20 Sean Kingston Quotes About Life & Music

I love Sean Kingston, his music is awesome, his attitude is amazing, he makes me happy and his music inspires me.

Sean Kingston is a Jamaican American singer, rapper and songwriter. Kingston became famous after released a single ‘Beautiful Girls’, the song peaked at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in 2017.

He got a deal with Sony and Beluga Heights to make his music known in the US. He signed a contract with both companies and he has been able to release hits such as ‘Baby Be Mine’ and ‘Hate Me Now’.

Sean Kingston is a pop singer from Jamaica.

20 Sean Kingston Quotes About Life & Music

I got this from my mom, in the studio is where i put those hours in. I can be sitting in there and lose 5 lbs in an hour. It’s not that its hard to get fat but when you’re in the studio you don’t eat.

I was thinking of an awesome quote from a rapper who goes by the name of Sean Kingston, he said “With everything that is going on with hip-hop and with what everybody is doing I don’t want to be in that lane. I think my lane is very different”.

Kingston is really putting himself out there with this one… but this quote comes right after he says artists should let their music do the talking. So I think he’s trying to say that artists should keep themselves loose and open-minded, not get boxed in by what genre they’re in.

I think that was the most telling thing about this interview. He says that he’s not very open and that he doesn’t like to get too personal about people, but he says it about his own life, so I think that’s kind of his point of view.

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Sean Kingston got his start singing in the choir of his church. He’s always been an artist and not just a singer. He’s been around since way back in the day. Sean Kingston grew up in the suburbs of Jamaica. He started singing in his church at the age of 10 and eventually his church put out an album called “Worship”. It was the start of a long career. He became a huge artist in Jamaica and a huge star across the globe as well. He grew up in the suburbs and now he’s a huge star. That’s the story of Sean Kingston.

“The message I am trying to send out in music is that I am not that type of artist,” says Sean Kingston about the backlash that he’s received for his new single.

Sean Kingston describes his music as international; reggae, pop, rap, R&B all in one with his own style of music. He says he can’t really describe his music. Other people say that he is playing reggae, but that is his own style. Kingston feels like he is his own person.

1) Sean Kingston always goes for quality over quantity. He is always focused on meeting people in person.
2) Sean Kingston has a habit of sticking with the same people. He will keep in touch with them for years.

 In his autobiography, Kingston claimed that “I love all kinds of music.” But his favorite musical genre is reggae. He was introduced to reggae by his girlfriend, who played him “The Red Red Wine” by Freddie McGregor. The single featured the Jamaican dancehall singer Sizzla Kalonji, and inspired Kingston to take reggae dancing lessons.

Sean Kingston’s mother was taken away when he was 14 years old. His sister was later taken away. He was left homeless. His mother was jailed. Kingston was then forced to live with his aunt who didn’t like rap music. Her words were, “yo, if you going to do music, you can’t do it in my house.” Kingston did not have a choice but to put his music career on hold.

The original is a great piece of music but the paraphrase has an easier flow and is a better representation of what Sean Kingston meant.
Why do we use paraphrase?
In general, we paraphrase to make it easier to understand or remember what someone is saying. When paraphrasing, you may want to keep the flow of the original piece and just add extra information.

Sean Kingston’s writing has helped out other musicians in the industry, therefore he is proud of his songwriting skills.

Music is often a form of escape for people. When they hear a song that they like, they are free from their problems.

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Sean Kingston said that he has a girlfriend who is very beautiful and she only wants to have sex with him.

 He signed his first record deal with J.R. Rotem, who produced music for everyone from 50 Cent, to Rihanna, Britney Spears, and many more. He said you can tell Rotem is a big producer because he is the one who replied back to Sean’s first email. Sean also said he wanted to sign with Rotem because he thought Rotem was talented.

I personally think that country music has the biggest melodies ever, but some people don’t agree.

According to the RIAA, the Kingston single “Come Baby Come” topped the Billboard’s Hot 100 for the week of December 1, 2007. The song stayed at the top of the chart for five weeks in a row, and was eventually named the top song of the year.


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