50 Incredible Carlos Mencia Quotes

I am very thankful to Carlos Mencia for being a great comedian.

The Mind of Mencia was hosted by Carlos Mencia, an American comedian, actor, and writer. He is most famously known for being the host of the popular comedy series ‘Mind of Mencia’ which airs on the big American TV network ‘Comedy Central’.

Throughout his career as a stand-up comedian, Dave has successfully released many stand-up comedy specials. He also does a lot of live comedy/act in clubs and universities around the country.

Jocqui is known for his comedy style of comedy, often involving political issues such as racial relations, social class, and criminal justice. He has also starred in a couple of movie projects, some of which are ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ and ‘Our Family Wedding’.

I love that Carlos Mencia quote, which is so cheesy but so true.

50 Incredible Carlos Mencia Quotes

When you have a TV show, and you are selling out 10,000 seats or whatever the hell it is, it is not because it is easy. It is just that this is what your life is like.

The United States is better than any other country because of the fact that it has the most wealth. It’s also the country with the highest per capita income. And if you have any questions – just stop asking.

Carlos Mencia said that if you’ve never seen him perform live, he is a must-see. He’s very funny. He has a different perspective sometimes on a lot of what he does and the world itself, especially America.

Carlos Mencia was speaking to the audience before the start of the panel. He says that when he was a kid and he got engaged, his dad said, “You’re not that good-looking, mijo. You’re gonna have to make a lot of money.” Carlos is making a lot of money. This panel is sponsored by The Onion.

“I’m fearless because my parents love this country and all other Americans and do not want to see this country turned into a police state.”

In the episode, the men discussed the “Bible study” and Carlos Mencia told the story of how he was a gang member in a “jail house” in El Salvador at age 13.

On stage, he’s really short. He stands around six-foot. Otherwise, he’s tall.

A perfect place for relaxation is Maui, a place in Hawaii. It is really beautiful there, the weather is perfect, and you can relax by the pool.

Carlos believes that his stand-up can be a lot more interesting if he can draw on personal experience, however embarrassing – which he does more than anybody to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of his jokes.

What’s hard about auditions is that the person who reads the lines isn’t really into it. They’re just going “Oh this one, why do you think that?” And they’re just looking at a piece of paper.

10th of 50 Carlos Mencia Quotes

If you are living in a world where you are happy and doing what you love, you will be making others happy as well.

 Carlos Mencia says that he is really bad at auditions because he knows how to make people laugh, but auditions just really make him nervous.

Carlos Mencia says that he believes his part to play in this world is to do stand-up comedy.

For a comedy, I was pretty self-absorbed. After all, I was the only comic in America who had even been nominated for an Oscar, let alone won one. I didn’t know how to balance life and work. I’m not alone in that it wasn’t my fault.

This is an example of Mencia’s standup and what we now call “social,” or standup comedy. Mencia is a Latino comedian who is a huge social media star. His comedy is self-driven and focused on the real. He’s the perfect comedian for this generation.

Carlos Mencia has said many things; but, in many cases, he’s hit it on the nail. I don’t know why I’m going to go through the trouble of paraphrasing an actor that I have no idea what he’s said. I suppose I will have to do that for a couple of jokes – like most people, I only know his work from watching stand-up.

“There’s a good chance I’ll get raped in prison. I just don’t know why yet.” – John W.

You are not living if you are not enjoying the moment. If you aren’t enjoying the moment, you aren’t living.

When asked about stand-up comedy, Mencia talks about the difference between a live show and a recorded one. He says that performing stand-up is “a show,” because there are no cameras involved.

As Mencia’s career continues to move forward, he’s been able to find more and more opportunities as he continues to create new works. Mencia is now starring in the new HBO comedy, “Ballers,” created and executive produced by Mark Cuban.

There was a survey done on people and they found some interesting things. Most people are aware of the Tornado Alley region and most people actually know what it is. The people that don’t actually know what it is, think it is a state of mind. People who live in Tornado Alley know what the areas affected are before the storm hits. It’s a known thing.

20th of 50 Carlos Mencia Quotes

In addition to winning and losing, gambling gives a rush for the sheer thrill of taking a chance.

It is important to know the intent behind the message so that you can understand what a person is actually saying and how you can translate the message into a more positive result.

I thought that failures and rejection are necessary to grow and become successful.

If you have a joke about black people, and can’t tell it in Oakland, you shouldn’t tell it anywhere else.

Before getting into stand-up, I was quiet guy who had all these thoughts I want to say, but there was never any place for me to say them because mom will look at me and go, you better not say what you’re thinking, you better not.

There are those who believe that the good ones don’t last, and the good ones don’t last because of one or two moments in their career. There are those who believe that the good ones do last, and the good ones do last because of the longevity. Carlos Mencia.

Carlos Mencia said that he couldn’t get hired as a waiter with his name. He even tried to get a new name, but couldn’t.

The comedian was attacked by comedians and the community for having a history of sexual harassment and assault.

This quote is a perfect response to the Trump administration’s push to repeal Obama-era health care regulations.

Carlos Mencia’s comedic career was built on the notion of being a funny guy, but that also meant having to be a funny guy every week in the theater.

30th of 50 Carlos Mencia Quotes

Carlos Mencia says that he is a spiritual person, and that spirituality is good and that you should read the Bible for spiritual benefits. But, he claims that you should actually read the Bible so that you can understand what makes us godly.

“I had to prove to my family that I can be as funny as they are.” He says that it was harder for him as an immigrant to make his way than for a native-born person. He says there is a stereotype of immigrants and that sometimes people are not as open and understanding as they need to be.

When I’m on stage, I am on, but a different part of me is on: the part of me that absorbs life, sees everything occurring, and touches on everything around me.

That was back in 1995, when he was a struggling stand-up comedian in Texas. Today, Mencia is one of the most popular comedians in the country – a key part of the Comedy Central lineup, among other prestigious gigs.

There is a lot of fighting at the end of “Mind of Mencia.” I’ve been getting a lot of fighting at the end of every show. I’ve had to edit them out of some of the earlier ones.

When you hang out with your friends and they don’t judge you, what do you say? And if that’s appropriate to say with your friends, why is it not appropriate anywhere else. Like, I hate those people who judge me and are hypocrites.

I don’t agree with this. People who come to a comedy club have come to be entertained, and the fact that they know their reality is a benefit.

One day he was making a video on YouTube and he got a call from his fans – they asked for his help to make an English version of their own video. So he agreed. But when he went to edit the video he found out that he had to do the whole thing all over again. And then he thought to himself – why should I keep doing this, if I can be doing something worthwhile. That’s when he decided to get into comedy.

I like to think that at the time of the interview, the person you’re interviewing was excited. They were eager, and had a lot to say. However, the interviewee has been asked these questions before. It’s difficult to come up with some new and clever responses to say something new.

I do a lot of shows. I try to do them because I really want them to be sincere, and I’ve decided that the best way to do that is to try to do them with a pure heart.

40th of 50 Carlos Mencia Quotes

I’ve gone to see several stand-up comedians. They steal from my joke. And I steal from their joke. It’s like musical chairs. No one’s going to get the last laugh.

Carlos Mencia said that nobody asks him to do “black” or “you might be a redneck” jokes. He said that it’s unfair that comedians like Jeff Foxworthy can say “redneck” jokes but not Carlos Mencia. He said that he does not think it’s racist.

Carlos Mencia said that when he tells a joke, he immediately knows if it’s funny or not, because if not, he doesn’t laugh.

A pessimistic outlook on the world is necessary, although in the event that you’re pessimistic about the world and not so about your own life, it can be a good thing.

Carlos Mencia said he had a fan who wasn’t happy with him after watching his Saturday Night Live episode. And Mencia said he can respect that because his show is based on comedy and there’s not much room for disagreement.

I was so happy to have an extra job. But they didn’t like my attitude, so they told me to shut up and get my burger with a smile.

In the context of comedy, it means to push boundaries and to use comedy to challenge what is considered acceptable in society–to use humor to say what we feel is needed to be said. While he may use comedy to push boundaries, he does not feel he pushes them.

A joke is a joke. It’s supposed to be told because it’s funny. If someone gets offended by it, it’s their own damn fault.

There’s something about a group of men who all call themselves comics. And I’m the one who gets called a thief.


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