14 Steps To Building Muscle Mass More Quickly

My team and I were asked to participate in the “MYO30 in 30” competition, sponsored by EAS Sports Nutrition at Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

It’s never to late to start a new year and to start focusing on the year ahead. I’m a firm believer that there are no limits to your potential. Never give into the idea that you are set in your ways or that you are not capable of more.

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You may have reached a point in your current training routine where your body starts to change. Your body can no longer increase muscle mass because it is in a state of positive nitrogen balance. This is also known as the anabolic phase of training. It’s the phase where your body is literally breaking down muscle tissue to build muscle tissue. If you continue to train without addressing the anabolic phase, you will end up burning muscle tissue and your muscle-building goals will stall.

This article outlines 14 of the essential steps you can take to fine tune your efforts and continue progressing as a copywriter.

14 Steps to Building Muscle Mass More Quickly

In this article, I talk about four things you can do out of the gym. These aren’t all diet tips, but muscle-building tips that will help you build muscle.

Use a compound lift in which you combine isometrics with an overhand or underhand grip.

1. Keep a Log for Everything

How much protein you’re getting, the amount of reps you’re able to do for a specific exercise… these are all things that need to be tracked.

Try to keep the logs at the same time and same place every day.

If you’re not progressing and building muscle mass, but not seeing numbers on the scale, then your log might also show you as to why that is.

2. Focus on Compound Movements

Make compound movements like barbell squats, deadlifts, and dumbbell chest presses the cornerstone of your strength training program. They can help you build rock-solid strength.

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Move your body, especially when you are tired. You’ll be doing more compound movements.

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3. Make Sure You’re Consuming Enough Protein

Not only is it easy for people to slip up on their diet, but they can also lose muscle. And by doing so, they can end up going back in the opposite direction, and losing weight.

When you reach your goal, you’re going to be consuming more protein than you think is necessary. Don’t let yourself feel guilty about it, because most people consume wayyyy more protein than they actually need to.

If you have not been doing cardio and you increase your protein intake, your body will be more muscle and fat and it will feel like you are getting fat.

There is some evidence that a protein deficit can impair your ability to repair DNA, making you more likely to develop cancer later in life.

4. Lose Some Body Fat Before Focusing on Building Muscle

Studies have proven that it’s harder to build muscle when the fat percentage is high. For example, someone with a body fat percentage of 20% would likely struggle to build muscle tissue as quickly as someone with a BF percentage of 15%.

The study shows that when people who are obese consume a moderate amount of calories in order to gain muscle, they end up gaining more muscle mass in comparison to people who are skinny.

If you eat a meal, you should do so so that
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The point is… try and spend your time improving your body’s capabilities with weight training before you focus on improving your body’s composition.

5. Keep Your Rep Range & Rest Times Set for Hypertrophy

Maintaining muscle mass, especially muscle mass that can be utilized for a specific workout, such as your chest.

1. Online classes: Learn how someone else trained by viewing (and possibly reading) their lessons.
2. Video tutorials: Watch a video of someone with experience teaching.
3. Practice yourself or learn from a book: Read a book that’s proven to be good.

The amount of reps you do in every set and the amount of time you rest between sets will depend on which of the 3 goals you are focusing on.

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6. Work to Improve Your Testosterone Levels

An increase in testosterone levels is likely to improve muscle growth, and that’s exactly what this product provides.

How a person reacts to diet and supplements really depends on their testosterone levels. Some people use products which may make them feel better, but that do not really make the changes you want.

For example, once guys reach the age of 30, testosterone levels tend to start to decline. If they have a relatively low testosterone level, or are low to begin with, increasing your testosterone levels in the body could make a big difference.

There are many ways you can do this, but the best way is to start eating healthy, testosterone boosting foods.

7. Eat More on Your Rest Days

You can burn more calories by exercising but you can also burn more calories on the days you don’t exercise. This means that on your rest days, you’ll have to eat more calories in order for your body to recover from the activity.

To get bigger, you should eat.

8. Make Sure You’re Getting 7-8 Hours Sleep

During sleep, your body is repairing itself and building your muscles. This is the most opportune time to hit the gym.

If you’re sleeping at night and your muscles are recovering at a faster rate because you’re not moving then they’ll be stronger in the morning.

 The more sleep you get, the better. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body never fully recovers, and therefore growth/progress with your fitness goals is highly unlikely.

9. Aim for Weekly Strength Improvements

If you forget to set goals, you will have no progress, even if you go to the gym. Setting goals for yourself can help you make progress.

If you’re going to shoot for more, just imagine it like a picture of your body in front of you. Imagine what would look good, would look right, and what would look wrong. What type of clothes and colors and styles would work? How much would they cost? Think about what you would have to do for the shoot.

10. Never Skip Leg Day

Leg day is feared by most people. Not just because they like to focus on the more noticeable features, but also because leg day seems to be the most painful of the muscle groups to work.

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Well, I hope you’re right, but I’ve been going to the gym for years and years and haven’t noticed any muscle changes.

There was an interesting study performed in Spain in 2013 involving a lot of athletes and they found that when a person’s legs were made to move faster and faster, testosterone levels increased.

So, if you think back to the point when you were in elementary school, if your teacher asked you to do push ups, or sit ups, or crunches, it was because you needed to build muscle and strength or for health reasons.
But if you think about it, these exercises were designed to build muscle.

Since skipping this muscle group means you’re not exercising your whole body at once, this could lead to muscle fatigue and a weaker immune system. So if you skip a muscle group, make sure you’re doing other exercises that you enjoy or you’ll probably drop out eventually.

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11. Eat 4-6 Meals a Day

If you’re someone who struggles with overeating as a result of a diet deficiency, then eating 4-6 meals a day can make the difference and keep you within your weight goal.

If you’re cutting down on your daily food intake, then you don’t need to put more food into your additional meals.
To be more precise, you can still eat more in your main meals, but you can reduce your portion sizes. So take your normal snack or a protein shake and put it into your main meals.

This one is for those times when you’re craving a chocolate snack that will make you happy no matter what. Instead of buying a box of chocolates, buy a box of cereal. Just add the chocolate chips as you eat the cereal. Then you can eat it while watching TV or just enjoy it on its own.

12. Search for Some Beneficial Supplements

When used incorrectly, supplements are just a waste of money and cause a lot of unwanted side effects.

Whey protein is a complete protein source and an effective post workout recovery supplement.

These were not included in my previous article, as they were just a small selection of what I have used on my body.

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13. Stop Doing Endless Cardio

When you’re struggling to gain weight, take a look at your cardio, and if you’re doing too much, it’s going to burn up your muscles as a fuel source.

If your metabolism is very high, you don’t need to do any kind of cardio workout at all. Instead, increase your intake of high caloric food.

If you have an incredibly high metabolism, then it may be the least of your problems. Your body will be burning more calories naturally anyway.

14. Learn to Take a Week’s Rest Once in a While

Some of the people you talk to or read have a lot of good exercise advice, but if that’s where you focus, it’s going to be like the guy who has advice for all the problems you have and none of your actual problems are fixed.

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When there’s no training, no racing, it’s good to get back into life and work. It’s not that hard when you have an awesome coach, like I do, to guide you on the road.

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Eat right. Build your protein.
Drink enough. Maintain sleep.
Work out.

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