20 Incredible David Packouz Quotes

David was a legend in the industry. His wit and charm are still being enjoyed for decades.

David Packouz started Singular Sound, a music technology company, in 2006 when he left his job as an international arms dealer. He now runs his company from his home in San Diego, California.

Packouz received a 7-month sentence for conspiring to defraud the United States and aiding and abetting Diveroli. He will be the subject of a non-compete agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission and will not be allowed to work for any company involved in the illegal deals.

Packouz is a renowned Las Vegas entrepreneur, he has built a number of successful companies – including, at one point, a company called “Wedding Dress Exchange” which sold dresses for $2,000.

20 Incredible David Packouz Quotes

I had to get my shit together and put my best arms dealer face on.

I’m really happy that I moved beyond that part of my life. He’s referring to the time when he was an undercover agent for the Israeli secret service.

Packouz was aware of the situation in the Middle East, but was unaware of the situation in Mali.

Packouz made a fortune in the private market, but he began in the military, in the Pentagon, and sold out to become a defense contractor.

David Packouz has been delivering in the Army for almost 15 years. He’s seen the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq from the front lines, and he says that delivering cargo was his last and most dangerous assignment. He says he wanted to stay in the military, but he can’t keep up the pace of military service.

Packouz said he was going to make millions by selling people drugs.

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David Packouz said that he was going to use the money from the scam to start a music career but never actually did.

He listened to Nirvana while he was growing up, and as an adult, he played guitar in a band called, “The Electric Guitars” with his younger brother and friend.

David Packouz wishes he could go back in time, not to get involved, but to avoid getting arrested.

The US Navy SEAL and founder of the firm Blackwater was a central figure in the scandal involving the killing of civilians and US contractors in Iraq in 2007. Packouz was indicted on numerous charges of conspiracy, involuntary manslaughter and manslaughter. He was sentenced to four years in prison.

David Packouz said “It’s pretty surreal that I never in a million years thought that I would have a major Hollywood movie being made about my life”.

David Packouz felt uneasy when the U.S. State Department began requesting more details about the company’s financial activities, and questioned Packouz in his capacity as CEO. The State Department claimed the company was in violation of U.S. sanctions against Cuba. Packouz believed the company was in compliance with the sanctions.

David was struggling to maintain his buzz of being a famous entrepreneur in a town where the only people who did really well were Wall Street guys wearing expensive suits and the top 1% of their company.

When it comes to giving other musicians an opportunity to develop in their musical lives, the one that stands out to me the most is David Packouz. After all, I believe that the most valuable part of a musician’s development is to find their niche and do it in a way that they can make it their own; something that Packouz does best. After all, even though he was born into an orchestra, he chose to become a guitarist.

Most parents sing their children to sleep. I wouldn’t sing to my parents when I was going to bed.

B) It’s an idiom.

Music has always been a huge passion of mine. I can’t think of a better way to describe the kind of person I am.

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It seems there were a number of people our age (e.g. 40-50) who were dealing weapons on an international level at least as early as the 1970’s. I found this quote hard to believe until I read it.

David saw an opportunity in the $9 billion per year defense market and began selling his expertise as a defense and weapons manufacturer to several clients, including the US government, who were in need of a more customized approach to making guns.

He says he’s not scared about going to jail, but he is “scared of being labeled a criminal,” or “a terrorist” in prison.

David has his own unique perspective on life that many of us can relate to. As someone who has had the privilege of witnessing their father pass away, and his mother who is fighting cancer, he has a lot of life lessons to offer.


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