Solomun Net Worth

He has a net worth of 1.1 billion dollars.


His last album was called ‘Cinema’. In ‘Cinema’, he explored a new territory with the use of a number of new instruments.

Solomun also remixed the new Lana Del Rey record. He and Diplo won a Grammy for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical in 2013.

He has been named one of the richest DJs on the planet.

Although Solomun is one of the world’s richest DJ’s, he is still pretty humble. He refuses to flaunt his wealth.

Early Life 

Mladen Solomun grew up in a town called Travnik, in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Early in his career, he learned how to edit film. Eventually, he discovered that he really liked movie making.

In 1985, they built their own recording facility and started recording local bands. Their first release was a demo tape of their own, and they soon had offers to sign with several major labels.


Diynamic Records started producing music when “Solomun began producing music, [and] founded the record label Diynamic in late 2005 with his partner Adriano Trolio, who manages the booking for Diynamic”.

At the end of 2016, he released his first ever ‘proper’ club night, Aperitivo. It was a smash success. It was followed by a second club night, called The Green Room, in November 2017. Later that year, he released a free download called ‘The Green Room Part 2’.

Solomun started 2016 with two events in the Ibiza Club Pacha. One of them was a Diynamic with Mano Le Tough (Sergio) and for the second one he invited his friend DJ T.J. to play.

He has been named one of the richest DJs on the planet.

Although Solomun is one of the world’s richest DJ’s, he is still pretty humble. He refuses to flaunt his wealth.


Solo is currently one of the biggest names in the current dubstep scene. He has been dubbed the Godfather of Dubstep, the Emperor of Dubstep, and the King of Dubstep. He has a following of nearly one million and is best known for his work with Skrillex.

Favorite Quotes From Solomun

1. You are a good choice to represent the Warung Beach Club
2. You represent the club by creating quality of sound & visuals
3. Your show will make the crowd enthusiastic
4. You will represent the concept of the club well
5. Your concept is amazing
6. You are a good MC.

When you see the people, you understand how it all came together: people like Solomun, [Tristan] Erney, David Meller, [Markus] Molitor, [Paulus] Mayer, [Tobias] Mayer and a lot more. Also to think that it was a small group of people that created this event and made it happen. It’s like a small story and I can tell a lot of stories from it. A good one is when Paulus Mayer mentioned that it was the first time that they played in a hall that was not their own – and it was the same for Markus and Tobias.

3 Life Lessons From Solomun

If you wanna to become successful and reach the top, you need to be a very self-driven person and never stop working to achieve your goals; you will definitely succeed to become a successful DJ, as you’ll be able to perform at the top level of the music scene. Being a professional in the music industry is not easy, as you have to be extremely skilled, especially in the field of music composition and production.

1. Don’t Gamble 

I’m already living a happy life.
I don’t want to go over the past and rerun it. I’m living now, I must live.

2. Worry 

We never know how others feel. They may feel as we do.

3. Mistakes 

We already know that you are a mistake. Just do your best to fix it and move on.


Solomun’s father wanted him to follow the family tradition of playing the drums. But, as soon as he started playing drums, he became fascinated with the rhythm and started to study music.

His parents were immigrants from North Africa. When he was a young boy they sent him to study French in school. The school was very racist and didn’t care about the language. He was very racist as well. Being in the movie business, working in the industry wasn’t possible unless you were white.

The net worth of Solomun was estimated by the website Celebrity Net Worth at roughly $1.3 billion.

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