40 Of The Best Pamela Stephenson Quotes

I loved that first quote by Pamela Stephenson saying something about our hearts never change. I love that.

Pamela Stephenson is a New Zealand psychologist, writer, and performer.
The other things that happen to us are just the same.

She is most popularly known for being one of the best comedians and actresses in the 1980s. She has acted in many widely celebrated television series like Saturday Night Live and also had a starring role in the acclaimed movie ‘Superman III’.

Pamela Stephenson was a singer and pianist born in 1945 into a family with a long history of musical success. Her father was also a singer, and her sisters Elizabeth and Margaret are also renowned singers.

40 of the Best Pamela Stephenson Quotes

I’ve written my books for my family. My husband is my best friend and has been the most insightful critic for my latest projects, and he’s even given me constructive criticism. He’s been a part of my work for years.

Many scientists are quick to point out that the world-famous ghost-busting group, The Society for Psychical Research, would be quite skeptical of the story.

Tony Curtis is a big star. I’ll be blunt with you. He’s a movie star, but he’s a real actor, and he’s brilliant. He’s got a great sense of humor and a great, deep voice. And he was honest with me, and he told me that if he had to be anywhere in the world, he would choose Australia. That was one of the first times I got to look into his eyes. And that was the first time that I realized that I would do anything for this man.

She claims she is a well behaved person and never did anything bad, so it is not natural to discuss anything about her past. But the fact that she lied about it in order to get the job is strange.

If you look at celebrities you will find few that are not willing to say something good. Even the worst criminal lawyer will speak about his client, just to save his reputation. Most celebrities are always willing to say nice things, even if not true. But it is still more rare that a celebrity is not willing to talk about a situation he is involved in. And they always tell this “official” story to protect someone else.

Pamela Stephenson said that she prefers to talk to people after someone tells her something bad.

The two main differences between a comedian and a depressed person are that a comedian wants to be funny all the time, and the depressed person wants to stop being depressed.

10th of 40 Pamela Stephenson Quotes

I have been doing this for over 40 years and I have had the misfortune of being married to a comedian. I have to say that as a parent it is easier to do this now because you don’t want to give up so many hours of your time.

While we all have sexual dreams, they are rarely about sex. We usually dream about people we like, who like us. We may dream about meeting someone special.

The quote was originally from the book “The Girl With No Name” by Nancy Mitford, the sister of the author and a prominent political figure.

I am passionate about life, and I am brave in the knowledge that I have no control over my life. I am afraid of what will happen to me in the future. I am courageous in the knowledge that in some matters I can do nothing to change the course of the future, but I can change my life today.

Stephenson was asked if she considered herself to be a straight guy. She said no, she is her own person and she has her own opinions. She was asked if push herself forward or not. Stephenson said no because she makes her own decisions and she does not want to be dictated by anyone.

The mid-life crisis is a very complicated issue. It’s been brought about by the fact that men in the working class have a very different view of the world than say wealthy white men. And it has been defined in such a way to include an unhappy emotional crisis to those who aren’t comfortable in their own skin. It’s become an accepted label but I don’t like it.

When I feel myself being flooded with stress and anxiety, I find it really helpful to let go of expectations and self-imposed rules and just be present with my feelings. This allows me to reconnect with my authentic self and be less likely to go into stressful behaviors.

This is not a particularly good one because when an author has “objective” qualities it is because they have an awareness of the flaws and shortcomings of their subject. For example, the author of a biography is very very interested in knowing more than they write about because they are interested in the subject, and not “objective” in the sense of “apolitical”.

I can’t think of many jobs where you could say that objectivity is a prerequisite.

I have been in abuse, and I know how it feels to suffer alone. I was the only child in the family, so I am thankful to have a brother/sister in my life.

20th of 40 Pamela Stephenson Quotes

When she was a child, Pamela Stephenson used to play at the wharf of Sydney Harbour, where the boats would come in and out. She watched the people on the boats, how much they were in love, and just how busy life could be. She felt drawn to these ‘boat people’, she was fascinated by their lives and their stories. And so she moved to New York, and took a job with a publishing house.

I think it’s very important to be protective of interviewees in the editing process. It’s important that people get a chance to defend themselves against bad reporting or a reporter not being fair. A lot of editing is just a matter of protecting people.

A number of erroneous biographies have been written about Billy and both of us thought it would be good for there to be a true one.

It’s possible that those who can’t manage to produce a funny or interesting comedy routine will turn to alcohol to avoid the experience, and they’ll come to feel depressed because of it.

Pamela Stephenson had been interested in psychology for a long time and she wanted to do a higher degree. She says that she wanted to do a higher degree as well.

Psychotherapy will be more productive if one is present as a witness of the inner world of the patient and allows himself to be affected. One can also become a subject of the patient’s suffering and get the patient to express what is painful to him.

When she had the chance to go to Europe Pamela was very excited and thrilled, but she was also very scared and she did not know how to feel happy about it. But when she arrived in the UK she was very shocked and overwhelmed by the differences in the way people talked and looked and the way they did things.

After an early career in film, Pamela Stephenson became a famous Broadway playwright.
In her autobiography, she described the difficult birth of her husband David at a time when he had a heart condition. She said there was a special challenge in describing the awful childhood of a person who happens to be my own husband. It was very painful at times, for both of us.

I’ve had this experience recently. A very senior client came to me with this expectation. I could have gone along with it for a while, but I knew it was just ego. So I tried to correct it, and I could see the effect it had on her.

When I see physical signs and verbal giveaways, I know that the official story is not true.

30th of 40 Pamela Stephenson Quotes

I find it unlikely that a woman who has so successfully created her own path has ever considered writing an autobiography.

We didn’t set out to be educational – though I think we’ve all learnt something from discussing it! We are all curious and open-minded, and can sometimes agree, sometimes disagree. We’ve been very lucky to have some amazing guests join us over the course of the series, and hope to continue to do so.

I’m not an animal person, even though I have a couple of dogs. But I don’t think I can say that I don’t like animals, because the only time I can remember feeling really, really sad is when a cat’s fur got burned off. And the only time I can remember being really, really happy is when a puppy’s fur did get burned off. So maybe I do like animals.

People can do this at home, all the time. Think about it. How many people watch cable TV shows at home and feel like they can do what you do on a stage for an audience? Not many.

The notion of a contemporary epiphany for Pamela is something exciting because it’s biblical-based and something that has happened to people in other centuries or in the context of religious experience.

I was really sick and in pain for a really long time. It was almost a week before I even started to feel like I was getting better. I was so exhausted and really miserable.

I would be hard pressed to think of a licensed psychologist who has not had at some point in their professional development some erotic transference or some feelings of attraction with patients. In my training, I was taught that was an integral part of the therapeutic process.

I take it this is about the feelings and fears that are so strongly connected with eating disorders. I think that anorexia is like a mask, a way of hiding something else.

Pamela Stephenson was the publicist for the late Joan Rivers and worked for her for over 20 years. Stephenson became Rivers’ publicist in the late 80’s but was fired when Rivers became a household name on the Tonight Show, which led to a few appearances on the late night talk show circuit. While working for Rivers she was often the on-air moderator and did most of the talking on-camera. During the last decade of her life Rivers was an open book and her candor was legendary.

If Pamela is still not satisfied with her husband’s career choices she could always leave him and be a successful solo artist.

I know that Pamela is not only a brilliant writer, but also a brilliant performer. I think that part of her job is to help people out when they are having a bad day. There have been times that Pamela has taken it upon herself to help people with their stories and those moments have become a real part of the show.


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