8 Walls Successful People Break Through

When you really understand your personal needs and how you would like to be treated you can then start to identify the people that will serve you best and then the people you can really depend on, the people you don’t need to explain yourself to and the people you can just come and have fun with.

If you are currently being held down by the walls of your life then, believe me when I tell you, you are not going to like the results that you will find when you break through these walls.

Successful people don’t always start with a plan. Instead, they find the way and the plan. Whether you want to be successful, whether you’re just starting out, or whether you’re worried that you’re getting too far behind, then maybe this article can help you by identifying 8 brick walls successful people break through, and exactly why you need to break through them in order to achieve success.

1) Temptation to Start Over

I have been tricked, many times before, by the temptation to start over on something new. What I would do is I would start on a new business venture, only to then spot something that looked slightly better, easier and more accomplish-able.
If I had a time machine, I’d go back to the start of that new venture and go do it from scratch. The only thing I would do is have a good idea and to not be fooled by the temptation to start over.

The misconception is that it’s not entirely about which type of venture you undertake, but more about how much effort and time you put into that one opportunity. The truth of the matter is that if you are not prepared for that one-time opportunity, you’ll get the same result you get every other time. The key is learning from those who are already successful.

In real life, if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll never get anywhere.

This is the same advice I was given by my father. And I think the most important thing I learned from my father was this: You have to find something to do well and stick with it for the long run.

2) Going Against What’s Normal

“Everything will always be changing. Nothing stays static for long.
Our lives change, our bodies change, and so should our thoughts.
We need to keep up. We need to grow. We need to change and stay
flexible – because reality is a harsh mistress.
We are the creators of our own destiny, and we are the architects of our own success.
We are all normal, even in our normal.”

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If you say being successful is something you have to do to be considered normal then this makes it no different than saying being successful is something that you happen to do, or that you were born to do.

This is why we live in a world of inequality. Those with power have always sought to accumulate that power rather than sharing it. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The definition will stay the same but the standards by which it is judged will change.

Well, in the last 50 years, there has been an improvement in the economy. But, there has also been an increase in productivity, which means that for every dollar of income, you have more work. For example, if a manufacturer was making $100 an hour 50 years ago, then he would be able to make $200 an hour today. That represents a $50/hour increase in output.

I like to think of my life as a series of choices. Choosing to go to school, choosing to get a good job, choosing to start a family. If you look at your life and at the choices you’ve made you’ve made some choices that have led to what you are today and that’s good. The problem is most people get stuck in the cycle of good choices and they have no idea why they are so stuck because they don’t understand the difference between good choices and bad choices.

But at the same time we are all average on a good day, and for the most part we have no idea how to find what’s outside that zone anyway.

Successful people will often take risks and do things that nobody else has done before. And that’s exactly how they’ve managed to reach the top of the ladder.

3) Long Periods of No Results

Sometimes life has you doing nothing but not feeling like doing anything. It’s easy to fall into this pattern of nothing.

The fact that you’re here tells me that you’re not giving up. You’re probably just putting yourself on a kind of autopilot. That was once I was in a slump.

I didn’t realize what I was doing until I tried to do something else.

The main issue that you’re having is you’re not doing anything to move yourself forward in life. You have no idea what you want to do or why you’re doing what you’re doing. You just keep going round in circles and you’re not going to move forward.

4) Missing Guidance From Others

Well, I’ve seen a lot of people start their own businesses and they can’t afford to pay employees, they don’t have any money for advertising.

The reason for this is because their definition of success is probably doing something that nobody’s ever done before, so at best they can only follow certain role models to a degree and have no one around to guide them.

The key to success is having the right mentality. You have to be bold. The trick is finding the right investor to back you. If you can find the right partner, that’s a big plus, because your partner’s experience will give you the confidence you need to become an entrepreneur.

5) Illusions of What’s Needed to Start

There may have been illusions about what was needed to start a business or take advantage of an opportunity. You may have a great idea, but struggle to get started because of what you think is needed.

I’ll get into this in greater detail in a few weeks, but when you buy the tools, you should get a toolbox. This might sound silly, but having a toolbox will help you make everything go smoothly. It makes your work less stressful and you’ll have some handy tips and tricks to start you off.

We do not have fancy offices, not large or expensive premises that take a lot of space. We are simple and understated so as to not distract or bother the people, the main focus of our business.

6) Routine Laziness

Routine laziness is the devil! It’s the type of thing that keeps you in bed all day watching box sets rather than going out and showing the world all that you’ve got. Rather than seeing everything you have to show at once.

Yes, of course I can, but I’ve been feeling too much pressure, and haven’t been in a place to put it all into practice.

7) Being Uncomfortable

This habit is not easy. Every morning when you get up, you have to be aware that you’re starting the day after a sleepless night. You have to focus on the task at hand, instead of what you were doing the night before. It takes effort and discipline to get into these habits.

The good news: There is light at the end of the tunnel. One of these habits is extremely important, and can make all the difference in the world.

 In order to get ahead in the work world, whether it be in a field of engineering, medical field, or any type of field, you’ve got to be able to relax, to be able to take an hour or two out of time to think about what you want to do with your life.


And not weak because I used it all up – but because I didn’t use it right. If I don’t use it properly, it will eat away at me and I will have wasted all that time. I’ve earned the right to just relax all day, and I know that I am doing it right.

8) Having Ideas Dismissed

The series was set in a small-town high school chemistry teacher who sold crystal meth to pay his way through med school. He became the most successful meth manufacturer in the world.

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‘Breaking Bad’ was turned down by most of the major networks, but AMC decided to run it. It later became a huge success that everyone loves, and has brought success to everyone involved.

With the use of this wall, it was possible to have this show, but because the creators didn’t want to go this way, they were able to bring in the wall!

If you just have your ideas thrown in the trash by other people, it doesn’t mean that your ideas are not good enough to be built on.

You may have your own reasons for doing something. It doesn’t always have to be because you’re afraid of losing someone you love.

Some decide to break through them, others decide to give up. However, for those people that decide to give up, they do not know that they will be able to break through them, so they are not able to know how to achieve it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have an opportunity to interact with successful people. I’m a very curious person and I really appreciate being around them. I’m interested in learning from them.

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