Eddie Jordan Net Worth

Eddie Jordan has an estimated net worth of $100 Million.


According to Forbes 2018 Eddie Jordan’s net worth is approximately $600 Million.

In the early 1990s, he was the founder of Jordan Grand Prix and ran it until it was sold out to Bernie Ecclestone in 1995 for an estimated £11 million. Jordan GP, however, was sold to Max Mosley from Formula One Racing in January 2001.

Jordan worked first for the Bank of Ireland. In 1971, he won the Irish Kart Championship and then transferred to Formula Ford in 1974.

Early Life 

The future Irish Minister for Finance Edmund Jordan was born as the twin brother of a senior nun, Mother Rector of the Irish Sisters of Charity. His father was an accountant for the electricity board.

She developed a bacterial infection and her treatment was that she needed to live a healthy lifestyle and get fresh air.


He won the Irish Kart Championship in 1971.

It gets more interesting when we look at the 1972 Irish Kart Championship.

Jordan won the 1972 Irish Kart Championship, despite having been suspended a couple of weeks before the final.

Jordan won the 1972 Irish Kart Championship, despite having been suspended a couple of weeks before the final.

Jordan made his Formula Two debut with Osella in 1974. He won the Dutch Formula Three Championship in 1973 and ’74, but was forced to sit out the 1976 season after fracturing his leg in a crash at Mallory Park.

Jordan’s first team, Eddie Jordan Racing, started off with the aim to race in 1981. The team failed to qualify for any races, but still competed at several events in Great Britain.

Jordan is the driving boss.
In the new episode of the Driving Boss, Jordan will be driving the 2018 Subaru WRX for the first time. This means we will be getting the chance to see how well this car is optimized for our race track. The new 2018 Subaru WRX looks even more aggressive from the exterior with its unique front bumper, side skirts, and unique headlights.
In contrast with the old car, the 2018 Subaru WRX has more powerful brakes which will help Jordan to stop and steer better. This is a significant upgrade for Jordan as he will be doing his best to retain his position on the podium. For this reason, Jordan will be able to improve a lot in the next episode. We are all excited to see him drive the Subaru WRX which is one of the most improved cars in the 2018 lineup.

In, he bought his first race team, Jordan Grand Prix. In, Jordan announced that it would be withdrawing from Formula One at the end of the season. Prior to leaving Formula One, Jordan made several changes to the car, including the addition of the “eyelid” rear spoiler that would become the trademark of the Jordan team.

Jordan Grand Prix was founded in 1991 and at the time had just a single customer racing on their board. They quickly gained its respect and began beating their competitors on a number of occasions while the team remained focused on developing the Jordan C3.

The two designers have a long history of working together and the current design of the C3 is the result of many years of joint work.

In 1993, the Jordan team gained its first championship victory and the following year they finished as runners up in the constructors championship.

As of July 2022, Eddie Jordan is worth nearly $600 Million.


Eddie Jordan made a name for himself by developing and coaching the Celtics to back-to-back NBA titles — the first in the Celtics’ history.

Favorite Quotes from Eddie Jordan 

Jordan was clearly unhappy with the performance of his unit. His starting lineup was a bit less than usual and, for the most part, it was a defensive oriented lineup. The starters played an estimated 29 minutes of action, and finished the game with a total of 28 points, 14 rebounds, and 6 blocks. They also committed only 7 turnovers on the defensive end. The reserves got 19 more minutes of action, and came out on the low end in the offensive end for the night, only having 3 points and 2 assists each.

Eddie Jordan said that he believes that they’ve cleaned up the corruption in Louisiana. He added that they will not allow it to occur again. He said that he believes that the state will have an easier time attracting workers.

3 Life Lessons from Eddie Jordan 

First, you must know that whatever you are in the process of becoming can’t be achieved overnight! Do not expect to be a basketball coach one day and a wealthy man in a short span of time. It takes time and a strong work ethic.

1. A-Team 

The smartest thing you can do to grow a great software company is to first sweat getting A-players (the best developers) to work on your team and then sweat training and developing them so they play their A-game.

2. Discipline 

You’re going down.
Have the discipline to clean out all the energy-draining people in your life.

Both mean ‘You’re going down’.

3. Dreams 

But it is scary to step to the edges of your limits and you can get hurt if you do not know how to step back.


Born in Northern Ireland in 1967, Eddie Jordan started his career racing go-karts. After a year in the British Formula Ford championship and finishing it as champion, Jordan moved to America and began racing in open-wheel series. In 1992 he became the first driver in F1 history to drive a car with tyres from a different manufacturer.

Eddie Jordan is one of the greatest NBA players of all time. His net worth has over doubled from approximately $200 million to roughly $600 million.

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