Eight Tip[s for Writing a Research Paper

In case you are not so familiar with what a research paper is all about. Let me give you a quick definition of what it entails. A research paper is a type of academic writing that provides an analysis and evaluation based on in-depth independent research on a particular topic you choose or were given.

Writing a research paper can be pretty tedious, especially for someone taking up the task for the first time. For many individuals, it is a challenging task because of the intensive research work associated with it, don’t panic; we are here to assist you.

While many students prefer to get research paper help from professional writing services, it is not a bad idea. However, we have organized a few tips in this article to guide and help you through everything you need to do to write an impactful, effective, and strong research paper.

Below are the basic steps to take you through the entire writing process.

Understand the assignment

Before you start writing your research papers, The very first step in writing your research paper is to comprehend the task given to you adequately. A successful research paper is when you do the job you are required to do.

Pay attention to the details of the assignment. Identify the purpose and goal of the project, and observe the technical requirements such as formatting requirements, length specifications, and submission method.

Carefully consider instructions on the word limit and timeframe. If you are unclear about the task given to you, talk to your lecturer for clarification.

Once you are sure what you are required to do is to follow the next steps in writing your research paper, do not proceed if you are not clear about the requirements to avoid wasted effort.

Choose a research paper topic

There are times when you are already given the topic to work on; in such cases, you don’t have a choice but to follow what your lecturer has provided. However, in most cases, you must choose a topic to write about yourself.

One of the most critical decisions in writing a research essay is choosing the topic to work on; this can be a seemingly difficult task, but don’t be intimidated.

One of the critical things to look out for before choosing your research topic is whether or not it interests you. Also, you want to select a topic with enough substance and content for a research paper.

There are many ways you can generate a topic for your research paper, some of which include; being inspired by other research, trying free writing, avoiding general issues, and aiming for specific topics, so you can talk about all the relevant information in your paper research.

Conduct proper research 

What are the things you are unclear about on your research topic? This will help to drive your research. Some resources you can use for your research include scholarly journals, videos, audio, encyclopedias, e-books, etc. 

It is vital to start your research sooner to clear all misconceptions you have about the topic; there are a few essential things to consider as you research your topic.

  • You don’t necessarily have to read in full detail every information you see on your topic. Identify critical points without spending too much time reading every word.
  • Find credible sources either through the library or the internet. Reliable sources like academic papers can prove very useful. You can also use Wikipedia. However, don’t cite it as a primary source for your resource paper.
  •  Primary sources are different from secondary sources. Primary sources include statistical data and interview transcripts. Secondary sources also include reviews, journal articles, e.t.c.
  • Primary sources are more credible; however, good research uses both primary and secondary sources.

Form a thesis statement

After you have understood what you are required to do, chosen your research topic, and done your research, the next thing to do is write a thesis statement. The thesis is often the first statement in your research paper.

A thesis statement is a short statement you give readers of your research paper about what you are trying to prove or explain. The thesis statement is not about you but your research paper; remember this is that you do not get a low grade in that aspect. 

Your thesis must be arguable, as this makes your thesis statement a solid one. You can also use the thesis of other similar research papers to check and balance your thesis statement.

Create a research paper outline

Just like writing an article, essay, or professional writing, you should create an outline for the research. And the outline must align with the guidelines, requirements, and examples given to you by your teacher. And the system must also correlate with your thesis; you should not have had two main points in your thesis and have seven in your outline.

Think about the topic and what structure will be best to explain it. No matter the structure, you should not compromise on your introduction and conclusion. 

Write the first draft

The time is now, and you have finally gotten to the essential aspect of the exercise. After completing all the steps above, writing your first draft should be smooth sailing. All you have to do is fill in the details. 

If you need more research on a heading, or you need to confirm a piece of information, do not hesitate. And you do not have to put too much pressure on yourself; the first draft does not have to be as perfect. 

Be flexible, write as you understand, quote credible sources, write from existing ideas, and before you know it, you are done with the first draft. 

Create a final draft

Creating the final draft includes checking for typos and grammatical errors, reading and rewriting to make it more comprehensive, and making all final adjustments. Crosscheck all information you quoted to be sure you are right about them. 

You should also ask yourself some questions to know if the paper aligns with the purpose and topic of the research paper. And it includes everything that was stated in the instruction. There is an endless list of things you have to check.  

To make it easier, run it by another person to get things you could have missed. And after then, you are good to go.

If this seems like a lot of work, you can employ academic writing help at cheap rates. But before doing that, try your hands on it and see how it goes. You might discover that writing a research paper is not as hard as it seems. 

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