50 Controversial Pat Robertson Quotes

I was just reading “Mere Christianity” for the third time.

Pat Robertson has a great influence in world politics and society. He is an American political commentator and founder and host of the international television show “The 700 Club.” He is considered to be one of the major media moguls of the world.

The first Christian television channel began airing in 1960. Robertson’s show is one of the largest Christian television networks. It is also one of the most popular television networks.

I’ll give you some of the most controversial Pat Robertson quotes. He has made some outrageous comments in his life. Some of them are even true.

50 Controversial Pat Robertson Quotes

The Bible says that in the latter days, things will get to a point that the world will be caught in the middle of tremendous suffering, and it will be like the birth pangs of the new order, but this is something that is happening right now.

The bible-beating, money-grubbing Republican presidential candidate Pat Robertson has vowed to make sure nobody in America is afraid of the “morons” who want to cut their healthcare, even if they have pre-existing conditions, or even if they’re over 65 – because the American way is not to let that happen!

Pat Robertson says that “you can imagine if somebody’s approaching retirement, and all of a sudden, his or her funds are depleted by 50%, it gives them a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach.”


The question is ambiguous. It does not specify what the “number” in the first example is.

Most Christians believe that a person’s age can be determined by their years on earth. The idea of getting to the point where time stops and you have more years than you did before is beyond most Christians.

In order to obey God, we must first obey the government. As such, if the government forbids us from practicing things that God has commanded us to do (a direct contradiction of Scripture), then we must simply obey the government in the first place.

The only thing you need to work on is if you have a man that wanders, is a little bit of wanderlust or is the type of man that wants to go out and conquer the world? As you look around your community, it’s great to be able to have that man at home. It’s awesome to have a man that feels safe, is strong and provides for you, your family and your future family, and then your family is all you need.

No, the courts are simply an instrument of God’s law, which in this case the atheists are attempting to override.

This is a lie. That is not what he said. He said that lesbians are more likely to have abortions because they do not want to be mothers. He said that being a mother is a uniquely feminine role. He did not say that lesbians are less likely to be mothers than heterosexual women, or even that they are more likely to have abortions. I have read hundreds of books and articles over the years, and this is the only one where a person has made such an ignorant and ridiculous claim.

10th of 50 Pat Robertson Quotes

In a recent interview, Pat Robertson said he does not believe the courts have the authority to rule on the Constitutionality of laws passed by the legislature.

There is no Constitutional case in which Robertson has been a party. However, he does believe in the legislative supremacy and separation of powers.

Pat Robertson’s “I am not a party” response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA has been widely criticized as being at odds with his previous comments that the Supreme Court is the legal arbiter of the nation’s laws.

Pat Robertson thinks that Satanists, homosexuals, and other people he dislikes are in power. This is why he wants them gone.

The New York Times reported on a study that shows that in San Francisco, gay men and lesbians attempt to infect others with HIV to punish their enemies, in much the same way that the Mafia attempts to infect other criminals with the virus in order to destroy them. The research also found that the most likely men to be infected with HIV are drug dealers, sex workers and users.

I’ll admit Pat Robertson may have been using hyperbole. However, I do not believe he has no basis for his statements except for the word of a man who is no longer in the business of teaching and whose business is to be entertained by his audience.

What I find interesting is that Pat Robertson made a public commitment to turn public education into a Christian institution. If he did it, and it was successful, it would have helped change the public school system from the secular public school system to a Christian school system.

The United States had a well established Christian school system from the early 1800s until 1960 when the U.S. public school system was secularized.

Pat Robertson is an extreme religious nut, who apparently thinks evolutionists worship atheism.

According to a recent political survey, Christian groups are in the process of taking control of American society, and are in the process of eroding our basic religious values.

While a key part of Robertson’s view of the world is to have women in full and equal roles, he believes that the fact that there hasn’t been a female chess Grand Master is evidence that women’s brains are weaker. While he doesn’t have a lot of evidence, which is why he assumes that women aren’t as capable of intellect as men are, he does explain that there is no evidence to the contrary.

In the USA, we are a Christian nation, and those who don’t take their freedom for granted and exercise their right to worship as per their faith and as per their will don’t have that freedom taken away from them as per President Trump’s executive order.

Yes. Feminism is the most destructive movement in modern society. It’s based on the notion that women should have the same rights as men, which implies that men should have a similar role in society. Feminism is also inherently hostile to Christianity, since it seeks to undermine the traditional family and the morality it promotes.

20th of 50 Pat Robertson Quotes

According to Pat Robertson, after the rapture of the church, there will be a rise of “angelic” activity on the planet.

Pat Robertson was a minister who founded the Christian Broadcasting Network. He is a member of the Southern Baptist Church. He was one of the most prominent televangelists for many years. He is an evangelical and is known for his strong views on Islam. He is also known for his extreme views on the occult and witchcraft. He says that Muslims are inherently evil. He said many times that Muslims hate America. He also said that Muslims hate Jesus and God. Pat Robertson has also said that he wants to give Islam a chance. He also said that he wanted to give the Muslims who attend his church, a chance.

When I heard that quote, I knew that one of two things were going to happen: I was going to either become a wife and stay a wife or I was going to become a free thinker and leave my marriage.

I hope people remember that Judas looked good in a robe, but he really let us down when he tried to sell Jesus out.

In 2008, the Washington Post described Robertson as the “king of Christian television.” More than one-third of the television market in the United States is taken up by the shows aired by his Christian Broadcasting Network.

Christian Dominionism is about forcing everyone to be Christian.

Well I guess since the Church of Scientology is a religion based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and not God (which is why they are not a church), they have no problem with homosexuality. I’ll bet they believe that AIDS is a punishment for being gay, as well.

The Religious Right’s presidential candidate said he’d vote against his party’s candidate.

It seems like liberals are treating Christians like the Nazis treated the Jews. It’s no different than what liberal America is doing to black people or Jews (liberal America). What a horrible thing!

30th of 50 Pat Robertson Quotes

I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to respond, and let me thank you for your work, for your website, and for all the good you do in spreading the word about the dangers of islam.

While I was in elementary school, the women in my family would often comment that they were thankful they didn’t have a mother-in-law. My father’s mother would come down to visit us once a year. She would never be around for the holidays and would never attend church with us. I’d always be sad when this happened because I felt like she should be the first one to celebrate with us.

If the only way you have to get it is through a kiss, you should have thought of that before you gave it to her.

The American people were the ones who put the Africans in slavery and then kept them in bondage by giving them a new religion

9. “My son is gay and he has been struggling with his sexuality for a long time. When he was eight years old, he came to me and said that he was gay.

Satan is God’s tool of love in the sense that he forces us to see God’s loving patience.

He also said that he never used pornography until he was in his twenties, but he admitted later on that he did use it in his twenties.

The only way you can go is through Jesus. It will be a part of life of this planet for a long time until Jesus returns.

There are thirty to forty thousand left-wing professors in the United States who are racists and support sexual deviants.

Government was instituted by God to carry out His will and purposes. It is the duty, function, and reason for our existence.

40th of 50 Pat Robertson Quotes

Pat Robertson claims that the Antichrist will come from among the Jews who live in Israel today.

It might be a good idea to wash your towels instead of using them to dry your body after you take a bath.

Robertson says that if someone does not want to fight for Christians in a country they do not live in, then they should not fight against them in another country they live in.

Many people, especially in the United States, are no longer practicing Christianity because it is a foreign religion to them. I will not mention other countries. They are throwing off God and His law, the Bible, morals, and other religion. Some of them may even say that they are Christians.

In the United States, if the majority is Christian, and they want to practice religious pluralism, well, that is evil and immoral. And if they don’t allow that evil and immoral practice, then they will win.

Pat Robertson said that the hurricane would be very destructive. If the hurricane hits, then Orlando and Orlando people will start to see the hate of god and he would probably be warning Orlando. He also mentioned that the city would be destroyed and there would be earthquakes, tornadoes, and possibly a meteor.

Republicans are doing much of the same things. In fact, if we did not have the Democrats, we could almost do the exact same thing. We are in fact doing the same things and are actually doing things that Christians would not normally do, but we are doing these things. For example, while Democrats are in power we have legalized abortion, homosexual marriage, euthanasia, and many other things that Christians would not normally agree with. We have done the same things and worse than what the Nazi did to the Jews and other minorities and we call ourselves ‘Christian’.

 Robertson doesn’t think it’s a sin to eat bacon, but he insists that if one does eat bacon, they should limit the amount to one meal a day.

To paraphrase one of Mr. Robertson’s favorite words, it’s impossible to tell when the terrorists will go away. They’re here to stay.


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