45 Highly Motivational David Banner Quotes

David Banes has an old and bad personality like all Heroes and villains. He even quotes his lines by himself. I think that he has only two quotes and that he has a lot of charisma.

David Banner is a singer, musician, producer, and actor. He has collaborated with other big name rappers such as ‘Krayzie Bone’ and ‘Brad Franklin’. He is also an accomplished magician.

Throughout his life as an artist, Banner has released many albums, including ‘Mississippi: The Album’, ‘MTA2: Baptized in Dirty Water’, ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’, and more.

The following is a collection of the famous David Banner quotes collected over the years. Many of which he has said himself in interviews.

45 Highly Motivational David Banner Quotes

You’re not going to get anywhere if you can’t work with the people who are here. You can’t really go anywhere unless you work with those people and the people we all know as friends, family, business partners, associates … The people who are here and invested in this country.

The problems in the hip hop industry are only a reflection of the problems in the society. It is no different than what is happening with other genres.

If I wanted a man that respected me then I would have chosen one who is more intelligent than I am.

I think that it’s going to have a long-term, positive effect on America. It will definitely “push the envelope” of our society, and I believe it will have a positive effect.

Since David Banner has been in the rap game for 25 years, he is the master of experimentation and he is truly a creative and innovative music producer.

A family of white people had taken your ex-wife and forced her to do things in order for her to be saved from them.

I’m not saying Hell isn’t a place meant for us to Burn, but a person like the Devil is very rare.

David Banner said that the reason why there’s a problem is because we still have the same attitude that we had before.

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Music from the black communities should be given equal respect. Hip hop is an expression of black youth, much like jazz was for jazz musicians. The purpose and value of hip hop is to empower the black community through music.

This is what Barack Obama believes. He wants to destroy this country because he wants to destroy the white race.

David Banner is a rapper from Orlando, Florida. He is best known for his song “Playaz Club” which is one of the top 5 most played hip-hop songs on the radio. This quote comes from that song.

David Banner said that the people that live abroad need to be sure that they return to their home countries.

David Banner is right. Artistes in the industry are doing their part to bring us together. Whether they realize it or not.

David Banner is an extremely work-oriented person.

David Banner started working on music after he completed his last album. He mentioned that he has a lot of upcoming projects.

The only thing you have to understand about comedians is, comedians usually make people feel uncomfortable by exposing their raw vulnerability.

David Banner told us that he wants to change the rap game. That’s why he decided to change his appearance because he wants to be a role model to children.

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The movie is based on a book that was written in 2001 and is set in the US in the summer of 1974 and centers around a white family (led by Bruce Willis) and a black family move onto their property and a murder that occurs. This movie was inspired by the book, but it was made with a modern day feel and an all-black cast making for a very different movie than the book, and it was released in August of 2014.

21. People are going to think this is a reflection of rap music. People live lives outside of the music, even if they are ‘rap fans’.

In the same interview Banner also discussed his experiences in the music industry.

If you suck and he sucks as well, he’s definitely going to show you how bad you suck in front of the whole world.

When it comes to making your beats sound different, David Banner is one of the best out there and this song is some of the best music you will hear.

David Banner says that he feels “blessed” that he has a role in the film that will be starring alongside Samuel L. Jackson.

Faith allows me to feel good about myself, even when things are not going well. I’m convinced that even though life may at times go sideways, or even become really bad, it is going to turn out well.

The record for the biggest crowd for a song by a R&B artist ever was smashed by a British boyband (2Dope Boyz) at the “Live 8” concert. The show was organized by Bob Geldof to raise awareness of the world’s economic problems and it has become a staple in the world music calendar.

I think it is a natural progression, and it has been nudged and pushed for many years. It is now giving way.

David Banner says that they’re not going to change. He says that he looks better than he used to even though he’s always had a big forehead. He’s the one who decides whether he feels OK.

Integration is something that should continue to happen. There is no sense in trying to stop it.

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My favorite record was the first album I made with the “My Shawty” [song]. It changed my life and I was able to get the music I wanted to get out.

When someone sees David Banner they think of the southern state of Mississippi, so I have to make sure that it’s good. And imagine that flavor when someone sees my acting debut was with Sam L. Jackson.

I can honestly say that we have concentrated so much on being kind because it is in our hearts and it is the right thing to do.

I like to think of my style as a little bit of funk mixed with a little bit of hip-hop mixed with rock.

The band was able to form in 2017 and begin gigging under their full name, The Civil Wars, when they were only three years old. The band recently won the band of the year award at the 2019 Grammy Awards, which makes them the first country band to win the prize.

He also told us that he wasn’t going to think about his career until he wrapped production on the film. And he finished production on the film in mid-May.

I’m tired of the media treating this like an issue of gun control or gun rights, it’s not. You have a right to kill someone who broke into your house and terrorized your family to the point where you went to a police station and said call the FBI and they didn’t. The same with this gunman … we live in a world that teaches us to hate, to get revenge, to murder.

There are some people who think that Earth is Hell and just a place for us to learn.

He’s saying that his work ethic is what gets him where he is. He worked hard and prepared himself for the position he was put in and he does everything he can to do the best job possible.

I wanna make them really, really happy.

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David Banner is now the new face of the brand. From an international perspective, it’s a big leap from a single-country to an international brand. He is also in the position of becoming the new face of the brand, which for me is a sign that he should be representing the brand. I will always remember the “LOL” logo, and I will always remember David Banner’s character, but he is now the face of the brand.

He said that if I researched music, the foundation of most contemporary music originates from the South. The natural progression of time and sound, it comes back to the place where it originated from. I think it’s beautiful, and snap is a new movement that allows people to stay current, and allows people to dance again.

It is not often that we hear the words, “I understand these opportunities are not readily available to my people,” but that is exactly what David Banner says. David has an opportunity to speak his words and not only say them, but he makes an example of himself by doing so.

A day in the life of the band would sound like something from a movie, especially since they’re all very similar in personality. This is pretty clear when he says “[the band] took little quirks about everybody’s personality and amplified it a whole lot”.

“When I was living on the east coast, I worked with east coast artists. I got my start with them. I was with the Wu-Tang Clan too.”

The second part of the interview featured an interview segment with Dr. Dre. The following is a paraphrase of that interview.

This might seem like an odd answer, as David Banner has his head shaved pretty much every day, but I think you can see that he is a drummer in rock band, not necessarily a rockstar, and thus he does what he knows how to do best – keep a mirror around.


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