9 Reasons Why Your Worst Enemy Is Yourself

Not everyone can be friends with themselves, they are self-judges. Even the friendliest and kindest of all people become their own worst enemies.

People can decide to use their bad habits to live in happiness. They can decide to live in self-destructive behaviors that can lead to their misery in their lifetime.

1. No to Change

It is sad that you are so obsessed with self-hatred and self-loathing. You are a person who doesn’t understand what is right and what is wrong. You are not a person who can understand and cope with life. You are trapped in your own misery.

They are safe within their own little bubbles.

There are times when you may feel that your needs are not being met. It might be helpful to remember that the person who is making your work and life easier did not have their needs met. They had to work through a number of challenges to become the person who was able to help you with your needs.

When things in life that you can’t change, you may think that you have no control over it. But you still have control over yourself. By changing the way that you feel, you can change the world.

2. Putting Yourself Down

The first step to believing you can achieve anything is to not give up, even in the face of the inevitable, and the first step to do that is to not let doubt get in the way. Doubt destroys confidence and confidence is the first step to success.

The worst enemy of success is a person who believes that he cannot do something. These people who believe in their inabilities destroy all the efforts that they would have made if they had not been afraid.

That’s a very risky gamble that makes us vulnerable to the worst-case outcome. But it may work out.

3. Depending on Others

For example, some people start to see themselves in the eyes of others to the point of depending on them for their own security. These people often have a hard time having a good, independent life.

If you become too dependent on someone else, you will forget how to take care of yourself. You will think they can take care of you, and they can’t. And it’s not healthy.

That’s why people who are too dependent on others do not take the initiative in their own doing. They find it difficult to do things for themselves and let others do the jobs for them.

At some point, they realize the real enemy is their own selves, and they know that their own anger at themselves could end up killing them.

4. Feelings of Anxiety

If you constantly worry about the future it can cause depression and make you question that life decisions you make. Anxiety can make you feel unhappy and in this state makes you question your own decisions.

Some people have negative feelings about themselves because they judge themselves on how they compare to others.

5. Trusting Others More than Yourself

In an interview with the Associated Press this week, the Obama administration was stinging at the mention of the President’s name in a
report on the attack, with both State and Defense Department
officials saying the president had no role in the operation that
led to bin Laden’s death, but also saying little about the raid

This person can only follow instructions and believes others opinions more then themselves. This could lead to a very insecure person and could be the cause of someone viewing themselves as an enemy and not as a victim.

6. Projecting Negativity

There are times in life when it seems as though nothing is going right. However, in letting one’s self down the path of unhappiness will it only make it worse.

There are so many people that always have the negative view of the world around them. But this negative view doesn’t help them in positive ways. It’s not helping their lives and it’s not helping the people around them.

If negativity is what you perceive to life then you will develop a negative attitude towards your own self. This will be the cause of your life getting worse not better.

7. Caring too Much about Others Opinions

Taking care of your own needs, and looking after your own wants takes priority over caring about people’s opinions of you.

If a person cares too much about what other people think, he or she can get stuck in an unhealthy way of thinking. Showing a behavior that you think is appropriate to the crowd around you just to impress others means not being who you really are.

If you are focused on pleasing other people, it has the potential to cause unhappiness. This type of thinking can leave you feeling dissatisfied, which in turn will lead to unhappiness.

The next part of the sentence refers to the kind of activities, namely that they are usually done by unhappy people, and it’s a reason as to why they are unhappy.

8. Playing it Safe

These people are the ones who don’t take risks with their life because they don’t want to make the required effort to create a better life for themselves.

They choose to focus more on their personal life and do not engage in any activities with others so they could lead to other people or things.

For the purpose of making a long-term decision, it would be ideal if a partner could come up with some kind of plan to make their life easier in the future, or it wouldn’t be fair to expect them to just “be happy” with whatever happens.
It is better to be flexible so that a decision can be made that fits both parties.

They have allowed their own negative emotions to destroy their ability to perform at a level they could reach if they would engage in a positive way.

9. Waiting for Life

People who wait for things to happen in their lives are not motivated enough to make things happen.

If you are not doing anything and if no one is motivating or inspiring you, then be the one who is doing something. If you need motivation or inspiration, then be the motivation or the inspiration.

Set goals that you think will push you to become who you want to be. Set goals that you think will make life happen around you. Don’t let life happen to you, find life and make it happen.

It can be helpful to have somebody else to blame for the fact that you are having a hard time.


People have had to deal with certain things in their lives that they caused. If these keep happening, they can believe that they are a terrible person.

People can have regrets about things they did in the past and can consider how to change and live differently to avoid repeating mistakes.

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