30 Hilarious Kaley Cuoco Quotes

 Her acting skills are outstanding and people that watch her will see her take on almost any role. Her role in the show The Big Bang Theory is perfect for her, she is a funny and a well-matched with her co-stars.

A list of some of the best films and TV shows that she starred in is here.

We’ve put together this collection of Kaley Cuoco quotes because we love a good quote.

30 Hilarious Kaley Cuoco Quotes

Kaley says this more than once. In fact, she says “My parents and relatives don’t understand me” five times.

I’m happy to be here with you, Kaley Cuoco!

Kaley Cuoco talks about the fact that they’re putting on a play and how they have to get 99 people to be able to do it because it’s a small theater.

My goal is not to be the one person who makes you feel uncomfortable. I wish you’d just acknowledge that we had a friendship.

Yeah, it’s not a great outfit for work but something opens up in the hooker and whore department, I’d pay to see that.

In response to an interview question about how she met her boyfriend, Kaley Cuoco said that she and her boyfriend have been seeing each other for two years. It is not clear whether Kaley Cuoco was telling the truth about his profession.

– When Kaley Cuoco asks, “Isn’t this when he says ‘bazooka’ or something?”.

I love this sentence for a second, but only because of the bolded part. In the context of the whole show, however, it just makes no sense as is.

10th of 30 Kaley Cuoco Quotes

Kaley Cuoco is a vegetarian except for fish and steak.


Kaley Cuoco’s character in the movies has a very unusual personality. Sometimes, she seems to be in a different place, but that’s normal behavior for her. She says some things, even though they seemed out of place.

It was something that sounded really familiar. Kaley Cuoco had seen it on TV before and was aware of it.

You know, it makes me laugh when I see Kaley [Cuoco] say something that’s completely different from the way she said it.

For some reason, bikini waxes always make me think of crayons. I’m not sure why. It has to do with the fact that you’re being waxed on the side of your leg. When you get a tuck, you’re being waxed on the side of your thigh.

I never read it, but if you wanna know what happened to Charlie Sheen after the show ended, you can read a couple of articles online.

The women were at the hotel and the men were staying in an apartment.

While walking in public some people are caught without their underwear on. Kaley Cuoco says that what we’re missing is mascara and panties in the purse.

“I believe in saving animals – I think they are just as valuable as people. I want to open my own shelter so I can save many more animals, including three-legged ones.” – Kaley Cuoco

The original is accurate in that Kaley Cuoco has 3 legs. It is also accurate in that she has a dog who requires three legs (i.e. pugs do not have 3 legs). The paraphrase is not accurate and does not convey the nuance of the original, so I would say it is misleading.

20th of 30 Kaley Cuoco Quotes

The star has two favourite things – her family and her fans. She recently told fans some of her family members do not really like her celebrity status but she does not mind.

I think that the kids who are really driven and have a lot of passion for what they’re doing and really enjoy what they’re doing, whether it’s art, acting, or whatever, have a way to fall back on. I think that, having that back up, would be really good. And then, having that other thing as well gives you another choice, if one thing falls through. You can always try something else.

There are a few things I miss about being on set: the late nights, being away from home, and the fact that I don’t care what I eat anymore. I start my day with oatmeal with vanilla almond milk, which I don’t get to eat much of. I avoid the studio food, but I’m not a big fan of the restaurants on set, either. I cook for myself during lunch and dinner.

Horseback riding is the passion of Kaley Cuoco. Besides work, her favorite activity is horseback riding. Because she loves it, she wants to work hard in her life.

You love all music. Right now you are loving Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson.

Kaley Cuoco said that James Garner is like a peaceful river through our chaos. – It’s not about the boat, it’s about the journey.

Kaley Cuoco loves fashion and style, and she is happy to be a part of the industry. She is a model that really loves her clothes and will often wear cute outfits around town during her off time.

The Golden Globes are always a lot of fun to attend. Kaley Cuoco has been doing this for a while and is super used to it. She’s not going to get her hopes up for anything just because she is always so busy. She will just go to have a great time and the fun they have.

29th of 30 Kaley Cuoco Quotes

I don’t know, they should just give an explanation on “What’s the story”
They always say they want the fan’s feedback, so just a simple explaination on whats going on on the show.
That’s all we need.

I don’t like the dog life. It’s too cold and lonely. I’m happier when I’m with my husband.


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