the 18th-century Irish brewer Arthur Guinness.

Early Life

Guinness was born in London to the family of Guinness brewery heir Jonathan Guinness and Suzanne Lisney. Her paternal great-grandfather Thomas Henry Guinness, 1st Earl of Iveagh was the founder of the Guinness brewery.

During the summer, she holidayed in Spain, where she swam in the lobster-filled pool of Salvador Dali.


Guinness was the first to create a fashion line. Guinness’ fashion line was a commercial endeavor that also served as a platform for her art. At the time, fashion was seen as a male endeavor and Guinness was the first female high-fashion designer.

Coco Rocha is a famous American fashion designer. She debuted her own line of footwear and accessories in 2007. She worked at Calvin Klein as a creative director for ten years before launching her own line. In 2014, her line was named one of the top-selling brands on Amazon and sold out in four days.

The catalogue, which also contains an entry for the Isabella Blow Clothes, was issued on April 4, 2010. The catalogue has been available in three languages on the Guinness website.

The Guinness bid was met with disappointment from the family who said they regretted the amount of the sale. They also noted the bidding process was a bit of a waste of time as they thought the auctioneer was going to do most of the work for them. Despite the poor response from the family, the auctioneer agreed to continue with the auction.

The most famous wife of the Guinness has a net worth of $100 Million.


In 1991, Guinness was at the top of her game. She received the prestigious honour of becoming the first woman to receive the OBE (Order of the British Empire). This great honour was not enough for Guinness, she felt was a great shame that she would have been the only woman in the group of men appointed to the coveted honour. Guinness is now a Dame of the British Empire.

Favorite Quotes from Daphne Guinness 

There is no excuse for being an asshole, but it is understandable when you were lied to, lied to, and lied to some more. Just because you have no reason to trust someone, does not give you the right to be an asshole.

Daphne Guinness doesn’t mean that you just think about something and it becomes easier, or that you just do something and it becomes more satisfying.

The journalist often needs to use words to describe thought or ideas. Sometimes these words can make us think, and sometimes they can make us think the opposite of what we really meant.

3 Awesome Lessons from Daphne Guinness 

You don’t necessarily need to be rich to be successful, but if you want to make most of your life you do need to have a good idea of what you want, and how you’re going to get there.

1. You Can Be The Change 

You can never change the world but you can be the change. Don’t neglect the things you care about because you think it is a waste of time because you believe others will not listen or care.

2. Wake Up Early 

This is a very good tip, especially for students. When studying, our brain needs sleep.

3. Exercise Every Day

Whatever you can do, put aside time each day to oil your engine. It keeps you warm, cozy, and safe; so don’t delay.


Daphne Guinness is a fashion icon and celebrity figure who accumulated her net worth as a fashion icon and writer of fashion articles, as well as directing a couple of videos and creating a new fragrance for a Comme des Garcons.

She is known for bringing her own style to the runway, and her signature look is a bold, oversized floral print with lots of embellishments and bold colours. On the street, she embraces her wild, playful side and loves adding a pop of prints, bold colour and prints to her collections. Her new brand is an extension of her style, and she’s always been a leader in this new market: fashion is the new luxury for young, urban women in the UK.

Guinness is a member of the aristocratic British Guinness family.

According to the official Forbes Magazine published in 2018, Daphne Guinness net worth is in the range of $100 Million to $150,000,000.

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