73 Hilarious Larry David Quotes

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Larry David.

Larry David is a comedian and actor from United States. He co-founded the comedy group, Saturday Night Live. David has earned millions of dollars in his career.

In his collection of great Quotes of Larry David we’ve put together the best quotes of this funny actor as he always had a great sense of humor.

73 Larry David Quotes

It is true that Larry David walked around with an Emmy in his pocket during all his trips, but he kept it locked inside his suit coat, in the small pocket on his suit jacket. David has never been a casual guy.

Larry David is very direct about his opinion on his own work, so it was no surprise that he would feel that way about his character, Michael Cera. He just felt the material was way below his comedic abilities.

 Larry David is a huge fan of George W. Bush. While many people would be thrilled to receive such support from the President of the United States, Larry David is probably the most famous man in America who actually has done so.

What we tend to do is concentrate on the small. I am not a person who takes on these big things. What I do is take on small things and make them big.

David, who is always sorry, is also in the market for a new home.

I think that all of us are good and bad, but good isn’t funny. Bad is hilarious. Suppress the good and let the bad out, and then you’ll be funny.

We had a bad experience with thieves, time costs us more than things. We want to avoid the thieves and give more things than time instead.

Larry David is really famous for saying this. He likes to mention this quote in almost every interview with his fans. His fans always love to answer this question.

Larry David was at work and thinking about his family and decided that he needed to return to the U.S. in order to take care of this problem.

10th of 73 Larry David Quotes

Larry David said that he led an empty life for some forty years and now he has the chance to share his heritage and ensure that misery will continue for another one more generation.

Comedic styles change all the time. Look at how often Larry David does “This American Life” now. They were a part of the original format for his show, but they became a part of the joke.

I had to look at myself in the mirror too. I had been the one who kept my mouth shut. But when the time came, I was the one who was going to do it for you.

Larry David was sent to the Vietnam War. This was something only true men could do, and yet, he was sent to a war. This is something that would go on for many years, with many other soldiers being killed. He lived through a really intense time.

Larry David said that he always thinks the worst things are going to happen everywhere, because he is a bad person inside, and so the bad kind of takes over.

It’s hard to have a good time when your family is always criticizing, your neighbors are always gossiping, and your boss is always telling you where to go and what not to do.

I discovered that I was allergic to caviar after my first marriage. I could certainly eat my fill of it.
I discovered that I was allergic to something after my first marriage. I could certainly eat my fill of it.
I discovered that I was allergic to something after my first marriage. I could certainly eat my fill of it.

No relationship is not tenuous and precarious, but this one is.

I’m not happy about your behavior, I’m not happy about the situation, I’m not happy about what you’re doing.

Larry David says he doesn’t really care about people reading about his emotional state. He says there is nothing interesting or interesting to him about how he feels.

20th of 73 Larry David Quotes

[Larry David] said that when he first came to America, he learned that he couldn’t order fish at the IHOP.

When people make you suffer, you learn to suffer as a kind of passive resistance.

If I was miserable being a golf player instead of a comedian, I don’t think my golf playing would have been that much different.

The comedian said that he was at a wedding and had a secret meeting and was worried about it, as his name was leaked to the press.

In his book, The Larry Sanders Program, he wrote that growing up in an apartment with his aunt and his cousins right next door to him, with the door open, with neighbors walking in and out, and with people yelling at each other all the time, helped him to become the comedian that he ultimately is.

I always make every single scene a challenge for myself and then I just try to make the whole thing work.

Don’t be afraid. Try to be happy. Because you’re not just happy, you’re an important part of the group.

Switzerland is a peaceful place where people are not very violent. They like to go skiing and eat lots of chocolate.

Larry David is probably one of the most versatile comedians around. You can find him in any situation on any show he appears on but he’s most comfortable in a situation where he’s able to improvise and make it his own.

I was living in New York when I was 20 years old. I was in relationships with men who were violent criminals, and who would constantly get jealous when I would get in a relationship with someone in their family. I went to live in Paris for a while after that, but I was constantly fighting with shopkeepers and people on the street. I hated New York for a long time because I was scared to go back to what had caused me to leave in the first place.

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I was really intimidated when I first started writing. I thought I had to make something funny that no one has ever thought about before.

An employee is told all the time that the customer is always right, usually a moron and an asshole.

Larry David, in his opinion, is a big star of American culture. He makes us think of the same things and laugh about the same things as other big stars like Donald Trump. He has a personality that makes us think of the same things and laugh about the same things that other celebrity personalities do today. And by using a paraphrase of a quote, we can easily interpret how we can relate to this character.

A little more than half the dialogue in Curb Your Enthusiasm was improvised. And it’s amazing. In fact, the great writer Neil Simon says that he was so amazed by what Larry David did in improvising scenes for the series that he wrote the same thing but better in his new play, Broadway Bound. That show has a lot of great scenes. But it’s not as good as Curb Your Enthusiasm.

This is the man who needs to laugh. I can’t laugh at what is happening to me right now, and I can’t laugh at what is happening to you, and I just can’t laugh at me, and even if I could, it wouldn’t be fair to you.

I wanted to make a living just so I could work on making movies. I wanted to make movies so that people would say I’m a great filmmaker and I’d get to make money. And I was not interested in making movies so that people would think I’m Larry David and I’d get to make money. I was a comedian first.

Talking about the humor in life, it is true that if you speak your mind you will get laughs from others. It is not just funny, but also very therapeutic. Talking about the fact that if you tell the truth it will be funny also gives you a sense of freedom, because you will be able to get things back with humor.

While Larry David is often known as the writer of Curb Your Enthusiasm, he has also shown up as a guest star in several movies and television shows. He starred as a regular on the sitcom Seinfeld for a few years and has played a central role in the movie Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Larry David says that comedy is something that you can learn from your life and make into a comedic joke.

40th of 73 Larry David Quotes

40. Most people don’t have a clue how to breathe; you’re violating their space; and they’ve got no idea that they’ve got bad breath.

David says that knowing people know what he does means that he has more liberty to behave however he wants because he knows he is already accepted.

I hate when my mom tries to add nuts to my salad. I never liked them in my salad, and I always find it strange when she does.

Larry David mentioned that Jews are a little different from any one else.

When you’re in social situations feel free to hold onto your drink. It’s polite and classy. You don’t have to shake hands like those nasty people.

Larry David makes all of us feel better when we can’t see the way someone is acting. His comments make us realize that you shouldn’t judge by appearances.

After I wrote the first four parts of the series, I thought something would emerge that was not quite me but a version of me. I was wrong.

I think that most people realize that they are not the problem, or that they do not need to be the solution. And I think that Larry David is quite right. Because if you are the only solution to your own problems, you are your own worst enemy and therefore will never change.

A quote about making a positive impact on your life and the world. The only thing that makes you feel better is making others feel better.

The comedian told The Huffington Post that he was reminded of his old jokes as he watched a video of his new movie “The Disaster Artist.” In the feature, his character, actor Greg Sestero, talks about the time that he and his friend Tommy Wiseau went to the San Francisco International Airport to meet the then-President of the USA.

50th of 73 Larry David Quotes

I don’t really think Larry David is the one who cares about one decent thing.

I found a good spot to hide out. It was in the back of an alley near the beach.

I’m a walking and talking enigma. We’re a dying breed.

Larry David said that he’s surprised sometimes at how some of his actions are misinterpreted.

It’s never fun to be affectionate around a computer, but it’s not every day that you get to be affectionate around something.

Larry David says that his fearlessness on the track keeps him focused and relaxed on the road.

Larry David says in this video that people don’t yell at actors, they let them continue.

It is the best of both worlds.
If you are lucky enough to be a single parent, you will have to be the best of both worlds.

However, when asked how to make it work, he gave a less-than-desirable answer.

Larry David thinks that the only thing a man can suffer that doesn’t involve a woman is trying on pants.

I have no idea about the details of the quote, but it is clear from the context that it is being talked about as a concept that one can apply to their lives, rather than as a statement in which a specific person has actually applied the concept.

60th of 73 Larry David Quotes

Larry David says that if you’re bald, you’re confident; and if you’re confident, you’re confident with a full head of hair.

 Larry David may have meant that he’s tired of having to sit down and read his scripts.

Larry David is an American actor, stand-up comedian, writer and producer. He has been acting since the age of five. He was cast in his first television series “Curb Your Enthusiasm” in 1999.
Larry David starred in the TV sitcom “Seinfeld” which created the “Seinfeld” phenomenon that eventually led to David becoming one of the most successful comedians of all times.

Life was so easy for me as a child. I had everything I wanted, including a loving family, and great friends. Then I grew up, and now I have to deal with my parents’ stupidity.

Larry is actually one of the world’s foremost experts on golf. He has played over 10,000 rounds in all sorts of conditions and he is the only person to ever play a perfect round of golf on the moon. He’s also a very busy guy. He is the owner of 6 hotels. Larry David also makes and directs movies and television shows.

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most admired people in my life. He has done so much that I would never have been able to accomplish in my lifetime. He’s a hero. I feel honored to make jokes for him. I’m not a stand-up comedian. I’m a stand-up for stand-up comedians.

Larry David says that nobody would want to embrace challenges. However, they can be embraced, and the world record attempts are an example of that.

Larry David said in those days, reserve duty lasted for six years, which was three times as long as service in the regular army. He also added that, to be honest, he was unable to fulfill his obligation because he was attending acting school and his superiors said he could skip the last year.

Larry David has been in therapy. He now knows enough about himself to know that he really doesn’t need to know anymore.

You can keep this up because you have a great way of saying things that people can relate to. It’s really funny and relatable to your audience.

Larry David often says that he plans for a life after Larry David. When asked “What would you do if you weren’t writing for the show?” Dave replies “I don’t think I’d have any idea”.

He’s also quoted as saying that he’s the only one in America who doesn’t want to live in a mixed-race society.

Larry David said that until he started to do standup, he was very gloomy and down.

There is no way I could have said what I really wanted to use this word. I mean how could I say “women love a self-confident bald man”? It is actually a pretty funny, stupid, and idiotic thing to say. Even if it were true, where would a bald man start to get that self-confidence? It seems like if a bald man has to work hard to get that confidence, all that effort would just be a waste of time. I also don’t think that women would love that.


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