50 Iconic Dababy Quotes

DaBaby is known for being blunt and often has a few funny jokes in his songs.

DaBaby is an American rapper and songwriter who first rose to fame after releasing several mixtapes.

To start his career, he signed a record deal with ‘Capitol’, and in the year 2015, he released his debut EP titled ‘The O.R.’, featuring the hit track ‘What’s My Name’, which became one of the fastest rising songs.

I love to take risks, but when it comes to my own skin, I am a bit more cautious.
I am a very cautious individual.

50 Iconic DaBaby Quotes

When you reach a certain point, people don’t have anything left to do but find a reason to dislike you.

Lil Wayne has a profound effect on DaBaby. When it comes to rap, he’s a deep thinker and his lyrical style is hard to describe. His style is so unique yet he sounds like a young Wayne.

In the original, she says she was a bad kid, and then says she wasn’t. I’m not sure what she means here, but I think it relates to her being a “bad kid.” I feel like the whole “bad kid” thing wasn’t really a part of the original.

DaBaby is the best rapper alive. I’m telling you, folks.

DaBaby is always up for a good time, and that vibe is reflected in his music. Whether he’s singing about partying or showing off his moves, DaBaby uses his personality to set him apart from the rest.

DaBaby has been through a lot of eras and eras of music. From the 90s to now, DaBaby has a story to explain each era. DaBaby’s music is always in sync with every era.

DaBaby says that he always has his work to fall back on when he gets bored or tired of a particular project.

DaBaby has no need to hear people’s music, because he’s a great rapper regardless.

DaBaby mentioned his mother, saying that the way she raised him was the reason he is where he is today.

10th of 50 DaBaby Quotes

I wasn’t able to hear it on the radio because I wasn’t a part of mainstream radio. I was the only artist around that was doing that. I was on blogs and I was on different things, but I was still the only one doing that.

DaBaby has a sound that’s just different, and doesn’t sound like anybody else. He’s going to make it, he’s going to eat it, he’s going to feed it.

 I think everyone should accept themselves no matter what they look like now. This guy’s a huge fan of self love and body positivity.

He has swag and he speaks about lyrics like he wrote them. He can handle a crowd, and he doesn’t get nervous. He shows up to everything he’s supposed to show up to.

So, yeah, DaBaby would say a lot of things, and he might have been thinking of many more reasons, but these are the main ones.

DaBaby is an African-American rapper who speaks with a fast-paced delivery. He uses words with an aggressive cadence and emphasizes the wordplay in his lyrics.

DaBaby is very creative and wants to do the unexpected. So he only dropped two songs from his new album in the first week of release.

Police officers are getting the message that they can’t arrest black men like me when they find them. But this is not new. As John Burroughs said, “They’ve been doing this for two centuries.” What’s going on is a shift in the political climate toward police accountability and reform. We’ll have to see how it plays out in Chicago.

DaBaby says he used to believe that he wasn’t attractive because of his baby-like face and body.

He is really hard on himself. He really, really wants to make sure that his music is a hit.

20th of 50 DaBaby Quotes

I’m pretty sure that the average person needs the same expectations from DaBaby as I do.

“I’m a force to be reckoned with”, says DaBaby about his upcoming album.

DaBaby is saying he doesn’t take things as they are, but as they should be. And that makes him a pretty cool dude.

In 2016 DaBaby was just a child rapper, now he is one of the most popular rap artists in the world. He still goes beyond his limits but he isn’t afraid of losing his fans if he doesn’t do the things for them that they want in return.

I’m a 90’s baby (and my favorite wrestler was The Rock) but I also loved Stone Cold Steve Austin.

He mentioned that he doesn’t look at police the same way he used to. He’s afraid of cops and hates how they target certain types of people.

We are seeing more “self made” singers than ever. Some have to be made through the hardships at times, which DaBaby went through. You know that he was making music at a time when he didn’t have a lot of money, he doesn’t have a lot of money now. But he’s a self made artist.

DaBaby feels that he’s able to take a new tune and make it his own, even before the drums start to hit. He also doesn’t like when the beat just loops over and over again, he likes to add in his own vocals.

DaBaby is a rapper who has released several albums including “A Lot of S***” in 2015 and “Funk S***” in 2018. He has produced several songs like “Bad Bitches” and “F*** Your Honor”.

The rapper was quoted as saying that he has always been a very friendly person. He feels that he did that because it was something he was taught and something he wanted to do.

30th of 50 DaBaby Quotes

DaBaby comes from a musical background where he grew up listening to artists like Kanye West, J. Cole, and Drake so the way he came on is how he grew up listening to artists.

My father was also one of those people that said ‘life is a journey’ and he was a very spiritual man. He always encouraged my brother and I to pursue our dreams with a positive attitude.

33-year-old rapper from Atlanta is a big fan of Donald Trump.

The rapper says that he like being under pressure. It’s something that makes him work even harder when he needs to.

DaBaby is taking the college dropout to the next level, and by doing so, he’s setting high expectations for himself.

If you work hard, you’re going to get out what you put into it, and you’re going to succeed, and you’re going to be able to climb the ladder.

Asking for forgiveness is not a sign of weakness.

DaBaby didn’t know much about music in the beginning but through his talent and charisma he made himself known. He became more famous than he expected to be.

40th of 50 DaBaby Quotes

DaBaby’s success is defined in terms of progress and continuous improvement. He doesn’t look at past achievements, but rather focuses on the future. Every day, he works to learn from his mistakes and move on. He is a driven perfectionist who understands the need to always try harder.


The sentence fragment is in the original. In the paraphrase, the fragment is given as a separate entity that has a predicate that agrees in number with its subject.

This is a pretty damn big statement for someone in DaBaby’s position to make. I mean if you’re a rapper that has a bunch of huge names behind you on your records, why wouldn’t you want to be able to let people know who you are? I think DaBaby could have been in way bigger trouble with his name than he actually was.

When you hear the phrase “small town,” you may think of something small like a small town in the U.S. This phrase, however, is used to describe the city of Charlotte in North Carolina.

The rapper tells TMZ he’s been broke his whole life and he’s used to being broke. I’m not sure if this means he’s been so broke he’s never had money but it could mean he’s so broke he’s afraid of the bank. Either way, he’s telling TMZ that he’s scared of the bank.

Baby has had his run in the music industry. That’s not saying anything, but no matter what the result of this project is, Baby did succeed. He had a great impact for his time. His “Hush” features Gucci Mane and DaBaby, and it got him this level of success, so it’s just like, “Thank you,” and this is just a thank you.

DaBaby is one of the few artists who’s older than everyone he’s listening to. This is proof of his intelligence.
He’s a rapper, he’s not an artist.

I could never say anything bad about a rapper. My mother said this to me and she was raised in the ‘hood. She said, “Never say anything bad about anybody, they might come and get you.” So, I learned that from my mother from when I was real young — like six or seven.

He’s making a lot of money off his videos but he’s down to earth. He’s not about the money and fame. He doesn’t let the limelight get to him. Instead, he just likes to be the one helping and being there for his fans.

DaBaby said that he spent $40,000 on this and another $10,000 on a different video.

He has been wrong as fuck too many times for him to change his ways, but I know he is trying.


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