31 Priceless Kate Moss Quotes

Kate Moss is considered to be one of the top models of all time. She has many controversies and some successes too.

Kate Moss is one of the most influential faces in the fashion world and her fashion sense has influenced many other famous faces.

31 Priceless Kate Moss Quotes

My interpretation is that there is no real truth, but that we use truth to make sense of the world. It is like we can make the truth, but do not know in the end if there is any truth.

The quote from Kate Moss is a reminder that your life is to live. Make the most out of it with a full life. You’re not going to experience it all.

The next three categories are the top 3 that did not win, but were very close.

Moss says that she was definitely living fast and not balancing it by working. She was traveling a lot and not stopping.

A celebrity is someone who is well known and popular among people.

Let’s not get into a pity party. I’m the most successful. Let’s try to think about the things that I have accomplished in my life and how it’s the best revenge.

I don’t like doing things as myself. I like to be made into someone else.

We all know that models like to walk in front of the camera.

Kate Moss would say that she was living the model life as she was in the spotlight all the time. She never had time to think about her own life and had no time to make real decisions.

Kate Moss has always been pretty outspoken about how great her friendship with Victoria Justice is. They’ve even created a “best friends” line together. She has said they talk about everything, even if they don’t agree on everything.

10th of 31 Kate Moss Quotes

Kate Moss has expressed her disdain for long-term relationships through a series of “I don’t want to have children” statements, which are somewhat more reliable than the usual “I’ll be really upset if you hurt yourself” kind of statements. She has said that she will never marry and that she wants to marry for the same reasons she doesn’t want to have children: to keep the relationship fun and easy.

Being a model isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest jobs in the world. It’s always on the road, and you’re never home. I was worried about never seeing my friends and family again.

He wanted to do a video about the whole process of his new songs, from beginning to end, but his manager didn’t think it would get enough views. He wrote out the lyrics on a piece of paper and showed them to Kate, who took over writing everything down. They wanted to make this thing extra good, and it worked.

People have a lot of comments for Kate Moss. She gets judged on her physical appearance, her beauty, her weight, her style. She has a reputation as being arrogant. People are used to seeing a beautiful supermodel and think she must be a bitch because she looks nice.

I don’t know why I’m still in this damn club. There are tons of other drugs out there.

I don’t think having a career as a model is going to be my endgame.

Kate Moss said that she can adapt, she can go to work and do what they want with her. She can take care of herself.

Kate Moss is a self-described perfectionist who has been known to work for 12-hour days. She admits that it took several years of trying to get herself together to get to where she is today.

Kate Moss says that she has a dress-up chest at home. She loves to create a fantasy kind of thing.

If you’re too scared to be scared, you’ll never know how it feels to be fearless.

20th of 31 Kate Moss Quotes

“I thought it was quite vain to say, I want to be a model.” (1) A famous quote from supermodel Kate Moss who said it in 1992.

I’m not really a fashion designer. I just love clothes and have the ability to make them out of random things. I’ve never been to design school, I can’t sketch, I can’t cut patterns and things. I can shortening things, and make a dress out of a scarf.

I’m not traditionally a beauty but apparently, people think I’m alright.

Kate Moss, in a way, is always caught in the photographer’s vision. She is never her own person. She is always portrayed by others. She never truly owns her image. When people say that she is beautiful, it seems that she should be able to say that, but she can’t because it would somehow be insulting to the photographer. This doesn’t mean that she’s a liar. She just never takes control of her image.

What she is saying, is that even when things are getting harder or when you feel like you can’t carry on, keep your chin up. Do what you like, even if it means not wearing the same t-shirt or jeans all the time.

It is quite amazing what I didn’t feel after a while. The truth is, I never wanted to feel things.

The fashion world is all about showing off your inner beauty and giving you a lot of attention. It sounds really corny but I think that if you’re beautiful inside it shows on the outside, for sure.

Sleeping is all about the blanket. Blanket, pillow, and red wine. Always be asleep on a plane.

Being a model isn’t easy, but sometimes being yourself is a good thing.

30th of 31 Kate Moss Quotes

If I was not a model, I would have wanted to be a rockstar a lead singer of a rock band. I would go touring on a bus with my band.

I’m not sure that I want to dress like a walking billboard for fashion.


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