50 Truly Inspiring Ashley Judd Quotes

There are a small amount of quotes I like, but there are many many quotes I do not like because they are so negative.

Ashley Judd is a renowned American actress and political activist. She is best known for her appearances in top box office movies such as ‘Ruby in Paradise’, ‘Olympus Has Fallen’, and ‘Divergent’.

She has won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama, and Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film Gladiator.

Judd has been an advocate for various social justice initiatives, and has also been involved in political activism. She is a Global Ambassador for YouthAIDS, a global non-profit organization which promotes HIV treatment, advocacy, and education.

Here are some inspirational quotes from Ashley Judd and more famous actresses.

50 Truly Inspiring Ashley Judd Quotes

Ashley Judd emphasized that the empowerment of girls and women is an essential tool to preventing the HIV/AIDS emergency from exploding any further.

Alison Krauss said in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment that she was devoted to Ashley Judd for many, many years.

Self-love and self-worth is very important, and if we feel like we love ourselves and know good things about ourselves, we’re in a much better position to have a healthy relationship with others. In the end, a person with low self-esteem is generally more likely to have a negative relationship with another person, while a person with a strong sense of self-worth is more likely to have a good relationship.

 I have often said that my characters are all hurt–hurt by the people they love the most (and feel) that they deserve better–but it’s not the main thing that draws me to a character. It’s because of the environment they are in and the choices they are making to get through it.

Dario Franchitti is Ashley Judd’s husband and she is very supportive of his career going forward. She is currently on the cover of the latest issue of Maxim magazine.

The New Jersey native started yoga at 15 after her father signed her up for a class and she fell in love. “Being in shape is so important to me,” she said.

10th of 50 Ashley Judd Quotes

I think that having an interest in something and being perceptive of what is going on around you is not only an asset, but it’s a good thing to have.

Ashley Judd says that it is important for society to support the rights of boys and girls.

Ashley Judd believes that only she is responsible for determining if she is in a good relationship with God. She knows that no one else can force her to be happy with him. She decides if she’s happy with him, and she’ll keep it to herself.

Ashley Judd’s mother always dressed her in vintage clothes and had her wear a long wig. They argued constantly over that.

I was reading some blogs talking about Ashley Judd, she’s so cold and how she’s so aloof and how she has a ‘me first’ attitude. And it’s like, “I just don’t buy it”. Because you cannot be that way. She’s not acting like that; she’s just being herself. You know you can’t be that aloof; you have to be the same way in the world that you are off camera.

It’s no secret that music is a big part of the family experience. During the holidays, there are lots of songs and traditions that are passed down from generation to generation.

“The fact that they actually liked me being around was humbling, because Kentucky basketball is a big deal, and I am not the biggest fan – I am just the most notorious one.” I think I am just misunderstood. I like my role as an ambassador and ambassador to women, and just because I am from here doesn’t mean I have to be the most knowledgeable person on everything. I just want to help women be comfortable with who they are and not be afraid to be who they are.

Ashley Judd said that you have so much power to bring awareness, prevention and change.

 The patriarchy is a system which gives power to men over female bodies and female minds. Patriarchy is a system of oppression in which women must compete against men for menââ,,¢s attention and resources. It includes, but is not limited to, economic, political, sexual, social, religious, etc. Patriarchy is also a system in which men do not have to compete for the validation of women. Men must validate themselves all the time; women must validate men all the time.

20th of 50 Ashley Judd Quotes

More than just urban, I spend most of my time in places like the city of Chicago. My husband and I live on our own, so we take our families with us when we travel.

I think being able to perform in different roles is a great skill to have. I think being cast in other people’s movies is a great way to learn how to play roles that you wouldn’t be cast in, which is something that I am very grateful for when I take a part. I believe that each experience I have opens up more doors for me.

Condom use is the only thing that can help prevent the spread of HIV. Abstinence is also important as an HIV deterrent, and I believe abstinence-only sex education is effective when using the “three R’s” of abstinence, correct sexual behavior, and condoms.

The most valuable lesson that I have learned as a writer is to not place any kind of expectation on myself. As long as I don’t place any expectation on myself, then the words that I write will always be just fine.

I was not powerless over my childhood; I am not blameless for what went on in my home. But as an adult, the coping strategies that I learned to help me survive, those became my defects of character. These are the things that haunt me. I am not the cause of my problems; I do not always know my own mind. But I can own my own part in what I have made of my life.

Ashley Judd tells the interviewer: “I was always told I was special. And I was also assured that I had a gift and a purpose.” She also refers to the special nature of child-bearing.

I’m drawn to my life-work as if it were a service to God; and I seek to see it that way, too.

I don’t understand why some people think they can put pressure on someone else.

It has been argued that in the age of information, the art of being a better human being is the art of learning to find happiness in the moment. Meditation practices help, but we would be wise to remember that happiness is a combination of genetics, environment, and our own mental health and mental health is a function of our brain.

It is not possible to be the best that we can be and the happiest that we can be in our present life. We are constantly in the process of learning, growing, and improving, and it is this ongoing process that makes us human. It is what makes us strong. It is what makes us the best.

I think that you just know if you’re supposed to have kids and if you aren’t having kids yet, that’s a natural thing to say. It’s also true that if you are having kids, you should probably start sooner rather than later, but I still agree with her.

30th of 50 Ashley Judd Quotes

I have a responsibility to nurture and shepherd my career. I have the right to live my life without being bothered by people that might not agree with my life choices.

If all of us get busy changing our relationship with alcohol and stop drinking or using alcohol in our lives, it will have a profound effect on our lives, our self-image, how we show up in our relationships and at work, our sense of our worth, value and potential as human beings.

No matter what you’ve done in the past, or how many times you’ve messed up, you have a chance to start again with every breath. God gives you a chance to start over with every breath.

I think everyone can connect to someone on a certain level, and some people can stay friends for a long time. There’s nothing wrong with that though.

Ashley Judd made those remarks on The View on Tuesday. She used the platform to speak out against online harassment and bullying. But her commentary led to immediate backlash and criticism.

I respect the fact that Ashley Judd has an opinion and is willing to share it. It’s unfortunate that we live in this age where you don’t have to be shy about sharing your opinions with others. It’s great that Ashley Judd is willing to share her thoughts and it shows that she has a great sense of humor.

This is very true. I start each day with a gratitude journal with the intention of seeing everything in the negative and also starting my day with a positive attitude. It can be done!

“When I accept a role, I feel that as an artist I have to submit completely to the tutelage of my director. And while I expect to be heard and encouraged and honored, at the end of the day, it’s the way the director wants it.” In other words, her boss is her boss. The director is in charge.

Ashley Judd has no problem cracking herself up and mom is always there to give her a shoulder. Her older sister is quite the opposite, though, and it is this difference in personality that has kept her from being as close to mom.

In spite of the many years of being apart, both sisters now have a deep and lasting relationship with each other.

40th of 50 Ashley Judd Quotes

Ashley Judd said that everything she has done has been personal, important and meaningful. She has done it all for personal reasons.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun with the law, but if you’re going to do a movie or write a book about the law, there should be some reality and truth to your characters’ actions. If you’re going to do a movie or book about a fictional law, it has to be believable to your readers or viewers if they ever run into the situation.

Ashley Judd said you don’t need permission or affirmation to make something of yourself in this world.

I loved working with Ashley and she was a delight to work with. She had a great intensity and energy and I think “Ruby Sparks” is going to be a film that people really care about.

Ashley Judd said that she believes Barack Obama is more powerful than a commander in chief. She thinks that he is a brilliant man and that he has an incredible devotion to our Constitution. He is also able to bloom more in the role of the president she knew he could be.

The Kentucky girls come from the mountains and eat sweet tea. They live in the mountains and they ride horses. They’re all born to be leaders, so they can be the most powerful. And if they do have an opinion, they’ll tell you with a smile on their face.

I am grateful that I was taught to feel. I was taught to be brave about feeling and to not fear the pain, but rather to embrace the feelings and be a better human being because of them. As I get older I am learning more and more about myself and my limits and weaknesses. But I refuse to limit my life based on fear of my own feelings.

What I’ve learned from my parents about success is that money isn’t everything, and that my success doesn’t depend on money. The most important thing is to give your heart and your time to others. I learned this from the stories my parents shared about their times in the military and in Vietnam. I also learned this from Ashley Judd when I first met her.

Ashley Judd believes that the assault on their body images is what conversations about makeup are really about. She says this because women are constantly being bombarded with messages that their appearance and their bodies are wrong, and should be fixed.

When it comes to driving, Ashley is a bit of a slacker. She finds the idea of driving quite stressful. She likes it even less when it’s super busy. Ashley doesn’t have time for distractions.

I agree that it is unfortunate to breed babies with no food, and I hope that one day we can eradicate this terrible problem.


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