14 Best Motivational Wallpapers For Your Computer

I know how many of you struggle trying to find the most perfect motivational quotes to put on your computer or mobile device. It is not easy to find great quotes that are big enough to fit your computer or mobile screen, and if you do find one, you might be forced to downsize it. That is no good.

Just get a regular motivational wallpaper and save money on the cost of this wallpaper, plus it fits in any wallpaper sizes!

I found great picture quotes, but none of them were quite the right size for my laptop resolution and I ended up with this complete mess of a blur in front of me. I kept saying, “This photo’s gonna be a great quote,” but then I couldn’t get it to scale properly.

I had become a big fan of Ray Lewis after the Superbowl, and so I eventually found the perfect image to use as my own computer wallpaper. Hope you enjoy this one too.

If you’re bored and feel like you’ve accomplished nothing, consider the fact that you’ve probably accomplished more than a lot of other people.

The 14 Best Motivational Wallpapers

My Personal Laptop Wallpaper


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