32 Jennifer Lawrence Quotes About Life And Fulfillment

When Jennifer Lawrence first came out as an actress, I was in the process of transferring to another college, and was looking for a new place to live. So I went to the library and checked out a bunch of books on acting and acting techniques for her, and she really inspired me.

Jennifer Lawrence, actress and author, talks about life and fulfillment in this video.

32 Jennifer Lawrence Quotes 

There are foods I enjoy during the day, and others that I enjoy before bed.

In an interview, she said that she has big ambitions but does not like to be in the public eye. She just wants to keep working hard and be happy.

I like to dress up for myself, but not for the sake of being different. I’m not going to wear something super stylish just because I’m different from everyone else. I feel like we should all take pride in our differences instead of being ashamed to be what we are.

Jennifer Lawrence mentions that she needs to let go of the book in order to make a great film. She says the movie is more of an adaptation of the book than a remake of the book.

5. “I’m not sorry.” – Jennifer Lawrence

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For instance, when I asked her about the number of grounded people she runs into, she said that most of them are behind the camera. But she definitely thinks she’s not the only one.

Jennifer Lawrence mentioned that she cannot change her movie choices since it depends on which scripts she is offered.

Jennifer Lawrence said that the ‘freshness’ that is there between the actors listening to each other, and actually really reacting to each other, is really really cool.

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As a way of saying that people can be amazing in front of the camera, she’s referring to her experience on set.

But this doesn’t mean that she’s a good person or doesn’t have good opinions. She’s just saying that people can be great in front of the camera, but it’s not always about them. Some people are famous for saying amazing things, but in reality they’re complete a-holes.

Lawrence says she’s not a vegan because she didn’t like the idea of eating food that had been grown and produced with animal suffering and she didn’t think that was a good thing. She says she’s trying to eat more healthily and that she’s not going to lose weight because she likes a fuller figure, but she’s not happy with how she looks. She says she would rather look like a chubby person than a scarecrow.

I was at a party the other night and somebody farted, and I thought it was hilarious. I just thought, “OK, here’s something. I’m gonna make this a thing.” Then I went up to the person who I thought farted, and I said, “Take a bite out of that cheeseburger!” And then I started laughing, and then everybody started laughing, so it became this thing that’s become this thing that we do at work now.

Having the mindset that “all you can do is control what you can control” is also a good mindset to have. This helps with managing stress and staying positive in the face of setbacks and challenges.

According to Jennifer Lawrence, the idea that some people can be sexually exploited and forced into sex without consent is absolutely disgusting. She says the law needs to be changed and that Web sites like Craigslist, which allowed this to happen, must be responsible.

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Jennifer Lawrence said that she can’t take criticism from the director or the producers, so she’s not comfortable voicing her opinions.

Having a lot of money means that you will still need to pay your bills. It’s the same for Jennifer Lawrence. If, unlike the other actresses, Jennifer Lawrence has not chosen to go through life at the top of a mountain, she will still need to pay the bills and take care of her family.

People tend to get angry at celebrities when they say things they think are outrageous. So Jennifer Lawrence is in a tricky position because she has to be careful about what she says to avoid upsetting people.

If Jennifer Lawrence does not have anything to do all day, she might not even put her pants on.

The eyes can reveal everything about a person. If you can look at another person without staring and you can tell if that person is lying just by looking at them in the eyes you have to be a good person.

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This quote was part of the trailer for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and Jennifer Lawrence gives the quote during a scene in the movie.

Jennifer Lawrence believes in her ability to memorize lines. She says that she always has a pen and a piece of paper. She memorizes her lines. There is a lot of reading with her, and listening to the dialog, and then the director will tell her how she should read the line.

Jennifer Lawrence said that she only uses Airbnb or the hotel because of the way she looks. She believes that because she is a famous person and that the police would not be called on her behalf, she does not deserve to be protected.
[Interruption]: This was a good one.

I think that Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely spot on. Sometimes people have a wonderful script, but the director has other plans.

Lawrence isn’t the first to comment on how strange it is that mental health gets stigmatized more than physical health. According to the National Commission for the Prevention of Mental Disorders, it’s hard to get anyone to admit they’ve ever had a mental health issue. Why is this the case? The stigma and shame that surrounds mental health prevents people from even thinking of talking with someone about it.

I thought I was going to be pushed down the stairs but instead, I was pushed down the stairs, as I fell and was trying to get my balance back.

Even if you’re the main star, you can have directors adapt to you. I’m very happy that I’m able to work with directors who are so different. It gives me as an actor a lot of opportunities to explore and it helps me to feel like I’m better and stronger.

You look how you look,
I mean, look at him.

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Jennifer Lawrence said she’s excited to be seen as sexy, but not slutty.

Jennifer Lawrence says that she was raised to know that you should live within your means.

Jennifer Lawrence talks about her father who she was very close to and is also her biggest critic. Even as an adult, her father is still very important to Jennifer.


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