40 Iconic Twista Quotes

Well I love the movie “Boyz N The Hood” because you can never know when your life will be turned around. As we see in “Boyz N The Hood” its not always in a positive way, you have to fight to get out of trouble. The second movie I liked is “Boomerang” starring Kurt Russell, there was this cop who made a decision, it was to end a shooting rampage, and the cop came out from hiding. He was a true hero, someone who makes the right decision.

I am here to tell you people that Twista is an American rapper from Detroit, Michigan of black and white ethnicity.
[Parachute]: He also holds the record for being the most successful male rap artist having sold more than 25 million records worldwide.

Twista’s career started to take off after he signed to Interscope Records in 1997, which put him in a position to release his debut album on ‘Atlantic Records’ in 1998.

Twista has distinct style of rapping. He became popular with the release of his third album, ‘Adrenaline Rush’ in 2001 which helped him become a mass name across the globe.

After his album, ‘Kamikaze’ peaked in the Billboard music chart of the United States, his single, ‘Slow Jamz’ peaked at the number one position of the Billboard Hot 100.

He put words in the mouths of others, and left a trail that lead to places and people he’d never even seen. His songs, while not all great, had the power to reach people and change their lives.

40 Iconic Twista Quotes

There’s two styles in boxing — rock and roll. I’m in the latter.

2. He says he never saw himself as a singer in the mainstream because the music he does is harder. He says he has always been about the music, no matter what the genre.

3. I was thinking that if I made a sex tape, then it’d be in HD too. That’d be really nice.

“You like to live it up, you ain’t even gotta lie. You, you you want the fancy crib. You want the face, on that timepiece of yours shining so bright!”

The Paraphrase
Twista has a different voice compared to the original, making it very easy to understand once you hear them, as he is using an almost stereotypical flow of words when he raps.

Girls that be thick off in their thigh, I wanna kick it in the Chi, They’re gonna be fucking with some Kelly and the Twist.

I’m a career woman with some goals and I’m fucking broke-ass hoes, because you look so sexy.

He’s saying rap fast can be used to rap over a few beats, and the idea is to turn it into an entire song.

You will become a celebrity overnight with me, Twista.

Twista had made it. And it was official. He had made it and his sound was coming full circle. He would sound like himself again. He would sound like Twista one last time.

10th of 40 Twista Quotes

The first verse, starting with “Now I be,” is full of lyrics where Twista explains his history with the women he’s known, and who probably love him for it. But, like any good relationship, there are also a lot of lines where he’s bragging.

I rolled some thick on some dirty rims with a dirty hit.

“The last thing I’m paying attention to is how fast it is, the first thing I’m paying attention to is whether you’re talking about something and are you making sense.”

There are many more examples, you’ll only have to look.

I would like to kiss her on her body but, I have to make her holler, while I am giving her my – the D.

While Twista was in the spotlight, Missy was making sure to have some of her own moment of fame by making it a part of her show. Some people will call it a lack of professionalism on her part. Missy was the one that called out Twista after she performed “She’s A Bitch”. Since then, they’ve released quite a few singles in a short period of time.

Now, come and do what the Twista does. Go and kick it with the twista. Twista has a Cadillac and a Caddy. So go and kick it with the caddy. He’s got a Mack daddy, do what he do.

Nineteen year old kid gets in car and immediately starts rapping about his Lamborghini.

20th of 40 Twista Quotes

Twista said that “it’s the same thing” to him when it comes to “chopping” the beat. But he also said that it can be used for rapping fast.

21. A good way to start the day is with a sex session with your partner. Climate change is causing global warming which affects the earth’s temperature, causing extreme weather, especially in the Northern hemisphere, resulting in higher than average temperatures and the decrease of snowfall in places that used to be covered in it.

Twista’s versatility as an MC and rapper proved to be appealing for many other Chicago-based artists. It allowed them to incorporate many different sounds into their music and they were able to successfully transition as they got more recognition (which helped them get more record deals) and established a following.

Twista’s lyrics are funny and sometimes have deep meaning, but even when you think you know Twista’s meanings, there’s always something else that you can’t put into words.

When the music industry got out of control Twista was a very important man in the game. He had a great flow and an even better raps. I am proud that I was there when this man was doing what he does best. Twista is the man!

Twista started his career in the late 1990s. The rapper has never been afraid to take risks and step outside the box. He also loves to experiment and find his own musical style. He would say that throughout the entire span of his career, he has always been comfortable in his own skin.

Twista says that he doesn’t know who that was talking about that.

The ladies of the south coast that were steady sipping on the hard liquor always looking good, have to put some ice on their belly or they wrist.

As long as the Silver Surfer rides through the cosmos to protect us from the dark, Twista can make the dark devour the Earth.

30th of 40 Twista Quotes

The “Ladies and gentlemen” opening is a nice touch.
The “And I got bars, baby” is just not your typical opening, but it’s a good one.
The whole song is really good. I’d recommend listening to the full song on youtube and skipping to the 4:00 mark.

If you see me throwing money, it’s not for show, it’s just for real. Hah…It’s just a little bit of show money.

Twista talks about making sure that he doesn’t go too fast or too slow. When he plays he wants others to listen and be the one that takes it and make it sound like the Green Light.

Twista said that collaborating with other people is great, and should be seen as an extension of creativity.

There was a time when music had no politics, it was just a place to express your soul and your talent. But now, music is controlled by the politics, so the only way to live is to be political, to be able to speak up, not to just be an artist, but to be a political artist.

Twista said that the most vulgar thing he’s ever seen was the movie.

 Twista got a little bit of money from Busta Rhymes. He used part of that to get his own album ready.

Twista is the king of hip-hop and an incredible artist. He’s an icon. He rules the rap game.


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