30 Eddie Murphy Quotes On Happiness, Life And Worries

Eddie Murphy was the president of the United States, and was born in Brooklyn.

He has appeared as an actor in such TV shows as The Drew Carey Show, Malcolm in the Middle, Arrested Development, The Ben Stiller Show, Community, Modern Family, Robot Chicken, and Family Guy.

Eddie Murphy is all about his wit and his humor but this is a collection of the best quotes from Eddie Murphy.

30 Eddie Murphy Quotes

Eddie Murphy said that he was going to blow my face clean off on the silver screen.

Eddie Murphy says the main reason for making his new movie “Cop III” was because a company offered him $15 million to star. Eddie said making the movie turned out to be a great experience but that it probably would never happen again. The movie was actually a big hit, but Eddie is the only actor in Hollywood to earn more than $10 million from a movie he made 10 years ago.

I love to explore new things and I am always looking to find something I haven’t tried and I am not sure if I will like it at first glance, but I know for sure I will be eating it eventually.

I felt the pain in my chest, and I started to run and couldn’t move my legs.
I thought that I was dying, and that I had killed myself again. I thought I was done with life. I went to the bathroom and I stood on my own titty and I looked at myself in the mirror, and I realized it was just a flesh wound.

Eddie Murphy has talked about how he used to dress like a woman and how he would wear women’s clothes. He would put make-up on and sometimes even wear high heels. His mom would yell at him, get upset with him, and would tell him to throw it all out. And, he would be a different person completely. He would want to be another person, act in a completely different way from the person he was at that moment. He would be different person but not the same person.

The advice I would give to someone is that they should not take advice from anyone.

He took it home because he wanted it to be like a keepsake of his time on the show.

10th of 30 Eddie Murphy Quotes

Eddie Murphy is a Hollywood veteran with an impressive and varied résumé. But he hasn’t had a feature film in four years, and only a few TV shows. As he is approaching his fiftieth birthday, Murphy says it’s only a matter of time before a star role drops into his lap. And until that happens, he’ll keep making movies, one in a series of low-budget thrillers that star Kevin James, who appeared in Murphy’s film Beverly Hills Cop III, as well as his own films, including The Longest Yard.

I’ve always had confidence because I have lots of initiative. I wanted to make something of myself.

Music is a passion for me. If I don’t follow that passion I’m content to sit here and play guitar all day.

In his speech Eddie Murphy said that in the movie industry it’s boring and time-consuming to be working. To be waiting for takes between takes. Like a big machine that moves slowly.

When you were a child, you were a comedian. And then you discovered that you’re comfortable doing stand-up, that’s the path you want to continue on in life.

When you become a star like Eddie Murphy, or when you go all the way to the top and become a legend like Michael Jackson, you are always Eddie Murphy, or Jackson, or whoever. You are a star. And if you don’t do anything special to help the world, even if you are a star, you will be just another star.

If you are involved in something that people will like, you’re going to try to come up with something that’s original.

When he became a father he realized that he can’t just leave the house all the time. He has to be at home with his kids all the time.

20th of 30 Eddie Murphy Quotes

[Other]: Growing up to Eddie Murphy, I think I listened to a lot of different types of music. At that time, I was a little bit older. I really liked a lot of different types of music. From Motown to rock and roll, I would listen to a lot of different stuff when I was growing up. Back then, the biggest groups were The Beatles, you know, the Motown Sound, the Beach Boys.

“Are You Driving with Your Eyes Open? Or are you using the Force?”. – Eddie Murphy
A common line of this movie is a simple yet profound statement of one man’s insight about a phenomenon that is universal and timeless. The movie explores the world of a car accident victim who has to relearn everything he thought he knew about life due to an unexpected brain injury.

Eddie Murphy said that he’s used to seeing male Caucasians in their underpants. In this case, they’re smiling at us in their underwear. If they didn’t have an erection they wouldn’t be smiling.

The Great Minnesota Get Together is a regional fair that brings people from surrounding counties and from further distances to attend. The fair attracts people from as far away as Albert Lea, Owatonna and the Twin Cities.

Eddie Murphy was an American actor best known for his comedy roles. He is known for his roles in 48 Hrs., Beverly Hills Cop, The Nutty Professor, Coming to America, Raw, The Ladies’ Man, Bowfinger, and Dreams. His comedy style relied on quick one-liners delivered with exaggerated facial expressions.

Eddie Murphy, in his role in Norbit, stated that we don’t give white guys the chance to be the underdog, we give them the opportunity to play characters that are generally played by African American actors. Eddie Murphy wants his role to be one where he has to overcome adversity and be a hero as opposed to the normal black character of the underdog.

When Eddie Murphy said that Jagger’s lips are so big, black people have a problem when they see them.

With Spice Boys we love to put on spice on our meat and put it in our sausage.

This movie is the one where Eddie Murphy gets a job at a bank. The poor people make a lot of money, but the rich people get poorer. The poor people are happier and the rich people are sad.

Eddie Murphy had been making movies since 1989 and had always done well. He saved up for months and years to use some paper with a large font. He even did it so the kids could sign it.

30th of 30 Eddie Murphy Quotes

I am really disappointed with my wife, so I made a deal with her for money in exchange for sex; she accepted.


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