Joel Embiid Net Worth

Joel Embiid’s net worth is estimated at $90 million.
Joel Embiid is worth approximately $90 million.
Joel Embiid’s net worth is $90 million.
Joel Embiid is a basketball player.
Joel Embiid has made a fortune from basketball.
Joel Embiid has been earning money.
Joel Embiid has been a basketball player.


He is a great professional basketball player from Cameroon.

Embiid has been playing in the NBA for one year now and was drafted with the third overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers. He spent one year at Kansas University before leaving for the NBA.

As a star of the basketball, he was often injured and forced to miss many games, but he still worked hard in the gym and was very competitive.

He is also a top-10 NBA player with a net worth of $35 Million.

Early Life

Joel was born March 16, 1994 in the African country Cameroon.

His family moved to the Czech Republic when Embiid was 12, where he began playing basketball. They returned to Cameroon when he was 15 and Embiid joined the Belgian League where he played for four years before moving back to the Czech Republic to play basketball for Sokol Bohnyte.

He scored 32 points per game and recorded 28 assists for his high school team, Archbishop Molloy.

He joined the prestigious Montverde Academy in Florida where he participated in two national championships and was the MVP of the Under 19.


In the 2014 NBA Draft, Joel Embiid declared himself to be eligible for the draft. He was selected three picks after the Philadelphia 76ers selected Ben Simmons.

The 76ers’ first-ever NBA regular season game took place on October 18, 2016, against the Washington Wizards. On this date, he made his first NBA regular season appearance, where he scored two points and grabbed one rebound in the game, which his team won 82-76.

During the season, Embiid had not played because of a sore left eye. He played in the playoffs due to a sore right foot. He would play in his first career NBA playoff game on April 19, 2018. He had an important contribution on the 76ers’ championship-winning team as the first person to score a rebound and block a shot.

He is the second player in the NBA with a triple-double (2000+ points, 100+ rebounds, 100+ assists) in his first 100 career games. He was also the eighth player in NBA history to score at least 2,000 points and grab at least 1,000 rebounds in their first 100 games, and he’s the only left-handed player to accomplish this feat.

Joel Embiid has an estimated net worth of about $35 Million.


Embiid was drafted by the 76ers with the 7th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft out of the University of Kansas. He went on to start 71 games for the 76ers and was subsequently moved to the starting lineup in 2016. He quickly became one of the best young big man in the league and is now a key player for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Favorite Quotes from Joel Embiid

He wants to keep people from thinking he is a big man because he is not. He wants to show that he can do everything that a professional basketball player does, which is what he did in college.

The international game at age 19 or 20 is very different than the American game. At that age, you are so much smaller and the level of competition is so much higher. Therefore you have to go back and focus on fundamentals.

Embiid has spent time since his early college years on the streets of Philadelphia, working out with a crew of local kids. And, he says, their workouts were far from the structured, regimented affairs of the professional trainers he’d seen in Philly.

“I don’t drink. Alcohol is nasty.” Embiid, of course, also has a penchant for “being real” and has previously spoken candidly of his desire to be the “best” at the sport. He’s also called out his team’s ineffectiveness in the half-court in postgame interviews, so this isn’t too much of a stretch.

3 Life Lessons from Joel Embiid

There’s a lot to learn from Joel Embiid. He taught us everything there is to know about becoming a successful basketball player.

1. Pain Will Be The Strenght For Tomorrow 

The things we do now will make us stronger later on.

2. Embrace Pain 

We must embrace our pain and use it to move forward to achieve our dreams and goals.


3. Do Your Best 

A problem is a chance for you to put forth your best effort.


Joel Embiid is a Cameroon-born basketball player who debuted for the 76ers quite late but he became one of the most talked, and well respected and the most expensive player in the NBA.

During his rookie season, Joel Embiid was named to the Associated Press and Sports Illustrated All-Rookie Teams. This was the first time he was nominated to be on both a Rookie and an All-Rookie team.

As of July 2022, the net worth of Joel Embiid is about 35 million dollars; however, Joel Embiid’s net worth is probably higher than he’ll admit.

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