35 Inspiring Marilyn Monroe Quotes & Sayings

This week’s topic is about who is the greatest American actor ever, and Marilyn Monroe is number three on the list.

After the success of Gone With The Wind, the director and actor, Victor Fleming, wrote “I believe in happy endings, but I don’t believe in happy beginning”.

I am proud of what I do, and I try to do things that are very good, and that are honest, and that are true. But the only one that really counts is the work. Whatever else you may do, do your work, and you will be happy.

35 Marilyn Monroe Quotes

I’m going to work for her. Not only did I want to pay attention to everything else they were doing but I had to pay attention to what they said and what they said was about me.

Smile because life is a beautiful thing and there are so many things to smile about.

In life, we make decisions that we believe to be the best at the time. We also learn from our mistakes, but sometimes it is easier to just live without regrets.

Imperfection is beauty. Madness is genius and we’re better off being absolutely ridiculous than totally boring.

A wise girl loves but doesn’t kiss. She listens long enough to understand why her friend is upset, and then she leaves.

In the middle of a conversation, you realize that you’re talking to someone you don’t like very much anymore.

You’re not selfish and impatient and you do not make mistakes. You’re not out of control, and you don’t make tough to handle. You are an amazing person, you make others feel comfortable and you’re definitely not tough to handle.

Wise women know they do not have a limit, they set out to make the best out of the time they have in their life and if they succeed they have no limits.

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Marilyn Monroe said that if you take too much care of others you’re just like them and you don’t have to worry about yourself.

The following year, the character of Marilyn Monroe was played by Diana, Princess of Wales. The character was played at the Palace Theatre, London. The play was performed by the actress Sheila Hancock.

Whether or not you think Marilyn Monroe was great at anything depends completely on who you are. I think I’m great, but you’re probably wrong.

_____ _____, a small person on a big planet, is looking for somebody to love. Her name is Marilyn Monroe.

8. Why are some people considered to be experts?
a. Some are excellent in one thing, while bad in other things.
b. They are good enough to be experts.

All the things that really happen to us are love and work. Love and work are things that happen to us. Marilyn Monroe had a lot to say about love and work.

If a little bad happens in our lives, it may be the beginning of an amazing good thing. Remember to enjoy the moment and be happy.

The quote isn’t exactly from Marilyn Monroe, but it’s still a good quote.

Let’s take a look at some things that are added up to in life:
– Respect.
– Self-respect.
– Respect for others.
– Respect for life.

I don’t believe in lying. You have to tell the truth as well as you can tell it.

If you want to be treated equal to a man, be like a man. To be on equal footing with him, you must work without him.

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Always make sure you believe in yourself. I love how she says it is almost like a mantra. We should all be able to say that we believe in ourselves.

The society we live in is ugly, no one has the right to tell you what you look like. You are perfect the way you are. You are beautiful.

I wish it wasn’t so that people got jealous because of my success. I wish they didn’t care about me because of what I accomplished. I wish that they didn’t care that I have money and a nice home. I wish that they weren’t threatened by my success. I wish that they didn’t get angry that they aren’t as successful as me. I wish I could enjoy my success without seeing everyone else as a threat.

Marilyn Monroe was a girl who found happiness even when she was sad. That’s sad.

Women should be free to live in any community or world. All women need support, and all women need to know they are not alone. When the world is not just a man’s world, women thrive.

I think it is better to be unhappy alone. I see how people are unhappy when they are with someone else, and I don’t think it’s a good thing to be with someone who is unhappy.

Marilyn Monroe was one of the first movie stars to make the transition to the TV star.

There are many things in life to be thankful for, but the relationship I have with my family comes top. I know that this may sound a bit cliched, but it’s because they are the people who always make me go the extra mile.

The best makeup a girl can wear is a cute face with a smile.

I don’t think she meant she would make a better actress than she was or actually was a better actress than she is now. I think she just really liked acting in general.

The line about always having to change your name before they can come for you is one of my favorites. It’s from a letter Marilyn sent to the publicist who said she couldn’t be Marilyn Monroe anymore, because then they would have to find her husband.

30th of 35 Marilyn Monroe Quotes

People are attracted to others who are different from them. It’s true that you don’t necessarily want to change another person, but people tend to find people who are similar to them a bit boring.

A girl is a girl and a boy is a boy and so I would like to say that the only reason why men don’t speak to me is because they are afraid that I might go with them or that they might like me too much. And the reason I don’t go with them is because I know that they are men and they need me or rather, that they love me.

Women are more of a slow starter, they take their time picking a friend, often because they are not sure if they are getting the right friend.

Marilyn Monroe started her movie career at 21 years old, made her name in a series of successful film roles, and then became a sex symbol. She is also known as a troubled actress and died at 36, apparently of a drug overdose.

In times of crisis, a woman’s self confidence and emotional state can be improved with a compliment or two, however, a man can bring her back to reality and put her mind at ease.

It’s a lot harder to tell someone they’re pretty than to tell them they’re not, because they’re used to being told they’re not. The first time anyone tells them they’re pretty, it catches them off guard. It’s easy to fall in love with them.


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