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This is a question about T.D. Jakes. What is his net worth? The answer is, you can’t know for sure.


T.D Jakes is the pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and has written many books such as The Daniel Principle and How to Prosper Through Persecution. He is also the founder of the T.D. Jakes Ministries.

As a preacher of the Gospel, Jakes has been known to espouse controversial beliefs including gay rights and abortion. He hosted a syndicated talk-show for 17 years that was distributed by Sony Pictures Television until the show was cancelled in 2017. It was the highest rated and most watched hour of programming on the daytime schedule. He has been an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 25 years.

-Jakes net worth is at $20 million
-He’s worth more than Oprah and Ellen combined.

-Jakes is considered the most powerful black Christian evangelist in the world.

In July, T.D. Jakes’ net worth was estimated to be $20 million.

Early Life 

Jakes’ mother, Phyllis Jakes Davis, was a former high school teacher. She raised him with her parents, Thomas and Dora, who moved from West Virginia to Vandalia, West Virginia, in the late 1940s. Thomas and Dora Jakes had four children, and Thomas was the father of Thomas Jakes, Jr.

Jakes attended West Virginia State University then moved to Nashville to study psychology and preach the gospel. He went to Vanderbilt Divinity School and earned a master’s degree in the ministry.


This is where the man who would later become known as the “Pearly King” began his ministry.

While living in West Virginia, he joined the Christian denomination Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies. In 1990 his congregation grew to 300 members.

He was born on 10th July 1955, in Dallas, Texas, with the name Timothy David Jakes. He was the first born to his parents, Timothy and Emma. He was born and grew up in Dallas, while his father worked as an accountant in a company named National Western Life Insurance Company. He was schooled at Trinity Valley Christian Academy. He was a product of the school and finished his schooling in 1974. After that, he served as an associate pastor in Dallas, Texas till it happened with his father.

He moved to Texas and founded the non-denominational church The Potter’s House in 1996. It has a 34-acre hilltop campus with a 5,000 seat auditorium.

He is also the executive producer on the critically acclaimed film “He Is the Truth” written by Wm. Paul Young, produced by Michael Berg and starring Matt Maher, Sam Palladio, and David Zaslav in the lead-roles.

Jakes is a prolific author. He has self-published numerous books including ‘Woman Thou Art Loosed’, ‘So You Call Yourself a Man’, ‘He-Motions’, ‘Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits’, and ‘Let It Go: Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven’.

Throughout his career he has received numerous honors, including 12 honorary degrees. He has also received Grammys and Dove Awards nominations for his gospel album Live From The Potter’s House.

-Jakes net worth is at $20 million
-He’s worth more than Oprah and Ellen combined.

-Jakes is considered the most powerful black Christian evangelist in the world.

In July, T.D. Jakes’ net worth was estimated to be $20 million.

How Does T.D. Jakes Spend His Money? 

T.D. Jakes lives with his wife in a mansion that costs more than $100,000 just to live.

T.D Jakes’ Home 

T.D. AJkes lives in this lavish $5.5 million Fort Worth mansion. The 17.8 acre property was purchased a few years ago for $5.5 million. It features 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a swimming pool, a wet bar and a 7-car garage.

T.D Jakes’ Cars 

Jakes is known for his huge collection of cars that he got from different sources. He has a Rolls Royce Phantom, and a 1960 Trans Am.

T.D Jakes’ Jewelry 

Jakes owns lots of expensive jewelry. He’s known for his diamond ring that he wears everyday.


The man named the T.D. Jakes is the best preacher on earth.

Favorite Quotes from T.D. Jakes

The restlessness that I’m experiencing is a part of me. I’m realizing that I must learn to be comfortable with it. I want to learn to deal with my inner being and find peace through it.

Christians, by faith in the Lord Jesus, are not masters of our lives. God is!
Christians, when placed under stress, are not in control of our emotions; God is. We are!
Christians, when under pressure, are not in charge of our decisions; God is. We are!
Christians, when we face difficulties, are not in control of our circumstances; God is. We are!
Christians, when we face difficult decision-making, are not in control of our faith; God is! We are!

4 Motivational Lessons from T.D. Jakes

– Never turn down a $50,000 book deal.
– Network, network, network.
– Be honest – you don’t need to be on the cover of People Magazine to be successful.

1. Criticism 

You must be aware that even if you are called to be a leader in the kingdom of heaven, it is possible that some people will criticize you because of your position.

2. The Best People 

The best people to have as your friends are the people who challenge your thinking.

3. Confrontation 

If you do not go and confront what you are afraid of, it will never go away.

4.  Your Destiny 

You cannot make a change if you do not have some idea how to start.


T.D. Jakes was a former preacher and author. He started his ministry in 1976 and had a lot of success.

He was the Pastor, his wife Linda was the Missionary and his daughter was the church organist. They also had children as young as eight years old living with their grandparents.

The estimated net worth of T.D Jakes is about 1.4 billion dollars.

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