US States With the Highest Number of Casinos

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Did you know that the United States has more than 2,000 casinos? This country boasts the highest number of casinos worldwide, and the amount is growing by leaps and bounds every year. There is a casino in almost every state in the US, apart from the few yet to legalize gambling. The number of casinos per state varies greatly, with some states enjoying a three-figure count and others having just a handful. 

Which US States Have the Most Casinos?

If you are curious to learn which states have the most casinos in the US, this article provides a brief preview of casino statistics by state. Walk with us as we uncover the states with the highest number of gambling facilities. 


Nevada has been a gambler’s paradise since 1931, which is when gambling became legal. This state is home to roughly 347 casinos, with most of them in Las Vegas, Reno, and Clark County. Nevada attracts punters and tourists from all over the globe. Most of them arrive in this state intending to gamble their nights away.

The best casino in Nevada is the Bellagio, which is arguably also one of the best in the US. If you are looking for the best destination to gamble in the United States, Nevada will not disappoint. 


Finding a casino in Oklahoma shouldn’t be a challenge, as this state has 108 of them. Unlike in Nevada, the casinos are evenly distributed across the state, with most cities having one or two. Oklahoma also has gambling facilities of all sizes, from small casinos to luxurious Vegas-style resorts.

This state has more than 71,000 slots and poker machines, and over 4,600 bingo seats. Gambling in Oklahoma became legal in 2004. Now, this state generates an annual gambling revenue that runs to the billions. 


California may not have made it to the three-figure count, but this state still has a good deal of casinos. There are 85 casinos in California, most of which seem well-distributed across the state. 67 of them are Indian casinos, and they operate with different gambling tax rules.

One interesting fact about gambling in this state is that it allows cities and counties to regulate their own betting laws. That doesn’t deter the fact that you will have an amazing time playing in any of the gambling destinations in California. 


Colorado may not be famous for gambling or any casino-related activities, but this state has some of the finest casinos in the US. Colorado boasts 33 casinos, with most located in Black Hawk and Cripple Creek. This state has a mix of both Native American and government-related casinos.

The largest gambling facilities in Colorado are Ameristar Black Hawk, Century Casino Central City, and Wildwood Casino. Some of the casinos in this state are open 24 hours per day, giving you plenty of time to indulge. 


Florida is home to 88 casinos, with 11 being Indian casinos. Most of the facilities are located on the southwest side of the state, close to Miami and Hollywood. The casinos in Florida offer every game you desire, from poker to slots to roulette and even dog racing. This state has over 26,000 gaming and slot machines.

The best casino in Florida is the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa. This gambling facility is also the biggest in the state, with 245,000 square feet of casino space. 

American Casinos Will Not Let You Down 

The United States never disappoints when it comes to gambling. This country has numerous casino facilities to visit, more so in the five states that we’ve just mentioned above. Nevada might be your first choice as it has over 300 casinos, but don’t miss out on Oklahoma, California, Colorado, or Florida. Whichever state you select, you can be sure to enjoy a world-class experience.

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