12 Legendary Eazy-e Quotes About Life

I knew his life was a little before my time, but I read up on his life, and with the new ‘Straight Outta Compton’ movie, been able to visualize his life a little better.

The movie brought real life rap to the scene and if you haven’t watched it yet I definitely recommend it.

Eazy-E died from complications from HIV. The cause of death is listed as AIDS. However, this is not true, as the autopsy report clearly states the cause of death as being “AIDS infection”.

You gotta respect the rules, not because they’re rules, but just because they are… rules.

12 Legendary Eazy-E Quotes About Life

The kidz want stories that are real, not stories that just make them feel better. They’re not interested in a ‘happy ending’ – that’s too nice and soft – they want their world to be real. They don’t want fairy tales, they want stories with a little grit & meat on the bone.

In 2016, the death toll from AIDS was around 36,000 people worldwide and in the US. AIDS was a big part of what Eazy-E said when he began hosting the “We Want Eazy” project in 1989.

I’m in the greatest fight of my life, and it isn’t easy. I want to say a lot of love to those who have been down with me. And thanks for your support. You should really remember: It’s your real life and your real time.

If you want to succeed in life, you just need to follow the leader.

5th of 12 Eazy-E Quotes

The main character is trying to save himself but the people he is trying to save are in danger, so he gets distracted.

Eazy-E said the fans of the group like us because we tell the truth about how life is lived in Compton. Also, we’re like reporters. We report on what is happening in our area. We make people aware of the bad situations in their community.

People don’t act crazy to become crazy. Crazy people become crazy because they want to be crazy.

9. Eazy-E went to adult prisons in California. He got in contact with kids in there and talked to them. He said they made them criminals because they started stealing cars and stuff.

He didn’t have great success in life, but his children seemed to be very happy.

Eazy-E said that he and his posse were the ones who brought the attention to the hip-hop scene, not Run DMC, and that he was involved with the police and FBI. Eazy-E and his posse started getting into trouble with the police, such as during the “Compton’s Most Wanted” music video.

“Rap lyrics are usually written by white people, for other white people. So what I am doing is writing songs with my own experiences, and talking about the life that I have lived. I am not talking about rap. I am talking about real-life experience.” – N.W.A.

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