50 Encouraging & Motivating Joel Osteen Quotes

The main reason I decided to be a Joel Osteen Pastor is because of his message that God gave us through the bible. It changed my life and I want to preach that message to all around me.

Joel Osteen is an American preacher who is the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church, the largest church in the United States. He is the author of four books and has made several television appearances.

His popularity has prompted other ministries to follow his lead. In 2012 he started his own daily television program called “Be Real”. Its purpose is to encourage Christians and others to follow Christ in a real world situation.

We have created an awesome collection of inspiring and motivating Joel Osteen quotes.

50 Joel Osteen Quotes

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The only way you can help others is by encouraging them. Encouragement is something that everyone can give. And someone might need what you have to give. It may not be your money; it may be your time. It may be your listening ear. It may be your arms to encourage. It may be your smile to uplift. Who knows!

God can bring the right people into our lives, but we have to be willing to release the wrong people.

If we are going to create a positive environment we all need to sow the seeds of encouragement.

If you think about it, the only two people in the world that have never had a bad break or a disappointment in their lives are you and Jesus. You were not born sick, you were not born a poor sinner. You were born with nothing but you had one thing that no other person ever had, you had Jesus. When you put Him in your heart, you became a new person. You became a child of God. You are the only person in the world that is born without sin and born into a new family and you are the only person that has the potential for an eternal future.

A lot of times, when things aren’t going the way we want them to, we get upset. We feel upset, sad, frustrated, angry, or whatever else. Even when our plans don’t work out, we may still feel unhappy. This is when we should make a conscious decision to let those emotional feelings go.

Driving home today, you’ve got a big windshield on the front of your car. And you’ve got a small mirror on the rear. And the reason the windshield is so big and the mirror is so small is because what’s in your past is not important as what’s in your future.

The Bible tells us ‘come to the door of your heart, take the key and open your heart doors’. If you’re waiting for a door to open that could be the key that will take you through life. It could be your door that could lead you to your next door. It could be the doorway to your next relationship or your next opportunity.

The problem is not whether you have a problem, the question is whether or not the problem has you.

The more I travel, the more I realize how important it is to take time to relax, meditate, and connect with nature. That way, I’m able to reflect on past events, see how a situation impacts the world, and prepare for the future with a positive mindset.

11th of 50 Joel Osteen Quotes

The idea is to go through tough times – that’s life. But I say: It’s not life that happens to you, it’s you that happens to life. Don’t let the situation define you, but use the situation to define you.

You will not change what you tolerate, even if you try to change it.

The best is yet to come for anyone who is doing well and can do even better in the future.

When we get angry, stressed, or offended, we give something outside of ourselves power over our happiness. To fight, or even just act unkind in the face of a negative situation, gives something outside of ourselves power over our happiness. To allow, or even just act kind in the face of a negative, takes away that something outside of ourselves.

We didn’t know it at the time, but God had already given us everything we need to fulfill that dream. He made a way even though we didn’t see it.

When life knocks you down, you should be ready to get back up and continue your journey.

We all have things in life to enjoy. We all have people in our lives to love us. We all have things to be grateful for. As you get older, you realize that it’s not about what you accomplish in life; it’s about the people you make friends with. And there will be people in your life who love you, who encourage you and who care for you. You’ll be able to enjoy your life and appreciate the simple things that come with it.

We usually live in a negative mindset: we focus on others’ negative qualities and on our own shortcomings. Instead, we should let go of this mindset and think positive. Let go of the past, look forward to the future, and live now.

If you keep on holding on to your misery, you’ll never be able to receive the light that’s on the other side of the darkness.

20th of 50 Joel Osteen Quotes

I think this is the kind of thing that will get people to think about the future, that we’re not really living in the good old days, we really have so much to be grateful for in our lives.

The way you are meant to live a life of success is to live it. You don’t have to wait for your “dream life” to start – you live out your dreams today. You have abilities that make you successful. The only thing that stands in your way is you.

If you start to repeat negative sayings about yourself, you will eventually start to believe it about yourself.

I like to think of what I’m doing in life as trying to please everybody. I think that’s the only thing you can do to make it a worthwhile endeavor rather than just trying to make yourself happy. I think we’re all so concerned about making everyone happy.

24. Whatever it is you are doing right now – whether it’s a job, studying, working, or being a stay-at-home parent – put your heart and soul into it. If it’s a hobby, turn it into a full-time business.

To be less than abundant is to settle, to be just ok is to settle. To have a “barely enough” mentality is to settle and be satisfied with what you have. Joel Osteen advises us to be more than ok, he encourages us to have abundance mind, to be more than ok with what we have and to take care of what we have because we will never be satisfied with less than good enough, we will never be content with what we have, we will never be satisfied with what we have because it will always look like we are settling, if we are settling what we have we will never be happy.

Joel Osteen mentioned that he has realized the importance of relationships. That is how you are going to be successful. You will not find anything more valuable than a good relationship. So invest the time and put your all into it. Don’t worry. Everything will work out.

I’ve seen so many people that have been held down for so long but in the end they will be better off than before.

When I first started listening to Joel Osteen back in the early 2000s, I was only an average Christian with average spiritual gifts. I would go home and share my little testimony with my girlfriend. During some of our conversations she would start talking about her belief in God. I would tell her it seemed easy. I didn’t have faith. It seemed like there was no way God could love me. I think I even said that if God even existed, I doubted he was real. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the concept of God.

This idea is in line with the “The Secret”, where happiness is found in the little things. This is advice that will remind you to be happy in your own life. Thanking God for the things that make you happy and positive can improve your state.

31st of 50 Joel Osteen Quotes

Your best days are still out in front of you. You don’t need to see it, you just need to believe it.

Being a part of any community is a blessing. Some of the best people in my life have come from a community or church I have not been a part of. I know that sounds cliche, but if a community is full of people that are focused on God and you are just a mere part of that community, you will just be blessed.

I agree with Joel Osteen here. You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life. In my case, I hung out with negative people and I live a positive life. I’ve been successful because of their negative opinions.

I am not holding a grudge. I am just mad at myself for not preparing properly for the new year. I will try to do a better job in the future.

Here are some questions that you can use to help you in finding out your top three strengths and weaknesses.

Do not waste your energy trying to convince people to understand you. Your time is too valuable to try to prove yourself to people.

You need to keep your gratitude if you want to open new doors. If you keep your faith, you will be able to trust. If you keep the right attitude, you will be given more opportunities to work towards your goals.

When things aren’t going well, we are told to keep believing in God or some kind of supernatural power like praying, or we should get out of the Christian faith.

We all have a purpose in our life. We aren’t here just to watch TV and eat and sleep. We are here to grow in our God-given wisdom and to help others along the way.

39th of 50 Joel Osteen Quotes

“You are not alone.” Every mistake, every time you failed to reach a goal, every closed door, all of those have contributed to make you into who you are now. You are a product of your experiences. You are a product of your failures. You are a product of your disappointments.

No matter what you face, you can’t stop every person who decides to throw stones at you, but you do get the choice to make sure stones don’t destroy you, and you can’t let every stone get you down.

There are always times when we will get pushed down, but we need to learn how to get up and live in victory.

I don’t know about Joel, but for me, it’s not so easy to rise up and say, “I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am.” I’m still struggling and still have a lot of disappointments. I don’t think I’ll ever feel comfortable again.

He says that whenever you are going through a rough situation or whatever, you should get up and keep going. It may be a bad situation, but it’s still a situation you can handle. You’re here for a reason. You were born to win.

When we try to give away blessings without receiving it first, we may end up giving a curse instead.

I’m here to stay. My life’s too short to waste it on people who don’t care about me or my family. Life’s too short to spend it trying to keep others happy. You can’t please everyone. To fulfill your destiny, stay true to your heart.

You should not worry about things that are really not in your control. You should try to enjoy every day and make sure you live a good lifestyle.
If you are a Christian, you know that God is in control, and you know that your future depends on God. It is good to think about what is going to happen in the future. It is good to have a plan because this is life. If, however, you are not a Christian, this passage will probably have less value to you.

The more you talk about negative things in your life, the more you give those things power over your life. Don’t dwell on the negative. Instead, focus on the positive.

When thoughts come that are negative – and they will – it’s not enough to just not dwell on them; you have to replace them with positive thoughts.

You were created to leave your mark on generations to come. You were born to get your life on track, you were created to be a blessing to others.


If I don’t see a change in myself or around me, then I don’t go any further. I may as well just give up. But if I’m going to see God’s best, I’ve got to have the boldness to move forward.

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