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Rashad Evans is a mixed martial artist of African American heritage. He is known for his time as a UFC Champion, his time as an analyst for ESPN, a former collegiate wrestler and former wrestling coach at the University of Florida, and a host on ESPN’s Sportscenter.


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Rashad Anton Evans started his wrestling career when he was in high school. He began wrestling at the age of 14. He later wrestled for Cornell University. In 2009 he won the NCAA Division 1 Wrestling championship.

Evans is the richest fighter in MMA. He has earned an impressive amount of money through his fights.

Early Life

He lived his childhood in Niagara Falls, He was born on the 25th of September, 1979. He grew up with his family.

Evans never learned to be a man. When he was young, he was nothing but a troublemaker. He grew up around people who he didn’t like.

He went to Michigan State University in East Lansing to study physical education and the coach of the wrestling team recommended him to join. But he did not care about it.


Evans said that he did not start wrestling when he was a senior at EHS and then joined the college program a year after he graduated high school.

Before I started wrestling, I played football. I was really good at it. But then I realized that I could do better if I trained hard for it. I started training, and I became the heavyweight wrestling champion of the school.

Evans started off his professional career in 2004. He was the shortest and the second lightest of the nine heavyweight competitors, so they gave him the nickname ‘The Bully’.

The next time around, Evans was ready to challenge for the world title, as he went on to challenge for the WBO Light Heavyweight Title against Jameel McCline on September 30th, 2008.

Evans had never experienced a loss before, in his entire MMA career he had won every fight. In 2008 Evans defeated Forrest Griffin, after the bout he called the fight “a one-sided beat down” and that he had never received as much punishment as he did in that fight.

He won the Fight of The Year and Fighter of the Year honors for his first victory over Alistair Overeem.

He also had a lot of great fights. He gained a lot of titles in different promotions, among them a title from the UFC.

Evans hasn’t had the best time against the top light-heavyweight fighters, losing to Alexander Gustafsson, Anthony Johnson, and Glover Teixeira.

His net worth is estimated to be $9 Million in July 2012.


The best highlight from Rashad Evans’ career was when he had the first round choke over Dan Henderson in 2007.

Championships and Awards

Favorite Quotes from Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans has one of the greatest stories in the history of the UFC, and he took a long time to get there. I love the quote here because it’s very true. As Rashad says, the adversity we face will only make us stronger, and that is something the women of the UFC experience.

3 Success Lessons from Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans has experienced success throughout his career and his net worth is now over 12 million dollars. He started out as an amateur boxer and became a professional mixed martial artist, and now his net worth is over 12 million dollars which is a lot of money. If you want to be successful like Rashad, you can learn from his success.

Original: Rashad Evans is known for his love of hard work as he has achieved success in his own right.

Paraphrase: Rashad Evans is known for his love of hard work as he has achieved success in his own right.

1. True Strength

You will never know yourself until the chips are down. True self discovery is not about that you are the most beautiful one, it’s when you are the ugliest and fight and battle your pain.

2. Too Many Thoughts

People don’t like to really think. They prefer to make up their mind in a fraction of the time. They’re afraid to look at things in detail.

3. Perfect Balance

In your career, you have had an amazing success rate, and you have been able to overcome any obstacle that you have faced. But in your later career, you have learned to use your mental skills, not only physically, to make the right decisions that lead you to be even more successful.


Evans is a former UFC light heavyweight champion, and is known for winning wrestling competitions.

Rashad Evans has a net worth of over 800 thousand thousand dollars because the UFC doesn’t have a fight scheduled for July 2022.

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