Alissa Violet Net Worth

Alissa Violet is an internet personality, YouTuber, model, and actress who has an estimated net worth of $4 million.


As of July 2022, the net worth of Alissa Violet is estimated to be roughly $6 Million.

Alissa Violet was an American model, YouTuber, actress, and Internet celebrity. Alissa rose to fame through social media apps such as Vine and Instagram.

Alissa Violet is a well known personality in the online world. She is also known for having a YouTube channel with over 200 million views and a Twitter account with over 2.1 million followers.

Early Life

Alissa joined the modeling industry after being convinced by Jake Paul to become a model. She then moved to LA and was later placed into several agencies after being booked on different websites for modeling.

When she was kicked out of Team 10 house, she opened an Instagram account and posted a statement apologizing for what she did and begging for Jake’s forgiveness. They have been in a relationship ever since.


Her Vine videos helped launched her career as an influencer. In fact, Violet has over 600,000 followers on Twitter.

She sang a song called “It’s Every Night Sis” that is a parody of the song “It’s Every Day Sis” by the band The Chainsmokers. The song was an instant success and became her signature song.

Alissa had reportedly decided that she would rather be unhappy with her life than to stay there with Paul. After she left, she wrote over and mirror in lipstick before she left.

She also tweeted that he should be happy because he “finally got to spend some time with @alissapaul”.

Alissa is Jake Paul’s ex girlfriend who recently got married to her husband, Chad.
She is known for her beautiful face and gorgeous body.
She is best friends with Tessa, the person who got married with Jake Paul, also with the beautiful face and gorgeous body of her own.

Alissa showed her feelings for RiceGum by expressing how deeply she cares for him and wished she could say it more eloquently.
She also wished for a world where love and communication are not so hard to express.

Logan Paul and Alissa Violet later got in trouble for their disrespectful comments about Alissa’s younger sister.
Alissa later starred in a documentary called “Alissa and Logan: A Love Story” which followed the relationship between the two.
“Alissa and Logan: A Love Story” was later nominated for 6 awards.
Alissa and Logan got in trouble with the law for their comments about the late Tyler Oakley in “Logan Paul: The Podcast” series. They were arrested and charged with misdemeanor disturbance of the peace.

Violet is an American model, singer, and influencer who is also the singer for the drag troupe Violet Chachki. She is one-quarter of the YouTube channel VioletChachki.


She has been nominated a total of three times, she’s had one solo appearance, she has been nominated with her team The Nymphos.

Favorite Quotes from Alissa Violet 

Alissa stated that September is special. She said that there will be change in the air. Alissa said that people will look for her this month. She said that she is looking forward to this month because it will bring growth. Alissa said that September will be a month full of change and growth.

We’re the only person that will completely understand your vision and your way through your art. So for better or for worse, you can do what you want.

“Sylvia is a friend of mine. I don’t know anything about any of the shady shit.”

The following lines come from the first episode of Season 3, “Bitch, Please”, where Alissa Violet is speaking about her feelings for Sylvia.

3 Powerful Lessons from Alissa Violet 

After reading about Alissa Violet’s net worth, we can see that she was able to become one of the most successful webcam models on the web because of her willingness to take risks, her hard work and her love for what she does.

1. Always Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

You never have to wonder what could have been, The opportunities missed, The broken vows, Lost children — All because there was no love.

2. Savor the Little Things

When we reminisce about past times, we remember happy times.

3. Dress to Impress

Because you are women, some people will make you feel like you are less than men in society. They will tell you how to dress, how to behave, who you can meet and where you can go.

Don’t live in the shadows of the people’s judgment and don’t follow someone else’s choices. Make your own choices in the light of your own wisdom. Dress to impress.


Alissa Violet is an American YouTube personality, social media personality and singer. She has over 8 million followers on Instagram, 2,13 million on Twitter and 3,8 million subscribers on YouTube.

By October 2021, Alissa Violet’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $12 Million.

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