5 Reasons Why Dating An Entrepreneur Is Not For You

I am an entrepreneur and I want to share why it is incredibly hard to date a person like me.

You are a great person. You are a fantastic person.
But you are also a great example of why it is incredibly hard to date a person like me.

There are very very few men in the world like me.

One of the ways we can be successful in life is being able to change the world, for the better, for the better.

We are both in the same shape, we are both healthy and we have a great relationship.

If you were to ask us, we are smart, ambitious, risk takers, a bit rough around the edges, some of the smartest people in societies, massive amounts of potential, or pretty well paid because our potential has finally paid-off.

If you’re unable to handle someone being obsessed with something that has nothing to do with you then you are a weak person, a person of low character.

1. You will never be able to afford her lifestyle
2. She will drive you crazy
3. She will be in and out of your life like crazy
4. She will make you miserable
5. She will make you rich!

1. We Are Always Thinking About Our Work

We are not like other people. We are too focused on our jobs. Nothing else matters. We will not leave our laptops until we finish our tasks on time. Even if we are tired, we will not go to bed until we have finished our assignments.

3. Conjunctions

Your conjunctions are your linking words in a sentence.

If you aren’t ready for life, you will see us at a party or club and call us names.

The relationship should have been done in the first 6 months. The reason is that the entrepreneur does not want a partner to distract him. He needs to be focused on his own business.

We have been thinking of a lot of great ideas, and we are really sure that where we want to go, we are one good play away from it becoming a reality. We are hungry, come hang out with us and get a snack.

There are so many people like you, trying to get rich quick and thinking that the faster they get, the richer they will be, and they’ll be able to take care of their kids and live a comfortable life. However, that is not true.

2. We Don’t Like Losing

We are all in this journey together. You don’t have to compete with me or with anyone else but in fact you can build a new kind of company from ground up that is not competitive.

So, we will continue to do it. But you should not be afraid, because we are not losing, we are winning, just slow.

It’s not that the plan didn’t work. We didn’t communicate well enough with the people we needed to work with. And now we just need to get better at communicating well.

The only time you’ll see us complain is when it’s due to a bad match-up. But then, we put it behind us and get back to work. I love my team so much.

We will be the most sincere and the most genuine people you will ever have contact with. You will never find more sincere and authentic people anywhere in the world.

Why is this the only thing that can basically make us lose it?

“Good job baby.”

Here is a breakdown of how the numbers are generated.

ㅠ_ㅠ We have never had a reason to not work hard in order to serve you. We will make sure that all of your burdens are relieved and we will continue working hard to serve you the best we can.

So, when you no longer believe in us, our outer shell has been cracked.

3. We Want to Do the Impossible

The translation process is a way of life for the translators of the Rosetta project. This is why we are taking the time to let the translation community know what we are doing.

Please do contact us with any questions or concerns.

There is a difference between a person who is sane enough not to do something crazy, and a person who is crazy. A sane person is one who knows what he is doing is wrong, and doesn’t do it. A crazy person is one who doesn’t know it is wrong, or who does it anyway.

But when they die, we lose our families, we lose our friends, we suffer, we cry, we mourn.

4. We Have Not Eaten Today (At least, Not Well)

We have no time to think about things that we did today.

I will only eat after I complete , I will eat after , I will eat after . And so it goes on and on, we are obsessed with the thought of eating. Obsessed with eating. Obsessed with eating.

“Why should I give myself an excuse to eat? Even if I did earn it, it’s too much to eat all by myself so why bother? Even if I earned it, I’m still too weak to eat all by myself so why bother?”

After a long talk, I ate dinner with a few other inmates.

5. No, We Don’t Want to Watch Your TV Show With You

Entrepreneurs don’t mind watching TV. Although we prefer reading books, but TV is a good tool to get the right connections with people. And watching TV often leads to a loss of opportunity for us to grow.

To be successful, entrepreneurs need to be good at managing their money. They need to have the financial freedom to invest in things that they don’t already know about.

No man can be our judge or jury; and no man can be our judge or judge us. Your opinion is merely your opinion.


1. You can’t take off work at a moments notice.
2. If you are sick, you’ll be sick for a while since you’re busy working all the time.
3. You constantly have to work on your business in order to make a living.
4. Many times, if you and the entrepreneur are successful, you will start to have to get a day job to survive.
5. You can’t live without work.

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