30 Awesome Bono Quotes About Music & Success

and I like to work with musicians like Bono.

U2 is an Irish rock band that formed in 1977 by a group of musicians from different music backgrounds: The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr., The Edge, Mark Knopfler, Alanis Morissette and Larry Mullen, Jr. Their music has sold millions of copies, and there’s no wonder why they are one of the best bands in history.

Bono makes more than $700 million dollars, making him the 2nd richest rock star!

He is so great, and I love him. I’m so glad I got out of Ireland, and had a chance to see him. I know I’d have never met him, never had the chance, but I’m super glad that happened.

30 Bono Quotes

I love how Bono always says that. I love how his words are often used over and over. And he’s really good. He reminds me of a young Bono.

I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with “Deadly” or not but the song has been on repeat for a while now and I figured why not share it. I’ll give you the original lyrics and the paraphrase afterwards so you can hear it exactly how he sings it.

Every artist is a cannibal. Every poet is a thief, all are artists that sing about the grief. Every artist is a cannibal because every artist is a cannibal. Every artist is a thief because every artist is a thief.

“There is a root arrogance in any writer; a hugely arrogant assumption that anyone is going to listen to them.”

I have used a slight variation of those two phrasings in some of my answers here: eg.

As I sat at the conference table and was about to meet with the highest-ranking leaders of Libya, I was confident, but I was not sure if I would be able to do what I really wanted to do.

You shouldn’t watch TV, use the Internet, or play computer games to avoid being distracted from studying.

9th of 30 Bono Quotes

I believe that music can change the world because it can change the people.

I got this quote from a friend of mine and have found it to be a motivating one.

Jesus is not easy to tolerate, and I don’t know how he does it.

When religion gets in the way of God, God loses.

I’m not sure that respect for those with whom we disagree is, as much as I would like to think and hope, a greater value than unity.

In a situation you might not have thought about before, feelings can be stronger than your intellect. You can’t always judge situations objectively and you can’t always look at things logically.

Bono says that even though he’s a believer, he still finds it difficult to be around other believers. They make him nervous. He sort of watches his back.

People tend to have too much faith in the rich, the famous, and politicians, but not enough faith in themselves.

Depression is not a problem if you have perspective.

The massive moral blind spots of the 21st century are on display for everyone to see. The question of how we, as individuals or as a society, can begin to repair them is what we should be talking about. I believe we can and must repair them.

19th of 30 Bono Quotes

Bono’s right to be irresponsible and stupid is something I hold dear, and he does it well.

[Original phrase]: We should dream up a better world.
If you were to dream up a better world, you’d dream out loud.

It is great to read books and give them as gifts.
I also found out that Bono can’t read music yet!

At some point, I just felt, you know, God is not looking for alms, God is looking for action.

I see grace, and it makes me feel good.

Bono feels that while America is an admirable country, it has some major problems, but the best thing about it is that he can go almost wherever he wants, and he can play music in the U.S. without being arrested, which is really nice.

25. It is impossible to meet God without abandonment, without exposing yourself to what hurts you.

In my dreams, I was drowning
My sorrows, they learned to swim.

The human heart is greedy. It seeks advantage and does not care how you justify it. Blame the human heart.

I think where you live should not determine if you live, or if you die.

29th of 30 Bono Quotes

I have heard that laughter is an eternity if you are real happy.

The key to success is in the middle of contradiction.


In a world filled with pain there are two things that can’t be argued:
There’s pain and there’s suffering
You can’t take it with you.

But if you can learn to suffer well, it’s the most powerful tool.

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