25 Ben Stiller Quotes About Acting, Work & Life

Ben Stiller is one of the highest paid actors in the world and he earned the money by acting and directing.

The first one is “The Cable Guy.” “The Cable Guy” was a movie that he did with Steve Carell.

Ben Stiller quotes are some of the best in the world and we’ve put them together here.

25 Ben Stiller Quotes

The actor who began his career as a child actor admitted that he has no plans to become an actor.

You have a lot of nervous energy. Work is your best way of channelling that into something productive. Unless you want to wind up assaulting the postman or gardener.

When asked what he would like to do as an actor besides comedies, Ben said he would like to do more dramas, and he has stated in interviews that he has a passion for directing films.

There is no need for me to retire at the age of 40.

“The Cable Guy” didn’t perform well at the box office, but it did help prepare Michael for his next big project.

Comedy is meant to be enjoyable by all. While we don’t know if any particular humor will bring laughs to any particular group, it is the goal to make a film that will be enjoyable by all.

Ben Stiller has been very candid about the fact that he didn’t get out of Hollywood for 9/11 because of his film, Zoolander. He wanted to get out of the town and see the American people in the aftermath.

Stiller will always be willing to endure humiliation on behalf of his characters.

“I remember going to a lot of crazy New Year’s Eve parties with my parents. Everyone there was so incredible.” – Ben Stiller

The only other use of the paraphrase style that comes close to this is the one below by William Shakespeare, but that is a direct quote.

10th of 25 Ben Stiller Quotes

There are two sides to acting. On one hand, you need to have the confidence of your peers. On the other, you need to be on the receiving end, so you understand how the other actor thinks. Eventually, you need to develop a relationship with the audience and learn that they will be forgiving of a few mistakes.

“I don’t think the public will be dying, wanting to see me be funny all the time.” He says that comedy is one of those things that can help you get through life, and he wants to give it a chance.

When Donald Trump goes to Europe, he’s going to get hit in the face with a lot of things. So will his family members.

I have had a very good career and I am grateful that people are having a level of acceptance and appreciation of my work.

I don’t know. I think she’s very talented. The only downside I think is that her parents are celebrities, so the public wants to see her. She’s had a few roles where everyone was thinking that she was famous.

Dustin Hoffman was my first choice. [He’s] a very funny man. [And] I really like his energy and his spirit.

Stiller says that he’s thankful to have the opportunities that he has had to develop his comedic ability.

I think that people will be fascinated to see what I can do as a dramatic actor.

If a man looks at your eyes when he is dancing, it is usually because you got him.

So how did he get into directing? He says, “It was a dream that I’ve had for a long time, and I just worked on it.”
I did go to school for acting, but at that time, all I wanted to do was to get into films. I didn’t have any kind of aspirations about becoming a director. It just seemed like a natural progression when I started working in film.

20th of 25 Ben Stiller Quotes

As a very young boy, Stiller would watch his parents act and make fun of them. It was then that he began to understand the craft.

Ben Stiller was born in New York City in 1956. While he has an impressive filmography that includes hits like ‘Zoolander’ and ‘The Cable Guy’, it was his career as a comedian that catapulted him onto the silver screen.

Comedy is just as important as drama. In fact, I think that it is even more important.

It is difficult to grow up as an artist with famous parents. Ben Stiller didn’t like how he was treated by his father and he didn’t know how to react to his famous mother.

The movie has a very generic plot; it’s an episode of Starsky and Hutch, except the premise is that Starsky and Hutch have become the world’s most wanted outlaws, with an elaborate plan to rob the bank. It’s like a Star Wars movie, except it’s a Starsky and Hutch movie.

You’re scared of having children, and once you’re having one you realize it’s the most amazing experience in the world.


When You Love an Icon, You’re an Icon.

I think this was the first of the many movie catch-cries Stiller used in interviews to explain his career. But here’s the best one.

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