French Montana Net Worth

French Montana’s net worth is $200 million, but this does not include the money that he has in his bank account and the money he has in his pockets. His annual income is around $150 million.


“Montana’s Net Worth” is estimated to be about $22 million.

French Montana was born in Morocco and grew up in New York. However he was raised in Morocco for a few years before moving to the United States. After moving to New York, he changed his stage name to French Montana to sound like his favorite rapper, French Montana.

In a video interview, he talks about how he started Coke Boys, and how he wants to move Coke Boys Records forward.

Early Life 

After getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, he moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands where he started to be more interested in the culture of modern urban life.

After attending the school in New York, he was expelled after getting into a fight with a student. He was also a fan of hip-hop and rapped in the school’s poetry club.


During the time that he was making those controversial DVD’s, he was living in Miami. He then started to make a name for himself in the rap scene. He met Drake in one of Drake’s studio sessions and it turned into a friendship.

Montana found his fame by releasing a mixtape, which included his first single “Hate It Or Love It”. This single earned him a lot of online attention. He later collaborated with artists such as DJ Drama, B.G. and Jadakiss.

One of the most famous songs in Drake’s discography is ‘Best I Ever Had’. Drake first released it on his third mixtape, ‘So Far Gone’ and it received a lot of radio play. The song went on to become a hit in clubs as well, and helped Drake to start his music career.

During his album’s release, he went to Japan to promote his music in order to gain a following in the country and as a result, he got nominated for Best R&B Male Artist on MTV and was even invited to perform at the Grammy Awards. But he ultimately failed to win the Grammy Award on that night.

The song was written and composed by Jack Antonoff and his then girlfriend Taylor Swift. As Swift herself has revealed in many interviews, the song was written by the two of them, but she does not write any of her own songs. The song was released on 28th June 2013, as the lead single from album ‘Red’, which was released a month earlier on 14th June 2013.


His rise to stardom was one of the most exciting in HipHop’s history.

Favorite Quotes from French Montana 

French Montana said that, as a person of color, he feels that his life is not the easiest. However, he is still happy, as he sees that he is a part of a great community, and his life is better.

I’ve always dreamed of living in a place like this.

3 Success Lessons from French Montana 

Firstly, he had a great work ethic, always working on projects, and never giving up. He was a hard worker.

1. Everyone Will Go Through Tough Times

2. Learn From Your Mistakes

When you find that person, you’ve got to hang on to them for as long as you can for as many days as possible.

3. Don’t Worry

I know, right? I’m so grateful I started to work on my life after college, and have gained a lot of experience dealing with things, and this is helping me to be more conscious to the fact that this can come and go. I’m always learning new things and it’s helping me be more open-minded and less afraid to try new things.


It seemed like French Montana was here to stay as he gained a loyal following over the years. This all came to a head when the rapper released his sophomore album ‘Mr. Nice’, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

French Montana’s net worth is close to $22 Million.

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