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Eddie Redmayne is a British actor who is born in and got his fame from his role in “The Theory of Everything”.


Eddie Redmayne has a net worth of nearly $15 Million.

After playing in the film Closer, Redmayne appeared in several television series, including The Office, The Tudors, and The Last King of Scotland. In 2011 Redmayne was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in The Theory of Everything, with his performance garnering critical acclaim. In 2014 he starred in the historical drama My Cousin Rachel.

He started his career with small roles in ‘Like Minds’ and ‘The Good Shepherd’; he has played supporting roles in several films.

Early Life

He got his education at the British International School in France and later at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. He started his career on the sets of the 1998 film, ‘The Way We Were’. He appeared in many other commercials, television shows and movies before going on to gain world-wide recognition for his role as ‘Barry Egan’ in the 2012 Oscar blockbuster, ‘Les Misérables’. Redmayne plays the lead in ‘The Danish Girl’, which also released in December 2015.

A spokesperson for the Academy said that “Leonie was a very lovely girl and she was a part of the Academy for a year and a half”. The spokesperson added that “Redmayne was a very close friend of our student and was a great supporter of the Academy”.


Redmayne began acting in theatre at the age of 12, playing with his sister on stage. He started doing commercials before moving into the big screen. He first came to public attention with the short The Red Shoes directed by Stephen Daldry. Then he played the lead role in My Week with Marilyn.

In 2009, he performed a song ‘The Way We Were’ in the musical ‘Once’ at the Music Box Theater in New York.

Redmayne made his big screen debut in the year 2006 with the movie ‘Like Minds’. He was offered his first feature film ‘Savage Grace’ in 2009. After a long gap he was given the opportunity to act in the critically acclaimed movie ‘The Good Shepherd’ in 2010.

He then continued acting in many movies, including ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘My Week with Marilyn’. After that, he was cast as Atticus in ‘The Theory of Everything’ and played Willy Wonka in the ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ movie adaptation. One month later, he was cast as Stephen Hawking in the biographical movie ‘The Theory of Everything’.

Redmayne starred in 2011 movie ‘Hick’, followed by ‘My Week with Marilynn’, then ‘Les Misérables’ in 2012 and lastly ‘The Theory of Everything’ in 2014.

He has a net worth of $15 million because of his successful film career.


Here are some of the best quotes of Eddie Redmayne as he portrayed the lead role of Stephen Hawking in the film “The Theory of Everything”.

Favorite Quotes from Eddie Redmayne 

Eddie Redmayne says he likes the idea of spending his days working in a movie theatre. This sounds like a nice change of pace from the traditional school environment.

I was a complete newbie to the fashion industry when the film started, and I had no idea what it takes behind the scenes. I’m really impressed by models, and they have to be very aware of what they look like but also what it takes to make such a character.

3 Great Lessons from Eddie Redmayne and from the movie: The Theory of Everything 

– Never be afraid to try something new.
– Even if you fail, learn from the experience and keep going.
– Don’t be lazy with your education.
– Get out there and do something to improve your life.
– Always be yourself.
– If you can do, you can do.

1. Love is More Powerful Than Disease

Jane got ALS in her 20s. She had loved Sam most of her life and she wanted to be with him again. She fought to regain her independence, even though she wasn’t able to walk anymore.

2. Marriage Requires Hard Work

Jane Hawking has been caring for Stephen Hawking since he was 21. The marriage was at a time when she was just a student and he was a young scientist. Jane and husband were together for seven years before they got married.

3. Go For it!

Hawking is really awkward and shy. Maybe he will come across me and ask me to go with him. This is like the worst thing people can say, so he went for it. He is awesome.


Eddie Redmayne is a British actor who is best known for portraying the characters of Colin Clark in the movie My Week with Marilyn, and for Marius Pontmercy in the musical ‘Les Misérables’.

He rose to international fame with his portrayal of one of the world’s greatest characters: Hans Fischer.

Redmayne has been on the radar for a while. I can’t recall the actor, maybe it was Daniel Day Lewis in a production of “Death of a Salesman”. But he’s a good actor, I think he’s in “The Theory of Everything”.

Eddie Redmayne’s net worth has increased by $45 Million since July 2019.

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