40 Greatest Roberto Cavalli Quotes On Success & Life

One of my favourite Roberto Cavalli quotes is: “I do not want to look young”. My new favourite quote is : “I do not need to look older, I need to look better”.

He is a fashion designer. He is best remembered for his unique prints and his distinctive creation of jeans with sand-blasted look.

Cavalli had the fortune to become the first fashion designer to be awarded the title of Prince of Wales by the British royal family and was also nominated as the Fashion Designer of the Year by the prestigious Paris Fashion Week.

Cavalli’s invention allowed people to be able to have their name and images on leather products. Cavalli began successfully inventing and successfully patents a procedure for printing on leather in the 1970s. Subsequently, he received commissions from major international designer brands such as ‘Pierre Cardin’ and ‘Hermès’ which then made his breakthroughs in the fashion industry.

This is a collection of famous Roberto Cavalli quotes collected for the fashion designer’s fans.

40 Greatest Roberto Cavalli Quotes On Success & Life

I don’t get a chance to go out, I just don’t have a social life. If I ever have any time, I hang out with my family, or I watch old movies. I love watching movies! I was so happy when I found out that the Oscar ceremony was being broadcast in theaters.

Sometimes in life, you’ll come across situations where the situation has changed so drastically that what you believe is no longer relevant. Sometimes, the fact that something no longer works, makes you think about what you’ve been doing all wrong and then you can make the necessary changes to fix your actions. I think these situations are always great.

To some extent – you might look for the reason why you exist. You may look to find a purpose for your life.

I think it is a combination of showing off too much and trying too hard. I know where the line is… but I also know that my wife shows enough skin to not be vulgar, and that is where I draw the line.

I want a life that does not have my name stamped on the tombstone.

I want a life that has a history that is not based on the facts.

I want a life that changes and moves as life moves.

I want a life where all the people, events, places, things, and happenings aren’t based on me.

I want a life where they are based on life.

It is not for me to decide what is too much and what is not. I do my job and I do it as well as I can. I’ve been in this business for 30 years and I’m still learning. I’m always growing. I’m always learning.

I am happy when I see people having a good time.

I’ll be here for a long time, as a brand. That’s what I’m hoping.

I love women — the way they are: full of life, intelligent, creative, with strong personalities. I work with women who are great managers and collaborators. I know how to listen to them, I understand them, I’m very protective of them.

10th of 40 Roberto Cavalli Quotes

I love to be a fashion designer because I get to do what I love.

Roberto Cavalli said that every woman inspires him.

Roberto said that he was the first designer to use social media in a way that was effective and also said that he’s the first designer to make fashion a business. He said that he thinks the market for designers is much smaller than the market for manufacturers, and that he’s the first to do what he does.

He started his career as a fashion designer, but became one of the most important Italian fashion designers, and a great entrepreneur.

If you love a woman, you love how beautiful she is, you love how great she makes you feel, you love the fact that she’s beautiful because you’re able to make her that way.

Roberto Cavalli mentions that sometimes, because of his success, he was afraid that he was not a good father with his first two kids, and that he felt too weak with the other three. He explains that his kids are all different in what they can cope with, and that his kids can be a way for him to learn something new. He also believes that his kids can teach him how to be a better person.

With time fashion has become part of my DNA. My entire life I have been doing this for so long, it has formed my personality, and now is a part of it.

I get asked what sign I am and I tell them I am a Taurus.

People were shocked when they heard Cavalli had sold out to a major corporation and seemed surprised it was a fashion house at all.

Roberto Cavalli had an extremely difficult childhood: his mother was addicted to drugs, his father spent much of his time on the road, and his parents divorced when he was only four years old. As a result, he spent time with family members in Argentina and Mexico. His mother moved to Mexico, where he lived for the next few years before returning to Italy in 1969.

20th of 40 Roberto Cavalli Quotes

The designer says that Florence and art is something that has always been a part of his life and is also part of himself. That is why designing for Roberto Cavalli has always been a pleasure.

The press attack people to sell more papers without thinking, but when you get famous, you have to put up with this kind of stuff.

Although I always decided everything myself, I find it’s a terrible defect and I’m trying to fix it.

You should try immediately to have a baby because you are so afraid you will not have one in your life.

I love you if you’re okay with this.

Traveling alone not only helps me to get away from my daily routine, but also opens me up to new cultures and lifestyles. I also believe that traveling alone teaches you much more about yourself and about the places that you’re visiting.

I’m happy that I found a way to understand and to get the people I care about to accept me. I’m really happy that I’m who I am and that I’m doing what I want to do.

When asked why she wears Roberto Cavalli, Sarah Jessica Parker said: “I would love for people to understand that buying someone’s clothes is an art and a very big and personal business.” It’s interesting to note how often people equate wearing clothing with art.

In my opinion, God is the most fantastic designer. He creates everything that exists, from the smallest particle to the largest mass. This is his miracle. He creates us and the universe. He makes all the stars and galaxies and everything that we see around us. We are his creations, and we have to thank him for everything that we see. I think He is a fantastic miracle.

And here is the complete paraphrase. Hope you like it!

There is a reason that famous people become famous, it’s because there is something special that sets them apart from others, but there also something else: they put their talent to use.

30th of 40 Roberto Cavalli Quotes

The Italian fashion designer and his wife have flown in a helicopter to an island in the Indian Ocean to take part in shooting for his latest film. The couple are planning to spend three months shooting near the beach, and are spending all their time together.

I am passionate about designing fashion and making a difference. I love that the fashion industry inspires and empowers people to express their own individuality. I love the freedom this industry offers us as creatives.

As an entrepreneur and a designer, he is one of the most famous people in the fashion industry. He loves the “new york-style” of life but now he’d like to go back to his former life.

Roberto Cavalli said that in the evening every man looks the same–like penguins. Women dress special for that event, whereas men wear a tuxedo.

It can’t be denied that money is definitely corrosive to life. It has corrupted many good people.

Roberto Cavalli said that fashion should be something that you see outside of your window, you open the window and you say “wow, the sun is out”. He said you then take a shower, you say “I feel fantastic, now what color should I wear today”? He said that is fashion!

Cavalli’s business is like his life. He’s everywhere and nowhere, doing a million things, yet always in front of the camera, because it’s the only way to get his message across. It’s an approach that’s served him well, as his success at Milan’s Fashion Week has meant he’s been the first designer to ever be nominated for every fashion award in the world, and as the first man to win the award show’s most prestigious accolade, the Couture de la Couture, four times.

I like to dress up my women in very colorful clothing, so they can stand out in any crowd. So many of them look like they’re wearing the same thing, I just love to mix their outfits up.

The world is a big jungle! Let’s travel to places that aren’t too big so we’re able to find everything we need!

39. Women should never be judged solely on their appearance. Beauty is an important part of a woman’s personality.

The designer said that excess is success — so be wild, and dare to be different.


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