35 Unforgettable Forrest Gump Quotes

I believe that each of us has a special place somewhere in the world, where he or she makes the most contribution.

The story Forrest Gump tells is the story of a man who is capable of doing the impossible.

What I can believe is that the trailer for this film has been online for quite some time already, at least since early 2011.

It’s a hard story to translate to movie-language, so we didn’t try. It’s a shame, because the whole thing is really touching and well-written.

Well, first there was a guy named Jack Johnson. He was an African American champion boxer. He fought white champions and was the first black heavyweight world champion. After that black American boxer Joe Louis became the heavyweight champion. He was the first black heavyweight champion of the world. He was a great athlete and he played football, baseball, basketball, and ran track.

If you want to talk about it, fine. If you don’t, don’t.

35 Unforgettable Forrest Gump Quotes

If you ask me, you can’t tell a lot about a person from their shoes.

2. You have to do the best with what you have been given.

A box of chocolates will never be a great diet, but it’s always delicious.

In a way, this quote is self-explanatory. Whether you are a high earner or not, you’ll be making a much bigger income than most folks on their first day in the job. However, there will always be people who make more and are seen as high status, than you are.

I have a friend who is a scientist. He doesn’t think life happens every day. He believes that things only happen by accident. I disagree. I think life is a miracle. We are fortunate enough to have been born. Our planet is a miracle. We are blessed to have a life filled with love. All of the people who have helped me achieve my dreams, even the ones who are now suffering through the worst hardship in their lives, are miracles. We are all a miracle.

Put the past behind you. You are not moving on because of the past. You are moving on cause of the future.

I love you Jenny. I hope you know that I love you. I really, really, really, really, really, really hope I’m getting the hang of this.

“Bubba was my best friend, and even I know that it’s not something you can find just around the corner”.

9th of 35 Forrest Gump Quotes

The most important thing you can do in life is to be yourself. People love you
just the way you are. Don’t pretend to be somebody you are not. This will
haunt you all your life.

I prayed to God, in my heart, that God, in His time, would answer my prayers.

Mama always had a way to explain things, so I could understand them.


Some of the punctuation appears to be missing.

…a whole different world.

You just have to get on with your life and not take all things so seriously.

The rain was so hard and thick it seemed to fly horizontally – like it came straight up from the ground and hit the top of the clouds. It was hard to see through the rain and so it seemed like it was after dark. It rained so hard that the wind began to blow hard and was whipping the water around. At times the wind seemed to come straight up from underneath and then again like it was flying horizontally. It also began to rain at night.

People who live together like me and Jenny get along great.

In short, paraphrase gives an accurate statement of the original, while paraphrasing gives a different way of saying the same thing. In the example below, in paraphrasing, the first and last sentences are different, but what they’re saying is still the same.

There’s no one better at talking about their own life and experiences, regardless of how outlandish they may seem. It’s no wonder Gump has become so well-known over the years.

This is how I feel about the way the world is going.

It’s probably true that, in general, the way the world is going has a lot to do with the way Forrest Gump viewed the world. He had a great attitude, and it really got him out of doing stupid things.

First time I heard the sweetest voice in the wide world was on the playground in 3rd grade when I saw a little girl with brown hair and big brown eyes. I heard her voice coming from a distance and I was drawn instantly to her. There wasn’t any sound in her voice, just pure emotion and that was why I found her so captivating.

People who don’t like your family and friends are your family and friends. And the way they’re supposed to treat you is by treating your family and friends with the same respect that you yourself would have.

19th of 35 Forrest Gump Quotes

You may not know exactly what you are doing at this point, but you are doing it for some reason and there is a purpose in what you are doing. This is a very exciting adventure that you are on. It may not be clear right now, but it is clear how things will turn out. You have been put here to accomplish something.

The quote is not from Forrest Gump, but it’s easy for me to relate.

Mama says that he had magic shoes that could take him anywhere.

“Hi, my name is Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump. I can’t remember where I was born, but I know I was born in a town called Greenbow, Alabama.”

The above examples show simple, syntactic paraphrasing using only ‘s’ and ‘c’ to make the examples more readable and understandable.
Example 3 shows an example of paraphrase using ‘s’ and ‘p’ where ‘p’ can be used to turn a noun into a verb, or to turn a verb into a noun.

It’s a classic quote from the 1995 film “Forrest Gump” that goes with me everywhere I go.

A lot of people are told to put things behind them. But this is my story. In order to move forward in my life I have to find my past and my past will affect my future!

Don’t ever listen to anybody tell you they’re smarter than you.

I’m not gonna say that Forrest isn’t smart. However, most people who have a strong passion for something rarely possess the intelligence needed to do the work necessary to succeed. Therefore, they are often times attracted to people like Forrest who are smart but not interested in the work.

Dying is a part of life. Mama always told me that. I sure wish I didn’t have to.

28th of 35 Forrest Gump Quotes

“Bubba was my best friend” is an idiom/idiom of American English which you can find in many stories. The idiom literally means “of one’s best friend.” It is an adjective phrase that can be used to describe a person or thing that is really close to another person or thing.

In the above sentence, “Bubba” is the name of the protagonist’s best friend.

You can only take so much success and it’s fun to share it with the people who mean the most to you.

When Forrest had a problem, sometimes the answer was right in front of him all along. Like with the missing girl, it was in front of him all along. You just had to open your eyes and look, he learned.

I grew up with that quote. I even had the T-shirt. I had a shirt that said “The Past is a Foreign Country.” It was a phrase I memorized in third grade. But the thing is, I didn’t believe it. I thought it was a bunch of BS until I realized I had to live my life in the past. If you’re still in the past, nothing changes. You can’t move forward.

I’m not entirely sure which author this quote comes from. It is one of the more disturbing (to me) ones. I could have chosen to paraphrase it much more innocuously, but I chose not to do so, thinking some of you would enjoy it.

`Nana Mimi`s magic shoes could take my little family anywhere. `Nana Mimi`s feet could bring me to `Ewa beach and she could take me to `Iolani Palace. `Nana Mimi`s feet could even take us to China. I believe `Nana Mimi`s feet were magic.

“Listen, you promise me something, OK? Just if you’re ever in trouble, just run away, OK?” – Jenny


We have one word each for this in English. When both the original and the paraphrase use the same word, one is “correct” and one is not.

After saying his name is Forrest, Forrest talks about how he could run like the wind blows. He says he was going somewhere, but he wasn’t running.


It’s so cool that this movie has a bunch of these quotes
that are so memorable. You can even share them and be a part of the conversation.

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