50 Bold Bernie Sanders Quotes

Bernie Sanders quotes and how he’s changed the political climate in America.

In 2016, Sanders endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party presidential primaries, telling an MSNBC interviewer that if elected president, Clinton would be the best candidate for the United States to have in office. He campaigned for Clinton in the general election.

He supports universal healthcare with a public plan that covers the cost for all residents. He also supports increasing the federal minimum wage to a living wage and eliminating student loan debt through a system of grants.

Sanders has had a long a storied career, and has never been one to hold back his views.

50 Bold Bernie Sanders Quotes

Bernie Sanders says we do not need to add to the deficit by giving tax breaks to the
wealthy. Bernie Sanders wants to make sure that the rich will not benefit more from
tax cuts than everybody else.

There are millions of Americans whose lives are impacted by the issues that Sanders talks about.

I say this with every war that we’ve ever fought, and some have said we’ve never lost a war. You can’t win a war and we’re going to continue to wage war. We’re going to end the war, bring our troops home, and have a much healthier economy as a result.

Bernie Sanders was on the debate stage, and he was really saying that the CEOs are taking all the money from the workers.

The basic issue of an American society which is fair, which is providing opportunity for all, is nowadays being replaced by the right perception that we’re living in a rigged economy – in which it doesn’t matter how hard you work, the result will be all the income goes to the people at the very top. It’s leading to a lot of frustration and anger, and people want some fundamental changes to the way we do economics and growth.

I agree, but if our government did that, our country wouldn’t be so full of people who need help.

Sanders opposed Clinton’s plan to lift the Depression-era restrictions on the free flow of financial information.

10th of 50 Bernie Sanders Quotes

Bernie Sanders is proposing a new service that combines the utility, service and delivery of the US Postal Service with the delivery of letters.

Poverty is not caused mainly by the number of hours people are working, but rather that there is not enough income to live on.

Bernie Sanders is a big supporter of the government. He even tried to make the government responsible for citizens. He would like to spend more money on fighting terrorists and less on people. He also thinks that people should not be allowed to have guns. This goes against the Constitution so we need to change it.

Bernie Sanders, a former Democratic candidate for President from Vermont, said that Wall Street has a lot of power in the United States. Sanders says that Wall Street has a lot of power over the Republican Party.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton’s healthcare plan would allow the insurance companies to discriminate on the basis of a person’s pre-existing health conditions and leave millions without healthcare coverage. This will be especially hard on the poor, because they won’t be able to afford insurance. The government will also have to spend billions of dollars to make up for the cost of healthcare. This could lead to an increase in healthcare costs in the U.S.

“I believe strongly that we can protect our people without undermining our constitutional rights and I worry very, very much about the huge attacks on privacy that we have seen in recent years — both from the government and the private sector. I worry that we are moving toward an Orwellian society, and this is something I will oppose as vigorously as I can.” – Bernie Sanders
Question 16. What was your approach to campaign finance reform?
We need to bring that system into the 21st Century, where people can vote for candidates without being beholden to a handful of super-rich people.

And I think what you have to say is that what Bernie Sanders said here is one of the most shocking things he has ever said, because I think there is absolutely no way that he could have thought or said anything like this.

And what has happened is that the Democratic Party has shifted very far to the right and Bernie Sanders is sort of the only figure who is left standing and to some extent, he is the only thing standing between the Democratic Party and an even more radical Trump presidency.

But not only that, what we have seen from Bernie Sanders is that he actually has said some really, really extreme things, and now he is saying them and saying them very effectively.

I agree. And it is worse in the rural areas. But we also have a problem in the cities. The cost of dental care is astronomical.

20th of 50 Bernie Sanders Quotes

Bernie can get all the money he wants from these companies and these lobbyists, but what if there is a mass movement of American people who are looking in congress and they say, “Bernie, we want Medicare for all, we want a living wage for all, we don`t want this country to be the world`s policeman. We don`t want it to be arming and training for war in other countries. We want to make our country whole again.”
That is the kind of movement, and that is the kind of mass movement that he is helping to start in a big way in this campaign.

Bernie Sanders is worried that America’s children will be at a dangerous disadvantage compared to children in other countries. He is concerned that the working poor will be at a disadvantage, and that older people (who are also the most vulnerable) will be at a disadvantage.

Bernie Sanders said he would fight for the interests of the billionaire class, which he believes is the reason why there has been so much corruption in the country.

I don’t know if they’re a little bit different or a lot different, but I think you’d have to be able to answer that, because that’s the question she asked.

Bernie Sanders said that he has spent the better part of his adult life standing up and fighting for working families.

Bernie Sanders said that no one has ever been more regulated than Wall Street. Wall Street is the reason that Bernie Sanders is running for President.

I don`t think it is fair that college is free in Germany, and many countries outside the US, while here in the US college is still very expensive, and is one of the primary reasons for the amount of childhood poverty. We also haven`t made any progress on female equal pay, and we haven`t made significant progress on the issue of climate change.

People working hard should be able to live a decent life. It should be hard to be poor. It should be hard to be in poverty.

I agree with Bernie, but I would add, these are the same people who caused the economic crisis. In fact, these are the same people who caused the economic crisis to happen in the first place. And they also caused the subprime mortgage crisis. So it is not these Wall Street type people who were the problem, but the fact that they caused it. They weren’t the solution.

Bernie Sanders said that if we stand together, we will always win. We must stand together to win. We must come together to make history. We must come together to build a better future for all people.

30th of 50 Bernie Sanders Quotes

In response to a question about single-payer health care plan, Sanders said that he is “sure” there are people who think that it is the only thing people ought to be fighting for. In this context, “I” is referring to the person speaking.

Bernie Sanders says that there is far too little discussion about the decline of the middle class in Washington. The Senator is also concerned about income inequality and wealth inequality in the United States.

What the American public understood is that Bernie Sanders’ statement of reality is an insult to every American who has ever worked hard in life to get ahead.
As Bernie Sanders sees it, the “American system” is a conspiracy against the working class (and, one can only imagine, against the Jews, too).

According to a report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, in 2009, the United States had the highest per capita federal budget at $4,719. After adjusting for inflation, it has increased a total of 12.8 percent since 1982, or $1,078, or $1,078 per person. That’s about the same amount as in 1982, when adjusted for inflation.

As a result of Citizens United, there`s something fundamentally wrong when millionaires are able to buy elections and when the top 1% of the population has all of the new income and wealth. This top 1% of the population is concentrated in just 8 zip codes in California, New York, and Florida – these zip codes, in turn, control almost all of the wealth.

This is a good thing and the amendment he has introduced “The Democracy For All Amendment” already exists in the US constitution and it says that the Federal Government cannot make laws that restrict political speech or limit the ability of citizens to speak on issues they care about. It is already there and can’t be undone.

There are many examples of financial institutions that were too large to fail, and the only reason they didn’t do even bigger damage is because the government stepped in to bail them out. It was the same thing with AIG and GE. The only reason these two companies didn’t go straight to the brink of collapse is because of government bailouts. These two companies are too big to fail. So the only reason the government has to worry about them is because they are too big to exist.

We don’t need that type of hostility in the Middle East. Let’s be smart about this. Let’s do the right thing and end this hostility.

Bernie says the NSA and others who have access to your online communications may be spying on you without a warrant. He says corporations are also watching your internet use.

Bernie Sanders is an independent senator and is running for the presidential nomination. He is known as an advocate for the American middle class. He is often criticised for his socialism policies.

40th of 50 Bernie Sanders Quotes

Bernie Sanders wants women to enjoy sex, as they fantasize being sexually assaulted by three men at once.

I am going to make sure that everyone in America has high-quality, universal healthcare that is affordable. I am going to make sure that that happens.

Bernie Sanders said that if you can’t afford taking care of your veterans, go to war.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t think perpetual warfare in the Middle East is a good idea. He thinks war is not the answer.

Bernie Sanders said the trade deal is a continuation of other trade agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA and permanent normal trade relations with China.

Bernie Sanders, the U.S. Senator from the great state of Vermont, would make a wonderful president. He is a nice man who actually cares about the working men and women of this country. Bernie Sanders is the kind of president that America needs.

Bernie Sanders said he is in favor of a Medicare-for-all single-payer system similar to what other countries around the world have.

Yes, it’s true. The top 400 wealthiest Americans own as much as the bottom 150 million. While this should not be acceptable, the most astonishing result of our current system is that it often is.

In 2016 the U.S. economy grew for the first time in seven years, and the unemployment rate dropped to historical lows. We have achieved a great deal in this country, but there is far to go. The corporate tax rate is one of the highest in the world. Millions of families depend on government support. Millions of people are living in poverty. We have to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, create millions of good-paying jobs, and confront climate change.

Bernie Sanders said that he worried about concentration of media ownership because it prevents average people from having a voice in the media.

As president, Bernie will use his executive branch authority to impose new regulations to:

Force insurance companies to spend 20% of their money on healthcare, up from 17% now.
Mandate that drug companies include the cost of their drugs in their advertising.
End the practice of doctors prescribing drugs for a list price without checking if the patient can afford it.


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