50 Famous Ben Shapiro Quotes

That’s a tough question. The last one I posted.

Ben Shapiro is a conservative political commentator, lawyer, and radio host who is best known as the founder of The Daily Wire. He was born in New York City on December 18th 1989.

He is one of the most popular conservative writers and commentators. He is regularly interviewed for all major outlets. He is one of the most well-known conservative commentators of his generation today.

Ben Shapiro is known for being conservative and being a pro-Trump conservative
That’s an understatement.

50 Famous Ben Shapiro Quotes

Retirement is a time to relax. Everyone in their life is not a workaholic. There are cases where people retire at 55 and they are busy the rest of their life. But retirement is a time to relax, to spend time with your family and friends, and to enjoy your life without having to worry about a job.

The Obama administration has refused to answer questions regarding who’s responsible for the killing of Osama bin Laden, but Vice President Joe Biden has finally opened up about it on national television.

 It is a fundamental tenet of liberal democracy that one should be allowed to do almost anything he wants as long as it is not hurting others. The government is only enforcing freedom of speech because it has to because it cannot enforce social justice.

Texas is a reliable red state. That’s one of the reasons Texas has such a great economy. And it’s one of the reasons Obama was so surprised when Texas voted for Rick Perry as Governor. Obama thinks he should have known that people in Texas didn’t vote for him in 2008. If Obama had done more campaigning in Texas, he would have known better.

Ben asks a great question, there is no logic behind Presidents Day. It can be summed up as: because some people want it to be. As for why they want to celebrate a holiday for Lincoln and not Washington, the answer is simple…because they do.

As the sun sets and people are making merry, others will be making a note of who did what and what they did not. There is always a group of people out to grab your money. If you are highly educated, ambitious or successful, you will be singled out because it is easier to take from the educated and successful. This will be done by first making them think that they are to blame for their success, but of course, it is all the government’s fault. While no one is going to “come and steal your success away”, your money can be taxed or restricted to a degree that will be unbearable.

The Soviet Union was not an example of free markets — it was a state owned, centrally controlled totalitarian state. The West embraced bigger government, and weaker social bonds, because the Soviet Union collapsed under a crushing debt. The US embraced free markets, because it was a capitalist country.

Ben Shapiro is a Jewish conservative intellectual who is very popular in America. He is very popular because he knows how to make a controversial comment that sounds reasonable. His article is about how socialism and capitalism are opposites and how it is a good thing that one is better than the other.

10th of 50 Ben Shapiro Quotes

The greatest obstacle to a collective welfare state is not the greed of the many but the private charity of the few. More than that, the greatest obstacle to re-education of children in the name of the collective is allegiance to a higher power. More than that, the greatest obstacle to the state as god is an actual God above the state.

vaccines are good and have dramatically decreased the rates of childhood diseases.

Religious people think people of other religions are immoral because they think what they have is superior to what they don’t have. Religious people think what they have can’t be as good as what people of other religions have.

The problem with socialism is that, when society has no future, it will turn to socialism. The only way to assure your future is to understand the free market and how it encourages competition, innovation and entrepreneurship.

You can take the story of Noah literally, though virtually every Near East ancient civilization has its own version of the flood story, including the amoral epic of Gilgamesh.

The press has been very aggressive against the Trump administration as of late. They also want Donald Trump to have been honest and effective as a commander-in-chief. He will not be given the opportunity to do that for four more years at least.

Since the Obama administration took office, President Barack Obama has had two major policies that have greatly improved the lives of millions of Americans; the stimulus package helped restore the economy by putting more money into America’s hands and the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) has made healthcare affordable for all. I’m a huge supporter of President Obama and I am proud to have fought with him to create these policies.

Capitalism is a social system in which individuals pursue their own selfish interests and engage in free markets to get what they need.

Socialism is a political, economic and social philosophy in which economic production is controlled by the state.

In the Noah’s ark movie, the animals have to live together. It’s a story of how God and nature created humans to live together. The Bible shows that there was a time when people lived in tents and caves, and when the animals were not in the same room with them.

This is one of the most idiotic statements I have ever heard. The fact is that Congress is full of the worst people in America. They are rich, they are arrogant, and they feel above them. They have no sense of place in the community.

20th of 50 Ben Shapiro Quotes

There is an obvious logical fallacy in this statement. Ben Shapiro does not have a complete understanding of the history of Arab-Israeli relations. For example, Egypt and Jordan controlled Gaza and Judea and Samaria until 1967.

The number of blacks murdered by whites is low. (I’d argue even lower than the number of whites murdered by blacks.)
There is a huge difference between an ordinary white person being murdered by someone who looks like them and the same person who is murdered by someone who is black.

And to be clear, the vast majority of murdered whites are murdered by other whites. That’s why there’s no national outrage when a white person is murdered by a black person: it’s not evidence of some underlying black violence problem directed against white people.

The separation of church and state was meant to protect the government and church from the state; a government that declares religion off-limits in public life is a government that declares itself supreme over all religious values.

This is the most extreme example of the idea that religious people are more likely to hold conservative views on social issues. While I agree to an extent, I would have to say that the most extreme examples of this, are people who, for whatever reason, are actively trying to destroy religion for themselves and others.

Well that’s bullshit. Web browsers can’t control what users see, and sites using javascript can’t control what users do. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Gmail have been using javascript for much longer than the internet has existed. There are already dozens of applications that provide a web browser for the Mac, or Linux, or Windows, including ones that run on the iPad.

University professors who are uninterested in serving the student body are likely to be uninterested in being critical or even aware of their students. This means that they are more likely to be intimidating and hostile towards those with opposing viewpoints.

Putin is a real life cartoon character, he’s an uber-macho former Soviet thug who runs a massive, expansionist kleptocracy. He stages photographs of himself riding horses bare-chested and hunting tigers. His enemies are being poisoned with radioactive material.

During the Great Depression, unemployment was extremely high. This meant that a lot of people were either unable to find a job or not paying for their own food and shelter. In other words, a lot of people were at risk of being raped, robbed, or murdered.

This is the perfect description of what liberals want to call American style living. They have no understanding of how productive people live.

The USA is built to make sure there is opportunity and opportunity is created by having the rules and regulations in place to make sure that there is no way for people to fall through the cracks.

30th of 50 Ben Shapiro Quotes

I hate to admit this, but Shapiro is correct. The Republican party in general are far more concerned about getting the government out of the marriage business than they are about abortion. They have a major problem with government intervention in marriage, as opposed to a minor problem with it being too small. And if you want further proof of this, look at the number of conservatives who still support DOMA.

As usual, Ben is wrong. The show started its run on A&E because it was a ratings hit and the network has already confirmed that it will go forward. (I actually think that the show is hilarious, but I also realize that I’m in the minority.)

On that note, the best I could do for the other three was to use the original. It is not entirely accurate, but it’s close enough to make my point. If you’re going to nitpick, at least provide context that justifies your criticism.

Obama inspires a bizarre personal loyalty among his advocates, particularly young people who should by all rights be concerned with their fading futures and collapsing prospects.

The Obama administration has been involved in the government’s health care decisions and has controlled all of our financial information. The NSA sees everything else.

The Fourth Amendment is clear that searches and seizures must not be unreasonable. It is difficult to think of something more unreasonable than searching the private phone records and digital information of citizens who are suspected of nothing.

The president has proven his ability to lie to congress more than a few times, and Ben and his fellow Republicans are just a bunch of hypocrites who can’t get over the fact that they lost. That’s why they’re always complaining about everything the president does, no matter how small. The truth is that Obama has taken a whole lot of crap from the Republicans for a good portion of his presidency, even if he’s had to give in a little bit.

The Obama administration has constantly granted special access to reporters who will give him favorable coverage.

American liberal arts universities are safe zones for leftists. They are protected ivory towers for the pseudo-elite who earn their livings writing papers nobody reads about gender roles in the poetry of Maya Angelou.

President Obama has been delaying the deadline for health care to be implemented until he leaves office, so that he can still implement it if he wins another term.

40th of 50 Ben Shapiro Quotes

If you want to make sure that they don’t have any consequences you have to do what Obama did. He could have said that people who were involved were not going to face criminal consequences and then he could have made sure not only that he wouldn’t face any consequences but that even if they did face any criminal consequences that he would see to it that nobody else in his administration would be held accountable either.

This shows that Shapiro doesn’t read the actual text of the laws. The Obama administration is not responsible for violations of the Arms Export Control Act, the Espionage Act, and IRS law in the case of the “targeting of conservative groups.” The Obama administration is only responsible for the actions of its employees acting in their official capacity. The Obama administration has violated nothing more official than a number of laws governing the U.S. and U.N. arms trade.

Professors tend not to be very individualistic people, so they tend to defend tenure as a way to protect their own individualistic thought.

In March 2015, the United States and the Iranian agreed on a deal with the Iranian government to lift a number of sanctions against Iran. This agreement came a month before Obama’s re-election, in the midst of his popularity-rating was around 40% and in fact, in a Quinnipiac University national poll, nearly two-to-one (59% to 28%) of voters were against the Iran deal.

In April 2015, the deal was criticized by the Trump campaign on the day the agreement was finalized. Trump criticized the deal in a tweet as being a bad Iran deal that was approved by the Obama administration.

American enemies can sense that the United States has no will to fight against them, and this will lead to more problems.

When Ben Shapiro was 16 years old, he was arrested for vandalizing a synagogue, and his mother sent him to the Jewish seminary his father had attended. He was so committed to the Orthodox tradition that he was still in rabbinical school at age 35.

This is only half the story. The real story is that the Democratic Party and its allies have been the leaders of the secularist project. The Republicans, while on the wrong side of issues like abortion and gay marriage, had the courage to oppose the secularism that is now destroying our country. Democrats, with their embrace of sexual liberation, cannot be trusted to defend the rights of the unborn or traditional marriage.

What we have today, and what we will probably have to live with for at least another generation, is a nation that has been transformed into a land where religious liberty is a dirty word and secularism is triumphant.

I’m proud of these freedoms, and I love the Constitution, and what it means is the freedom to not like me.

People in the Muslim world would like to kill Jews because they believe that the Jews are sub-human.


I’m going to take a different approach to this one – an analysis of the structure of the words that are being replaced.

The argument that gay marriage doesn’t affect straight marriages is not a ridiculous red herring. Religious groups will come under direct assault as federal and state governments move to strip them of their non-profit statuses if they refuse to perform gay marriages.

This is a false argument. In the Marxist understanding of socialism being put forth by Bernie Sanders, no government is able to provide the free access to all services.
In fact, the main focus of the socialist system is to provide the freedom of the individual to access resources and services within a community. This allows for the best allocation of those resources and services that need to be provided.
Bernie Sanders has a different view of socialism; he believes that the people should be able to do for themselves that they can’t accomplish within a capitalist environment.


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