40 Famous Armin Van Buuren Quotes

I love the quote of ‘Your Life’s Journey Should be in the Direction of Love.’ That’s one of my favorites because it’s so good!

His music and style are a combination of House, Trance, Progressive, and Techno.

He is a singer and songwriter, and has a style of music that is most commonly associated with a contemporary pop sound. His songs have been described as a blend or the mixture of influences, and ‘a collection of pop and soul’.

He started DJing in the local clubs, and it became popular and encouraged him to start his own label ‘Armind’ which he later went on to release his first album ‘A State of Trance’ which featured collaborations with fellow big-name artists like ‘Tiësto’ and ‘Ferry Corsten’.

Armin Van Buuren is one of the best DJ’s around, and he has a great sense of humor.

40 Famous Armin Van Buuren Quotes

Armin used to do radio show every Wednesday evening, but now the show is online every Saturday. He used to go for run almost every Wednesday and now he does it three times a week.

Van Buuren started making music at the age of ten and he loved it. He became a DJ in the ’80s and has achieved worldwide success and fame.

Armin started out playing rock and roll music, but was influenced by a Dutch house master mixer who taught him about the world of house music.

When asked about his record collection favorites, Armin Van Buuren lists ambient music.

Armin van Buuren was born in Leiden, Holland on March 10, 1980. He is known for his unique sound, which is a combination of trance, progressive and breaks. He is the most popular DJ in the whole of Europe. He is currently based in the Netherlands.

6. Armin’s first time at Ultra was pretty special. After finishing with a set at the Ultra Music Festival in 2010, Armin was invited to perform in the main stage at the next festival that took place the following summer, and then played again as A State Of Trance’s first special guest.

Armin started out playing trance and house music, and he was part of the formation of the Dance Mania crew, he’s also the main man behind Armada, and the man behind the sound of A State of Trance. Armin’s first song was actually “Blue Fear” which went on to huge success.

The Dutch DJ and producer plays various styles of electronic dance music and is known for his innovative remixing skills. He has also worked with several other famous artists, such as Lady Gaga and Madonna.

Armin Van Buuren says that when it comes to mixing songs on stage, he will not play completely what the crowd wants to hear, as it will not be what he wants to play. Also, he says that he does play what the crowd is familiar with so it is easier for people to enjoy the show.

10th of 40 Armin Van Buuren Quotes

 Armin has been one of the most influential DJs in the world for years now. His shows are sold out, and it was nice to receive a lot of positive feedback after the massive success of “Beatport DJ Top 100’s”.

Armin is a DJ and producer who has been DJ’ing since 1994. He has released some of the most popular trance tracks in the history of the genre, as well as some of the most popular records in the history of dance!

Armin is in fact very nervous before a performance, but once he is on stage he seems to not be nervous anymore, and starts performing.

“Armin wants to do a quick nap before going on stage – no wonder he is exhausted. But he’s also got his entire house and his car packed to the gills. He needs a quick nap now, so he can continue his exhausting journey to the next gig.”
If a sentence contains a short-term passive (and it is not a non-active sentence), you don’t need a verb. In your example, it is not necessary to have the auxiliary verb “to be” in the sentence.

Fun is very important when you produce your own music.

“[…] I spent my childhood in the small village of Koudekerk aan de Rijn, close to Leiden. I got a bit of Holland’s small town life, as well as Holland’s big city life.

 I think that one of the most challenging things a DJ must learn is to “live in the moment”. This means that they must stop thinking about the past (which means that they must stop thinking about the future) and just focus on what they are doing right now. This can also be a little bit challenging because people tend to think about the past more than they think about the future.

Armin Van Buuren is not afraid to admit it. He is open about how much he is influenced by what people say about him and the way he performs his music. He also does not mind being compared to another artist.

When it comes to social media, a lot of people are on Instagram at the moment. So if I want to connect with fans and increase the reach of my content, it’s where I have to spend most of my time.

There is no doubt that Armin is one of the most important DJs ever, and he was a pioneer in many ways. When he first started in the early ’90’s he was the first to use a sampler extensively in a mix. He also helped start the first big, rave scene in the Netherlands. He is a true pioneer in the dance scene.

20th of 40 Armin Van Buuren Quotes

You can make anything you want, when it comes to producing, DJing and composing it doesn’t necessarily have to be four to the floor, it can be different and it can be more moody, or more atmospheric.

Armin van Buuren said that balance for him is finding the perfect amount of time between family life, being on the road, and being creative.

Armin Van Buuren had just started DJing, but his residency at the Amsterdam club ‘Amsterdam Arena’ led to him releasing his first trance EP, ‘Pure Trance Energy’. But this isn’t the only landmark for the Dutch DJ. Armin’s popularity was also at its peak during his residency at ‘Amsterdam Arena’.

Armin Van Buuren’s family life, in particular his father’s career as a Dutch DJ, always gave Armin the opportunity to be the DJ of a radio station. His dream of being able to do the same ended in 2016, when he became DJ of Universal Music’s radio station, Radio 538.

DJs used to tour Europe in tour buses, where they could drop the bass like crazy at clubs. They were very important to the scene back then, and the fans knew exactly what was going to be played on the radio at the end of every night. The cos clubs used to be the most important part of the EDM circuit. Nowdays the DJs just head to a festival or even play some EDM at their own home. The fans just come to the EDC or Beyond Wonderland or Ultra Music Festival to get their share of the music they want to hear.

Armin Van Buuren listens to ambient music a lot. It makes him feel like he’s home.

Armin started DJing by bringing his equipment to parties and creating house and trance music when he was young. He’s been making music since he was 11 years old, and the only goal he has in his life is to make people dance.

The majority of our DJ’s are professionals. We are not looking for part time people or hobby musicians at the moment. We have an incredible amount of DJ’s that make a full time living at it.

Armin Van Buuren started out playing at his parents’ parties and his parents supported him in all his endeavors. He started studying medicine and soon enough he was on stage playing. It didn’t take long before he found his own way of doing things and in the late 1990s he released his first record. The rest, as they say, is history.

I’m always looking for new ways to improve myself, because, like Armin says, you never know when something will change your life and my body. It is very important to find something that works for you and that motivates you. I have always liked exercise and working out a lot, because I know that helps me improve my physical condition and mentally I think I am improving a lot.

30th of 40 Armin Van Buuren Quotes

Armin Van Buuren never gets bored flying, especially when he is making music.

At the end of every set, Armin Van Buuren always has a final prediction for the future. In this case, he predicted a future where people would be able to choose their own music, and not be forced to listen to the music the DJ chooses for them.

Every time Armin Van Buuren makes new music, he feels a high point. It’s always a joy to create something new and it’s an accomplishment to share and perform that music live.

Armin started his career at the age of 14. At that time, he was doing remixes for well-known acts such as David Bowie, Janet Jackson and The Backstreet Boys. He was also the resident DJ at a local club called Café de Paris.

The one who is the music DJ. His style of playing and the way he produces his music is really different from other producers out there.

You know, I think that the best thing about DJ culture is that in a way, we all feel like we’re not just part of a genre and culture but we’re part of something bigger than that. I think that’s an amazing feeling for a guy like me, who grew up in the late ’90s with the Internet and the early 2000s technology and a taste for electronic music that just grew into this massive movement in an incredibly short time. It all felt so new, so unique, so different, and, I think, in a way, that’s one of the magic things about DJ culture. It’s so cool – I mean, we’re all sort of brothers, you know? We all love music and we all love each other.

Armin Van Buuren has always had a passion for music. He’s made his career out of it. He’s always looked to find ways to create music that is not just for his fans, but for the world.

It seems that I am being judged on social media because of the way I dress, my hair, and the people I’m hanging out with. I am not one to sit here and tell you to not care or not to judge because I really don’t care. I can’t do much about the judgmental nature of social media because I am all about being myself. I am here to be myself and for people to like or dislike me just because of how I look or act or whatever. This is about me, not about you. I want people to judge me based on my music, my style, and my personality. I’ve always been about that and always will be.

“I started playing trance in 2000, when Tiësto released the track “Agnus Dei”, and it immediately became popular. I always liked that album very much. It was an incredible track. We decided to play that track in our DJ sets since then. We played it all along. And I think that the influence of that track was huge. I think that it really helped to push trance into the mainstream.

Armin van Buuren thinks that studying law is really interesting and that he likes how he’s able to use his legal knowledge for his career. Armin also says that music always has been number one in his heart.

Armin Van Buuren is known for not really showing his feelings, and even his stage name is a play on words between the Dutch word for “dawn” and the word for “night.” However, he has also admitted to being jealous before, and even going as far as to say it was just for show.


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