20 Danny Trejo Quotes About Acting, Life & Hard Work

Well they are a lot of them. Some are serious, some are funny, some are sad. It’s all in fun. It’s just a way of life. There are a lot of them.

Danny Trejo is an American actor and voice actor. Trejo is best known for his roles in the action films. Trejo has acted in over 85 films and he has received several award nominations. He has also been awarded with the Golden Globe Award for his work in film.

He appeared in ‘Sicario’ in 2017 and then was a part of ‘Mission Impossible 6’ in 2018. He has also produced several films and founded several companies, most notably Trejo Studios.

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[Danny Trejo] is a character actor whose career spans four decades. Here are his most memorable quotes.

20 Danny Trejo Quotes About Acting, Life & Hard Work

Danny Trejo said that he doesn’t like drama films.

Danny Trejo expressed an understanding and appreciation of the director/actor relationship and the producer/director relationship. The implication is that he didn’t have a problem with any of these relationships; he just wanted to be paid.

Danny Trejo is pleased with the success of his new film “Desperado,” directed by Eli Roth and co-starring Antonio Banderas. The film was released by Starz Cinema last week.

I’m not really the kind of guy who’s used to doing my own stunts. I’ve never been that kind of actor. So it was more of a new experience for me.

Danny Trejo said he was a fan of Florence Henderson when he was younger, and if it were possible to meet her, he would prefer it to be his mother Marcia.

Danny Trejo is a workaholic. He does not like what he does, but he loves what he does.

7th of 20 Danny Trejo Quotes 

Life is full of conflicts. If you want to be happy, take a step back, count to ten and think about what you’re fighting for. Only then will you be able to find happiness.

Danny Trejo is a very good actor and people often forget that. That line is one of his trademark moments. They are very good.

Danny Trejo speaks openly about his own struggles with addiction. He says that a former employer, a former friend, and a former client were all people who had gone to AA meetings with him.

The actor’s answer to our question was so good, we had to take the time to translate it back into American English. He says he likes “prison movies” because they usually “have some authenticity.” I really wish Trejo could have gone into more detail; we’d all have been very interested in what he meant by authenticity.

When Danny Trejo was a kid, he was an armed robber. He did robberies, and he was addicted to heroin and cocaine. If he was doing it to support his drug habit, then it wasn’t a very good drug habit. If he was doing it to support his robbery habit, then it was a pretty good one; because that’s why he’s a movie star. That’s why he’s successful at acting.

Clapping for someone who does a good deed is always a good thing to do.

This is so true I truly believe helping someone is the only way to be successful.

Working has been Trejo’s main focus for his entire life. In the past, he has made his living by doing hard labor. But now, he makes his living by doing what he loves, acting in films.

Danny Trejo says that in order to make a great epic movie, you need the four Bs: babes, bullets, blood, and blades.

Danny Trejo said that he would not have survived without God. He would have been dead without God. He is not a Christian, but he believes in God.

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I know that the job of being a star is not the same as any other. But, it’s also not a job. I’m just like the person making the coffee, with a slight difference. I like to think of my time in the industry, what I’ve learned and my experience, as my education. My job is to continue that process in my own life.

Danny Trejo loves the past and vintage cars. In the movie Return of the Living Dead, Danny Trejo plays the role of the zombie leader. He has a 1936 Dodge Touring Sedan registered in the US. It is a one-of-a-kind sports car.

He feels that Hollywood people are just as corrupt as real-life people, and that they’re just a bunch of drunken, selfish jerks. This makes me believe that he’s a pretty bad person, not just someone who hangs around with bad people.

Being a “big shot” movie star meant that Danny Trejo was not able to get a better job than being a drug dealer or a laborer. So he decided to become an armed robber to earn his big bucks. Sure, he became a movie star, but that was just something he did to earn extra money.


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