20 Surprisingly Motivational Vitaly Quotes

I’ve said some very bad things about Vitaly.

Vitaliy is a popular YouTube personality and content creator. He made his fame for his pranks, stunts, and videos uploaded to his YouTube account ‘VitalyzdTV’.

He is known to be both funny and controversial. His videos are often filled with prank videos. He often plays pranks on his friends and family. In the past he has been arrested for a prank. However, he doesn’t really give into his urges and always tries to be responsible.

Be happy, live in the present Moment, work on yourself and have courage to work hard.

20 Surprisingly Motivational Vitaly Quotes

Vitaly: It will be easy for a person to be a good coach when they are a great student.

It doesn’t matter whether he had been through so many things or not. What matters is that he was able to cope all those things and still stay very calm.

When things like this happens such as pranks gone wrong and there were some awkward moments, but I just normally face it as it is.

Vitaly, thanks for sharing this! I love that your writing is raw and authentic.

The people around you do not need to know what you are doing. They can try to influence your decision.
If they try to influence your decision, tell them that they are not allowed to and that you respect their opinions.

Vitaly: There’s no question. When your adrenaline spikes because you are really scared it creates adrenaline and when you get excited your adrenaline spikes and that is really good for you.

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All the feminists who accuse him of being a Nazi do so because he did not wear makeup or a wig at the inauguration of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Yes, he had already been thinking about the “one time” aspect and thought about what he has to do.

I shouldn’t be afraid to lose something or to fail or even to succeed.

Vitaly is an actor/singer who has been featured in various commercials and other television projects. He is also a blogger and a YouTuber.

While The Natural Born Prankster may be the upcoming TV series project from Funny Or Die, it’s also the very first feature film from producer/writer/director/star/editor Nick Brimble.

You only live once, and you have to explore new things.

There wasn’t already a “professional” version of YouTube? A “professional YouTube” was only possible to be started after YouTube appeared, it’s not there and just started as a hobby.

Oh, I think that was something I said on stage once, and I was actually trying to tell people to go to the theatre, but I guess I just said that out loud.

“I’ve got a whole lot of guys thanking me because it helped them to kiss a girl,” Vitaly said.

There are many things that you can’t fix, but you can’t live with the fear or worry forever.

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“I got a few videos on my channels from the same person, so I thought to myself I want to do that with videos and from there I just started doing it.” – Vitaly

The word “video” is missing in the paraphrase, but the meaning stays the same. Since I didn’t understand the word “video” in the sentence, I reworked the paraphrase below.

– I think everyone should try to live life as it is. That means to keep a positive attitude, to see the good things, to have trust. I don’t know why we are obsessed with a lot of things. I know there are people who are in love with love, with sex, or with money, and these are all just things.

I really wasn’t, but I guess the phrase sums up the
vibes of this album.

You can’t just go around deciding what you think is right for yourself. You won’t benefit others if you take advantage of them.


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