Willie Robertson Net Worth

Willie Robertson is estimated to be worth $350 million.
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I’m sure most people know Duck Dynasty. They are a TV series about a family that is known for making their own duck calls.

Richard and Kay Robertson are the founders and current owners of the company Duck Commander. The business that inspired the series is a business empire that sells 600,000 duck calls a year in addition to their popular DVDs, books, and other merchandise.

Willie Robertson is a famous reality TV star. He’s also a successful music artist.

The Duck Commander and his wife, Korie, had made over $100 million with Duck Dynasty’s profits since 2006.

Early Life 

He was born to a mother who was a former reality tv star.

Willie Jess is the oldest of four siblings. His brother is a professional football player and his other two brothers are both doctors.

His dad would play Duck Dynasty and often spoke of his son, Robertson, following in his footsteps as a duck caller. Robertson’s love for hunting and his father’s business would come to be the base for the Duck Commander brand.


The ‘Buck Commander’ brand is targeted at men who are looking for a lifestyle of simple life with less stress. The company currently has a retail presence in more than 30 countries.

The show featured Darnell’s nephew, Willie Robertson, who he named after the Darnell who helped build his family’s Duck Commander company.

Billy the Exterminator is a documentary series in the vein of Animal Planet’s Bullywackers, which follows Billy and his team as they kill vermin in the Dallas area which he and his wife Connie own Vexcon Animal and Pest Control.

In 2013, the Robertson family started featuring in the series ‘Duck Dynasty’. The show aired until 2017 and had 11 seasons, including 130 episodes.

All three seasons of the show feature an episode in which the protagonist is kidnapped by a gang of drug dealers and held for a night in a shack in the desert.

At the end of 2012, Willie Robertson’s net worth was $40 Million.

How Does Willie Robertson Spend His Money? 

Willie Robertson, the CEO of the company, is one of the most active members in terms of the show. This has helped him to live his dream by spending all the money he wants on whatever he prefers.

Willie Robertson’s Home 

Robertson bought a home about two years ago in the town of West Monroe in northern Louisiana. He has not publicly released any information about the house.

Willie Robertson’s Vehicles

Robbie Robertson has owned some different cars and truck. The cars and trucks that Robertson owns are a Line X Silverado, a Camo Quad, a 12-Wheel Drive and a Jeep Wrangler.


You can see a lot of Willie Robertson’s life in these movies!

Favorite Quotes from Willie Robertson  

The Robertson family business takes it’s name from the Robertson family. The founder of the family business and patriarch of the family was Uncle Si Robertson. The family business, is now under the leadership of Willie, as the only surviving member of the family. It’s the second largest construction company in the world with $1.5 Billion dollars in revenue annually.

“My wife, Andrea, and I enjoy fishing in our pond on our property and we go there after the duck season. We love it when we see a gator up in the water because he’s eating a frog. When we see the little frog, we can reach down with our pole and grab the gator and then drag him out of the water and kill him right there. That’s what we do for fun.” – Willie Robertson

The Robertson family’s home on Bayou Terrebonne is featured in Season 6.

3 Lessons from Willie Robertson 

With hard work and determination, anyone can achieve success in your life.

You should be grateful to those who have helped you along the way, including your parents who taught you well and your friends whose support is valuable no matter what career you pursue.

1. Facial Hair 

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2. Mediocre 

If you are mediocre you’ve already set off in life.

3. Be Your Own Best Friend 

A good life is one that is filled with laughter, the wisdom of family, and the love of God. It is a life where we value the people close to us and the talents we have. Where we are quick to forgive and slow to condemn. A life where we seek to be better each day and realize that we may not have it all figured out.


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He and his twin brother, Alan, have been a part of the show from the very start. And not just on the show, but throughout the years, but also on other projects. The Robertson men have been a part of some of the best comedy shows in the world over the years.

Willie Robertson is a famous reality TV star. He’s also a successful music artist.

The Duck Commander and his wife, Korie, had made over $100 million with Duck Dynasty’s profits since 2006.

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