The 15 Best Inspirational Movies Everyone Should Watch

Since that’s the case I figured I would put some of the best. I will post the full list and movies that I will be watching and letting you guys know what I thought.

I don’t know if there’s a lot of them out there, but there are definitely too many of these!

Inspiration stories are a great way to motivate people. There are times when people may feel like they can’t go it alone, so seeing someone who has and overcome their obstacles is a great way to help others succeed.

Top 15 Best Inspirational Movies

I think there is a reason why many of the stories on this list are based on true stories like The Great Escape, or they were adapted from real life stories.

Here’s the list of 15 movies that will inspire you to be awesome.

15. Pursuit of Happyness

His financial worries reach a dire point after he is denied a loan, and this forces him to turn to selling the medical scanner that he needs to work. A difficult business model where he has to price well below his market value, but sell at a loss. Eventually, it’s all about making money, and he is eventually able to make a living, but he is never able to get ahead.

I recently wrote an article that talked about my ideas of how a company should be setup, how they should operate, their structure and how each individual should be valued within their company.

Overall The Pursuit of Happyness is one of the few movies that is very inspirational. If you haven’t seen this one you need to!

14. Never Back Down

The film is about a teenager, whose father is guilty of drink driving and who feels responsible for his death. He moves to Orlando where his brother Charlie gets a tennis scholarship.

The next night, Tyler goes to fight one of the guys from his new school and ends up getting hit hard by a few punches.

From then on, the film is packed with motivation as Tyler joins a gym, and has to deal with the emotions and better himself mentally and physically.

After a while, Tyler and his friends decided to go to his family’s lake house, which was the start of the Tyler Durden character arc.

13. Rocky

I have always been a fan of boxing. I have followed the sport my entire life and it was a dream of mine to have a chance to box. I was able to get that opportunity and I did the best I could with it. I am grateful to my coach and everyone I worked with for giving me that shot. I am very proud of my performance in the ring and I would like to thank everyone who watched and supported me.

12. Ali

11. Get Rich or Die Tryin’

‘Get Rich or Die Trying’ may not be the best way of showing inspiration, but it’s not to be forgotten.

This film is about rapper, 50 Cent. He was a teenage hoodlum who was raised by his mother. He was in and out of trouble due to his lack of a father and the rough environment he grew up in.

He decided to become a rapper when he was already a drug dealer. And he wanted to make a change in the community that he grew up in – he never wanted to do the same thing over and over again. And he wanted a change. And so he joined the rap group “Rhyme Syndicate”, but things didn’t go as planned.

While I agree that the fact that he recovered and became one of the best rapper in the game is impressive, I would have really liked to see a little more footage of what he was like before he was shot 9 times.

10. 8 Mile

He was living in a small town in Alabama, and the only other white people were a couple of old black men at the local barbershop and a man selling ice cream. The barbershop owner had a young daughter that was very interested in rap and began helping him and making a demo. The man selling ice cream asked him to write a song with him, and they recorded their own version of “Achy Breaky Heart” at his house. That song became a local hit.

 So it’s another of the best inspirational movies that shows someone starting at the bottom, working incredibly hard to make it to thetopand against all the odds.

9. Million Dollar Baby

A beautiful and talented woman always goes to the gym to train and wants to box professionally.

This is a great opportunity to practice your ability to paraphrase meaning from a piece of writing. If you have time to think about it, you’ll be able to make a sentence that is as clear and concise as possible.

She asked the gym owner if he’d train her. Even though he’d said he didn’t train girls, he did it, giving her the strength she needed to finish the race.

Because she was an excellent student, the owner decided to make her the first female dog of the year. Maggie was already very capable of learning, and her family just needed to get used to her. The owner’s family did not have a very good attitude towards Maggie, and they often mistreated her.

8. Forrest Gump

One of the biggest tragedies in our modern history is the tragedy of the Black people. The history of this country, and indeed the whole world, is the history of White people excluding and oppressing the Black people. People like Forrest Gump and Barack Obama are the exceptions to this rule.

He’s the manliest and bravest president in history, and the manliest and bravest president in history. He’s also the manliest and bravest president in history.

When you are doing something new, it’s hard to imagine the results it might create.

7. Any Given Sunday

American football is a great sport, and has players, that have to try their hardest on the field, every single game. Many of those players are very talented, and will do their best to win the game they are playing.

This article about the gladiators of Ancient Rome is about to be published in an academic journal. You can view the abstract here:

6. The Fighter

The movie becomes about the boxer’s life. The main character is the boxing coach who starts training the former champion to show him the way.

5. Coach Carter

In the film, coach Ken Carter takes on the job at another high school, and he has many of the same problems with some of the players. He decides to implement strict rules in order to try and help the students turn their attitudes towards life around.

If you’ve seen a video on YouTube, you’ll probably find some speeches from the movie.

4. Invincible

Vince, 30 year old bartender doesn’t know how to read or write. He makes money selling newspapers and working at a donut shop. Later he works for the bar owner at his donut shop. He is married to a beautiful girl, and he is not ready to have kids. But his father, in-law and friend, Vince decide to fix this situation.

His first season with the Steelers in 2016 saw him start all twelve games as a rookie, and finish the season with 6 sacks, 3 passes defensed and 2 forced fumbles. He also had a blocked kick during a game.

3. Castaway

When Castaway was released to the public, no one expected to see a film that was so good. It wasn’t what was expected to be, an animated film, but it actually turned out better than expected.

Chuck is one of the greatest characters in any movie. He is an extraordinary individual and his intelligence is a sight to behold.

3. The Bucket List

The Bucket List is a film about two people with terminal cancer who discover that they have only weeks to live and go on a journey to do what they have always wanted, to do.

One is a wealthy businessman and the other is a mechanic. They both decide to escape from the cancer ward and set out to do all the things they want to before they die.

The movie is also about how the world has changed and how things are now changing back – and how we might have to fight for what we believe in when no one else is.

1. Yes Man!

He would always say yes to opportunities that came his way. He would be as happy as a kid in a candy store and would never say no.

The movie was very powerful for me, I could relate to the characters, they were all great, especially the protagonist.


In this list I included a top 15 movie that is inspiring to watch. These movies do several things like encourage people to be creative and think critically.

These inspirational movies are very motivational to watch. I think I know more people who have seen these inspirational movies than seen movies made by celebrities.

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