30 Keith Ferrazzi Quotes From Never Eat Alone

Never Eat Alone is a book written by a guy called Keith Ferrazzi. It’s pretty good. It’s about how this guy Keith went from being a big shot in the Fortune 500 to being self-employed and successful.

“Never Eat Alone” is one of the most classic and best books that every individual should read. The book has many amazing principles, however I believe that it can be very dangerous for young people to start using this book as they may be influenced by the wrong people and become fake.

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So, does it work? If you’re wondering whether this book is worth reading, check out 30 Keith Ferrazzi quotes from Never Eat Alone.

30 Keith Ferrazzi Quotes From Never Eat Alone

Working with people in a professional setting. If you are not careful this could be a very dangerous strategy.

The point of doing business is to make money to support your family.

I found that, when I was building my network, I would be able to find great people to work with. My network is an extension of myself. I am the network.

People need to feel significant. It is what makes them feel happy and valued. They want to feel like they matter. They want to be important in the eyes of the people around them.

 I have a lot of different philosophies about how to build a business that is grounded in people.  This one is based on the idea of “connecting is one of the most important business- and life-skill sets you’ll ever learn.”  Why?  Because, flat out, people do business with people they know and like.  Careers–in every imaginable field–work the same.

The number of networking groups and networking events today seems to have skyrocketed, but it has mostly been about networking for the sake of networking, not really in service of making other people more successful.

The pie gets bigger for everyone when we each share our ideas because this increases the value of the pie for everyone.

You may have read in one of Ferrazzi’s books how he was very rich and successful after a failed career as a music executive. I haven’t read them, so I don’t know if he made more of himself after his success as an executive or if he never made more of himself at all. I do know that he’s still very successful, so maybe he just decided that life is more interesting without the stress of being rich and successful.

Keith Ferrazzi says that in order to be successful, your interactions must be governed by generosity. You should be prepared to give before you receive and you should keep your score at a minimum.

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There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best in the world, as long as you know that doing so also makes you be the best for the world.

We work in the same type of careers. So much of the careers landscape is navigated via a career path. You can define your career at one point, but the landscape may change and change you.

You can build great software and create a great company, but if you don’t have a compelling story to tell, you’ll never get any traction. The more people you know, the more opportunities you will have.

Organizations are not very effective when it comes to changing their own culture. It is important for senior leaders to have an impact on the culture of the organization.

We can encourage our employees to think more positive about the organization, if we know the cause and effect of why they think. By doing this, it can cause them to also change their mindset about the organization.

Being an entrepreneur is a very high stress occupation full off hours and you have to be willing to put in so much work.

I would add that it is also important to know your “weaknesses” as well. The people you know will determine who you are, but you also have to know yourself.

I think that in some ways we are hungry for meaning, but we should not be greedy. You have to be selective in everything you do. And it all has to have meaning. You can see how meaning is important to what the leaders are talking about.

It is not what we do but who we are in relationship to other. Every human being is a relationship. We are always in relationship with other. Every human being is part of an ecosystem. Every human being is in relationship with other humans, animals, environment, and so on. We cannot isolate ourselves and think we own the world. We are always in relationship with the rest of the universe. It is how to be a part of the ecosystem. We have to be a part of relationship and be a part of relationship with other people. We have to be a part of the relationships and part of the ecosystem of the world.

In his 2014 book, “Never Eat Alone: Why You Should Share Your Food and Other Secrets to Wealth, Love, and Happiness”, Keith Ferrazzi advises employees of companies like Google to have a network of ‘lifer friends’. A network of friends is key to building your network. You can be part of a network that has ‘lifers’ and your ‘taker’ colleagues.

It seemed that I could not tell the difference between someone with a CPA and a CTO. Audacity was often the only thing that separated two equally talented men and their job titles. It was the same with the words “Director of Engineering.” It is a title that does not apply to anyone, and, therefore, no one ever got the title, but everyone expected to be considered for the title.

People are influenced by you, and how you treat them. You can’t just walk around assuming you have the right to treat people badly. You have to treat others with honor, respect, and integrity.

There are two types of people in this world: risk takers and people who prefer safety. There is no such thing as mediocrity, because there are no mediocre people. If you want to be successful, you have to be a risk-taker and try to take every possible risk you can.

The author is a motivational speaker, consultant, and best-selling author. His life’s work is to help people become more successful, build relationships, and reach out to people.

I’m not sure how you would paraphrase this, but you could always say that the author is saying that if you plan your life, by definition, it is impossible to get lucky.
Edit: Another way of saying this is to say that the author is saying that if you plan your whole life, by definition, you cannot get lucky.

Keith Ferrazzi also said there is a time and place where being bold is the only sensible option.

Loyalty is a powerful force that can only be developed within a close and intimate relationship. It is only through an unbreakable understanding of the other person’s needs and wants that true loyalty can emerge. Loyalty is reciprocal, and the depth of a relationship will tell the true measure of loyalty the other has for you in return.

Some people think that what you are doing is more important than who you are doing it with.

People work with people they don’t like. People are attracted to people they don’t like. People don’t like people who work with people they don’t like. People are attracted to people they don’t like.

A friend or acquaintance shared something with me that was useful. I want to share that with you.

I think this part is just a reference to the last part of an earlier post – it’s still an opinion and not fact.


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