13 Reasons To Stop Drinking Alcohol For Good

Whenever I’m travelling, I’ve been drinking a lot. There have been a lot of fun nights, but it wasn’t healthy and I soon found that I could have just as much fun without it.

In this passage, “because” and “so that” are used to make a causal link between the two events (drinking and having fun).

Travelling for cheap doesn’t make much sense if you get drunk all the time and you have a tendency to spend a lot on alcohol.

If you’re someone who loves alcohol & even might go as far to say you’re addicted to it, this article might help.
If you’re someone who loves alcohol, and even might go as far to say you’re addicted to it, this article might help.
If you’re someone who loves alcohol, and even might go as far to say you’re addicted to it, this article might help.

13 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol

It takes a long time to build up tolerance.
Your tolerance will continue to grow even after stopping drinking.
It makes your life more complicated especially if you do not have a support system in place.

1) You can’t be a good parent when you drink alcohol.

1. Your Damaged Liver Will Begin to Heal

Drinks containing alcohol can cause your liver cells to die. Eventually enough cells can die to cause permanent damage, like scars that never heal.

As long as you don’t let your drinking take control of your life, your body will be fine. It’s all about moderation.

Recovery from a hangover can be within few days after you stopped drinking. However severe cases can take several months.

2. You’ll Start Saving Ridiculous Amounts of Money

But alcohol is good for you!

You can buy a drink in Vietnam for around 40 Vietnamese Dong, which roughly equals to $0.40. But in the US or Australia, you can buy a beer for around $3, while in Mexico, you can buy a beer for $0.15.

If you are having a hard time saving money, try to take the time to consider how much money you are spending on alcohol. As you start to look at your alcohol spending, you can take the time to set a goal for yourself.

You might want to start off with something small. Think about what you spend your money on and then consider how much it would cost if it was spent on something else. This could be your rent, electricity, gas, groceries, or even your gym membership.
Now calculate all the money you’ll save at the end of the month by switching one of those expenses for something else.

3. Your Sex Life Will Improve

Give up alcohol and the quality of your sleep will improve drastically. And that in turn will increase your testosterone levels. Testosterone is linked to your sex drive. So, the higher your testosterone, the better your sex drive will be.

That’s right! So what am I doing here? Making an attempt to give you my best service?!

4. Your Skin Will Clean Up

 Because of all the toxins contained within alcohol, drinking it regularly will cause breakouts of acne, and signs of premature ageing. In other words, drinking alcohol excessively will lower the appearance of your skin.

ItÂ’s hard to go into details on the subject because its so huge.

So the best way to stop the effects of alcohol is to stop drinking it, but if you can’t do that, the next best thing is to stay away from it for a short time.

I want to live long enough to enjoy the buzz.

5. You’ll Lose Weight More Easily

A 20oz. can of beer contains 150 calories. It’s not a deal breaker for the next 2640 calories, because most of them are provided by complex carbohydrates from the bread.

If you quit drinking beer, or alcohol entirely, it will make a huge difference to your health. You will be much more likely to lose weight when you are not consuming these empty calories.

6. You’ll No Longer Be Reliant on Something Else

The original does not say that all alcoholics need to fix their drinking, but I think a lot of alcoholics do need to. The paraphrase correctly states the intent.

Once you stop drinking alcohol you’ll feel much happier, and your mood will go up if you don’t drink one day.

The key is to not let the addiction take over your life or interfere with your life.

7. No More Hangovers

You have to ask yourself if it’s really worth it to drink every single day because there comes a point when you realize that it’s not worth it.

If you get drunk you know that your next day is pretty much going to be spent hanging out on the couch doing absolutely nothing. There will be no productivity.

Well, for starters, I’m a huge fan of the taste of alcohol and the social experience that it provides. But also, I’m a fan of the social experience that it provides.

8. Say Hello to More Free Time

How often am I spending time in the pub drinking unproductive and unimportant things when I could be using that time more productively.

As I mentioned earlier, I was a little bit hesitant to go out and socialize in Portland, since I moved here from New York. I was nervous and anxious about it, wondering if I was going to run into anybody from back home.

9. You’ll Be Reducing Your Risk of Disease

Alcoholism is extremely harmful to the person consuming it. It leads to organ failure in the body and can be fatal.

If you try to stop drinking after you have already done permanent damage to your body, it will heal itself. However, if you continue to drink past it limits, you’ll end up with serious illnesses.

According to this article, the risk of stroke is highest when you’re drinking heavily. Quitting alcohol could be your best move when it comes to protecting your brain.

10. You’ll Sleep Much Better

There is considerable evidence in favor of the use of alcohol as a sedative, particularly to relieve insomnia. The amount of alcohol consumed is associated with improvements in sleep in adults. Alcohol is effective when taken at bedtime, is effective in short-term use, is not associated with increased daytime sleepiness, and is as effective as benzodiazepines for alleviating insomnia in older adults.

Well, that depends on the alcohol. Alcohol can increase sleep time, or decrease it.

It might surprise you to know that a lot of people are not too concerned about their overall quality of sleep. But if you do need to improve your sleep, then it might be a good idea to limit your alcohol intake.

11. Your Natural Confidence Will Begin to Grow

Alcohol helps us feel confident so that we can perform well in social situations. For instance, I know you’ll be able to do a good job on your presentation because you’re feeling confident, and as a bonus, you won’t be embarrassed about it afterwards.

And you got your head so far up your ass that you can’t even get out.

If you quit drinking alcohol altogether, the confidence you gain will not just come from intoxication.

12. You’ll Become Healthier in Other Areas of Life

Your alcohol use may be directly related to your weight loss if you’ve been drinking a lot of alcohol and you’re consuming a lot of unhealthy food.

You’ll also be feeling healthier and more positive, which is highly likely to improve your relationships and your career.

When you’re done with your workout you’ll definitely feel much better.

13. No More Stupid Decisions

People are stupid while they are drinking alcohol; they often don’t remember what they have done. The only thing they can tell you is how their life changed.

Well, I don’t know anyone who drinks but everyone I know has started to say that this is a bad time to eat.

I don’t know how I did it, because I usually find it easy to see the problems with a thing before I start working on it.

If you stop getting drunk, you’ll stop making stupid decisions, and that’s really a very good thing.

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

The best thing to do when you’re trying to quit drinking alcohol is to make sure you have a plan and a support system. There are plenty of resources available to help you quit alcohol, and even a few resources dedicated to helping you quit alcohol without actually drinking a sip of alcohol.

– Turn on Automatic Updates and Automatic Downloads in Windows Settings
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and you can download it online.

1. Avoid Temptation

I have learnt that I need to find new ways of spending my time, because when I’m not in a good mood, I find myself going out to the pub, or getting drunk.

It really does help to avoid alcohol during the day. You just have to be careful to avoid alcohol stores on your way to work since you’ll probably be tempted to stop while you walk.

2. Let Everyone Know

Always be honest with your goal setting. If you don’t tell them how you really feel about achieving it, then they won’t really know how to help you. It’s like telling them to help you with the stove when your stove doesn’t work anymore. So, be honest. Tell everyone how you really feel.

3. Reward Yourself!

The main reason for this is that having a little something to look forward to can really keep you focused and motivate you to keep going when things start getting rough.

If you’ve been practicing yoga regularly, you can expect to find that your body is getting stronger.
And if you’re looking for new ways to learn how to breathe efficiently, then you’ll definitely be interested in this tutorial.

4. Enjoy the Benefits

One day you will just have to read about alcoholism as a disease, the same as any other. And maybe after that you will want to stop drinking.

Alcohol is the only thing our ancestors could depend on when it came to survival. Alcohol was the food you needed to survive. It is a necessity. If you need to be a functioning member of society, you most certainly will need a certain amount of alcohol to do so.

Not being a drunk, means your interest in drinking alcohol again is ABSOLUTELY ZERO.

Are there any withdrawal symptoms from quitting alcohol?

The only drawback of quitting drinking cold turkey is that there can be a number of withdrawal symptoms, depending on whether you were previously a heavy drinker.

The above is a paraphrase of the withdrawal symptoms list in the Merck Manual, 7th ed.


But there are some types of alcohol that have less health downsides than others. You don’t need to give up drinking altogether to enjoy alcohol in moderation.

Do you regularly have more than 3 drinks on a given occasion?
Do you feel the need to drink very quickly and keep drinking to a dangerous level?
Do you drink at work?
Do you drink when you’re not drinking?
Do you ever fail to remember what you did the previous night?
Do you feel like you have to drink a lot to relax?

And the final way to cut down is to avoid situations that lead to you drinking.

It is important to drink water before alcohol. Water will relax your brain and the alcohol will relax you.

Got any other reasons as to why people should stop drinking alcohol for good? Share them in the comments section.

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