Wissam Al Mana Net Worth

Al Mana’s net worth is $8.5 million. His wife, singer-songwriter and TV personality Amal has the same estimated net worth. With eight children, Al Mana is no stranger to the spotlight.


He founded Aqasa in May 2002, and this was the first of the company’s acquisitions. At the time, he was just a computer network technician working for his father’s telecommunications company.

Al Mana is a business magnate and entrepreneur who is Qatari. His group owns a number of major brands and subsidiaries related to food and beverage, technology, media, retail, real estate, services, distribution, automotive and investments.

Al Mana has a strong presence and footprint in luxury goods in addition to retail areas such as beauty, jewelry, and luxury home goods.

Janet and Al Mana got married in 2012 and it was very happy. In January 2017, Janet gave birth to a baby boy.

Early Life

Wissam Al Mana was born in Qatar on the 1st of January, 1975. Al Mana moved to London with his family when he was 2 years old. From an early age he was surrounded by music. His father was a famous artist and musician in Qatar, and introduced him to many music genres ranging from blues to jazz.

Al Mana’s father had been a famous fashion stylist. This is when he started to work on his own. At the age of 20, Al Mana made what would be his first solo show and has never looked back since.

Wissam Al Mana moved to the United States and got a degree from George Washington University in Washington DC and then he went to the London School of Economics where he received a Master’s Degree in Economics.


His father is the former chairman of Makhtab Al Khaleej Group while his uncle is a former chairman of the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK). Wissam Al Mana is also a board member for Qatar Investments PJSC and has previously served as the president of Qatar-based sportswear company Al-Khaleej Sports Club.

Wissam exclusively operates Nissan, Renault, Infiniti, National Car Rental and a number of other auto franchises in Qatar’s car market. It was reported last year that the company was struggling to make ends meet and had to close down the company’s corporate headquarters for a few days.

The business in the UAE has been growing over the last five years. They now have about 300 employees, a team of developers and marketers have been hired and a great amount of investment has been put in to bring the site to its current status.

In 2018, the partnership was renewed with the NBA and the group had the opportunity to supply merchandise to the NBA All-Star Game in Houston.

Al Maa’an began as Al Mana’s first restaurant in Qatar, in 2014. It focused on quick meals, serving soups, desserts, and beverages. The location was intended to fill the void left by the lack of McDonald’s in Qatar. The store was successful in the beginning and earned great reviews from the public.

As of the 20th century a lot of attention was brought to the city of Salsalito; with the opening of Mirqab Mall, Al Waha tower and other buildings.

Al Mana invested in the Lazarides Rathbone Urban Art gallery with the intent of starting an e-commerce platform with street artists, who would sell their artwork.

Al Mana has not revealed his current salary, but he has an estimated net worth of $ 1 Billion.


Wissam Al Mana is a former Lebanese basketball player who played with the Lebanese basketball team BC Al Riyadi Beirut.

Favorite Quotes from Wissam Al Mana

The problem is with the flies, they are biting him but aren’t removing all his blood. You see the first set of flies were less hungry than the second and the third set. He was bleeding from every limb and his chest was on fire.

“Wealth is not about money, knowledge is wealth.” Want to learn more, I want to gain more knowledge of the world around me, of my passions, of how to elevate myself both intellectually and spiritually.

I would say that it is fulfilling and rewarding to enrich the life of others. The feeling of fulfillment and enjoyment of giving other people a sense of fulfillment is very high, especially if they are also your team members. You realize how blessed you are to be able to give that feeling.


Wissam Al Mana is an Arab businessman and jewelry tycoon. His company is an international group of companies that includes several sectors of activity, from sports to fashion.

$1 Billion is probably not enough to be considered as rich, for some people; however, no one can be sure of what makes a person rich or not, so it really is impossible to judge by just looking at Al Mana’s net worth.

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